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                                                                              PRODUCT SPECIFICATION          NC-110
                                                                    Andrea Anti-Noise Monaural Computer Headset


                                                                    Electrical/Acoustic Specifications:

                                                                    Parameter                                 Value      Units
                                                                      Sensitivity (minimum)                    -44       dBV
                                                                      Output Full-scale                        100        mV
                                                                      Frequency Range 100-10,000            5 (max)      dB
                                                                                        300-5000            3 (max)      dB
                                                                      Output Impedance (maximum)              1000       Ohms
                                                                      Distortion                               <1         %
                                                                      Noise Sensitivity
                                                                      Winds speed 1m/s                         -65        dBV
                                                                      Current, Operating (maximum)            0.800       mA
                                                                      Voltage, Operating                      2–5         Vdc
                                                                      Voltage, Operating (max, no damage)       10        Vdc
                                                                      Noise Cancellation
                                                                                           250Hz               20         dB
                                                                                           500Hz               15         dB
                                                                                           1000Hz              10         dB
                                                                                           2000Hz               6         dB
                                                                                           3500Hz               0         dB
                                                                    Headphone Speaker:
                                                                      Frequency Range                       50-20,000      Hz
                                                                      Coil Resistance                          32         ohm
                                                                      Sound Output from 1 kHz 0.1 V Peak       82          dB
                                                                         Input (0 dB = 20 Pa)
                                                                    Max Input Power                           100         mW

                                                                   Test conditions: Temperature 25C

         Ultra-light Ergonomic Design
         Flexible or Ridged Microphone Boom Option
          with Polyester Windsock
         Configurable for Left and Right Side Usage
         Pressure Gradient Noise Canceling
          Microphone Technology
         Comfortable Foam Earcushion
         Digital-CD-Quality Monaural Headphone
         Extra Long 6’ Shielded Cord with 3.5 mm
          Mini Plug


      This document is the product specification for the Andrea Anti-Noise Monaural Computer Headset, part
      number C1-1014000, an affordable model suitable for voice input and a wide range of computer
      applications in real world quiet and noisy environments. The Andrea Anti-Noise NC-110 Monaural
      Computer Headset consists of headband, speaker, boom mounted microphone, and cord with mini plugs.

      All specifications subject to change without prior notice.

2.1       Performance. The following paragraphs present the electrical/acoustic, mechanical, environmental, and
          reliability performance specifications of the computer headset.

2.1.1          Electrical/Acoustic. The NC-110 Monaural Computer Headset contains standard microphone and
               speaker interfaces.              Electrical interface. The electrical interface for the headset is presented in the schematics shown in
                     Fig. 1a.

                        Microphone Interface
                                                                 +5 Vdc

                                                                      2.2 KOhm
                                                                                     Sleev e
                          Microphone Preamplif ier                                                                                                      Mic

                                                                     Microphone                 Microphone       Shield          NC
                                                                        Jack                       Plug
                                                      50 KOhm         (Stereo)                   (Stereo)

                        Speaker Output                                                                                        Headphone

                            Speaker Amplif iers
                                                                                     Sleev e
                                                      RS < 0.2 Ohm
                                              RS < 0.2 Ohm                Speaker                Speaker
                                                                            Jack                   Plug           Shield
                                                                          (Stereo)               (Stereo)

                                                                                               Headphone Speakers Interface

                                                                                     Figure 1Electrical Interfaces

          All specifications subject to change without prior notice.
                                                                                                                                   PRELIMINARY Microphone. The electrical/acoustic performance specifications for the microphone are shown in Figs. 2
        through 4.

                                      Figure 2Typical Near-Field Microphone Frequency Response Plot
                                                   (Relative dB versus Frequency in Hz)

                                                                       Near-Field Response
                                                                        Normalized to 0dB
                                             Relative dB

                                                                            Far-Field Response





                                                                                             Frequency (Hz)

                                                                 125      250         500          1000       2000   3000   4000

                                        Figure 3Typical Microphone Noise Cancellation Characteristic

        All specifications subject to change without prior notice.
                     The test setups used to measure microphone sensitivity is shown in Fig. 4. Sensitivity in dB re
                     1V/Pa is calculated using the equation:

                                                         Sensitivity = 20 log (.5VOUT / 1000mV) dB

                     where VOUT is measured in millivolts as shown in the figure below.

                     * Note: Adjustment factor of .5 used to correct SPL test level.

                                             Mouth                                                    On-axis
                                           Simulator/                                           Sound Pressure Lev el
                                          Test Fixture                                           100 dB @ Test Point

                                  1 kHz

                                                                                                                Under Test

                                                    Fig. 4a--Microphone Position and Sound Pressure Level

                                                                                +5 V
                                                                           DC Supply Voltage

                                                                          2.2 KOhm

                                                             Under Test

                                                                  Tip, Ring
                                                                 Sleev e

                                                                   Fig. 4b- Microphone Load

                                                Figure 4Microphone Sensitivity Measurement              Noise Cancellation. The Andrea NC-110 Monaural Computer Headset uses Andrea Anti-Noise
                     pressure gradient cancellation technology. The method used herein to quantify noise cancellation
                     performance is to measure and compare two frequency response curves. Noise canceling
                     microphones work by discriminating between sounds emitted close to the microphone and sounds
                     from distant sources. The Near Field Pressure Response corresponds to the microphone sensitivity
                     to speech emitted close to the microphone. The Far Field Pressure Response corresponds to the
                     microphone sensitivity to noise emitted at a distance, from various directions at the same pressure.
                     The greater the difference between the Near Field Pressure Response and Far Field Pressure
                     Response curves, the more effective the noise canceling.

          All specifications subject to change without prior notice.
                                                                                                    PRELIMINARY                Speaker. The 23 mm speaker has a coil resistance of 32 ohms and a typical frequency range of 50
                       to 20,000 Hz.

2.1.2            Mechanical.                Monaural Computer Headset. The Monaural Computer Headset consists of headband assembly,
                       windsock, and cord with mini plugs.                    Headband assembly. The Andrea Anti-Noise NC-110 Monaural Computer Headset is
                             injection molded ABS plastic and has an adjustable sliding band and flexible Santoprene
                             microphone boom which allows the headband wearer to adjust the headset for most
                             comfortable fit. The adjustable microphone boom and rotating earphone facilitate wearing on
                             both left and right sides.

                             Headband Material Options: Metal, ABS plastic, or rubber.

                             Microphone Boom Options: Fixed/Rigid or Flexible

                                             Figure 5Andrea Anti-Noise NC-110 Headset Drawing

            All specifications subject to change without prior notice.
                                                                                                             PRELIMINARY                    Windsock A windsock as described in Table 1 and shown in Fig. 6 is provided for plosive
                             sound suppression.

                                                Description                                Value            Units
                                                Material                               Polyurethane           na
                                                Porosity                                    160              ppi
                                                Density                                     1.9            lb/cu ft
                                                Tensile Strength                             35              psi
                                                Ultimate Elongation                         400               %
                                                50% Compression Set                          12               na
                                                Shelf Life (note 1)                           2              yrs
                                                         Notes: (1) -10C to +60C without exposure to UV.

                                                                   Table 1Windsock Specifications

                                                       Figure 6Windsock Drawing (dimensions in inches)                    Cord with Mini Plugs. The ends of the microphone and speaker cables are terminated with 3.5
                             mm miniature male plugs as shown in Fig. 7. The cord is approximately 84” in overall length.

                                                   Figure 7Cord Mini Plugs Drawing (dimensions in inches)

                             The computer headset PVC shielded cables are designed to conform to the following
                             specifications. The material and construction of the cables provide flexible and resilient use
                             over the operating temperature range specified in paragraph All cable terminations are
                             strain relieved. Detailed specifications for pull strength of strain relief, jacket and conductor
                             insulation material, jacket and conductor insulation thickness, overall cable diameters,
                             conductor and shield stranding and pitch shall be controlled by the Andrea Electronics
                             Corporation cable assembly drawings.

            All specifications subject to change without prior notice.
                                                                                                    PRELIMINARY              Weight. The weight of the computer headset is approximately 0.063 Kg.              Color. Monaural Computer Headset parts are colored as shown in Table 2. Uniformity of coloring
                     and finish is maintained such that all piece parts have the same look and feel. Detailed color and
                     finish of piece parts of the same color are controlled by individual Andrea Electronics Corporation
                     piece part drawings.

                                  Description                                   Color
                                  Molded Plastic Parts Color Options            Black,Blue,Gray
                                  Earcushion                                    Black
                                  Windsock                                      Black
                                  Microphone Boom                               Black
                                  Mini Plugs
                                   Microphone                                   Orange
                                   Speaker                                      Pink
                                  Cable                                         Black,Translucent

                                                   Table 2Monaural Computer Headset Parts Colors              Connectors. The Monaural Computer Headset microphone and speaker connectors are 3.5 mm
                     male plugs.              Workmanship. The headset is assembled in accordance with the requirements of the production
                     drawing package, including specifications and manufacturing contractor workmanship standards.
                     The manufacturing contractor shall have a documented process control system to monitor and
                     continuously improve the processes for manufacturing and testing the headsets.              Soldering practices. Soldering shall be in accordance with IPC-A-610.

2.1.3          Environmental.              Operating temperature. The operating temperature range of the Monaural Computer Headset is
                     0C to +40C.              Storage temperature. The storage temperature range of the Monaural Computer Headset is -10C
                     to +60C.              Shelf Life. The shelf life of the Monaural Computer Headset for the storage temperature range
                     specified in paragraph is greater than 2 years.              Humidity. The Monaural Computer Headset meets all specifications for humidity up to 90%.              Shock-drop. The Monaural Computer Headset meets all performance specifications after being
                     dropped from a distance of 1 meter onto a concrete floor. There shall be no evidence of breaking,
                     cracking or other structural damage.

2.1.4          Reliability.              Mean Time Between Failure. The mean time between failure (MTBF) for the Monaural Computer
                     Headset shall be greater than 10,000 hours of continuous operation.

2.2       Materials. Materials are controlled by the Andrea Electronics Corporation drawings cited herein. All
          materials have a minimum shelf life of two years.

2.3       Design. The Monaural Computer Headset will be stable in mechanical construction, electrical
          characteristics, and acoustical performance for a minimum of two years.
          All specifications subject to change without prior notice.

2.4     Aging. The Monaural Computer Headset does not contain parts fabricated from materials known to change
        their properties appreciably because of aging.

2.5     Electrostatic Discharge. Static discharges can be imparted to the Monaural Computer Headset through user
        contact or through manufacturing activities. To ensure resistance to typical electrostatic environments, the
        Monaural Computer Headset has been tested in accordance with the International Electrotechnical
        Commission Publication 801-2. The Monaural Computer Headset was tested to Severity Level 2 without
        damage or malfunction.


3.1     Responsibility for inspection. Unless otherwise specified in the contract or purchase order, the
        manufacturing contractor is responsible for the performance of all inspection requirements specified herein.
        Except as otherwise specified in the contract, the contractor may use his own or any other facilities for the
        performance of the inspections specified herein unless disapproved by Andrea Electronics Corporation.

        Andrea Electronics Corporation reserves the right to perform any of the inspections set forth in the
        specification where such specifications are deemed necessary to assure supplies and services conform to
        prescribed requirements.

3.2     Test equipment and inspection facilities. Test and measuring equipment and inspection facilities with
        sufficient accuracy, quality, and quantity to permit performance of the required inspection shall be
        established and maintained by the manufacturing contractor. The manufacturing contractor shall establish
        and maintain a calibration system to control the accuracy of the measuring test equipment which is traceable
        to the National Bureau of Standards.

3.3     Test conditions. Unless otherwise specified, the microphone shall be tested under the following conditions:

                   a. Temperature: Room ambient, (+15 to +35 degrees C).
                   b. Pressure: Normal atmosphere.
                   c. Humidity: Prevailing ambient up to 90% relative humidity.

3.4     Classification of inspection. The inspections specified herein shall be classified as follows: a. First article
        inspection; and, b. Quality conformance inspection.

3.4.1        First article inspection. First article inspection of production samples shall be performed in accordance
             with the First Article Acceptance Test Procedure, FATP-1002100.

3.4.2        Quality conformance inspection. Periodic production sample testing shall be performed in accordance
             with the quality conformance inspection criteria specified in the First Article Acceptance Test
             Procedure, FATP-1002100.

        All specifications subject to change without prior notice.

      The Monaural Computer Headset is inserted into a poly bag and heat sealed for shipment.


      The NC-110 Monaural Computer Headset does not contain and does not consume in its manufacture any
      ozone depleting substances including, chloroflurocarbons, methyl chloroform, and carbon tetrachloride. The
      NC-110 Monaural Computer Headset is safe for normal use, is non-toxic, presents no abnormal hazards to
      people or the environment, and may be recycled or disposed as normal plastic refuse. All material used in
      the NC-110 Monaural Computer Headset meets the flammability requirements of UL94VO.

      All specifications subject to change without prior notice.

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