; The Language of Roses
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The Language of Roses


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                                                 Roses 101: When To Send Them & Why
                                                                   By David Sanders

   Roses are perfect for any occasion because they are classic and they smell just as terrific as they
look. Whether you opt for real or silk roses, the lucky recipient is sure to be happy. Below are some
common uses for roses:

$ Valentine’s Day. Because the classic red rose is a symbol of passion, it is undeniably the most
popular floral arrangement to be given on a holiday that is all about love. On Valentine’s Day, florists
find themselves delivering countless orders of roses to all who are lucky enough to have found love.

$ Wedding bouquet. Speaking of love, there is no better day to celebrate it than on a wedding day.
Many brides prefer to carry a bouquet draped with roses because of their classic beauty and elegance.

$ Prom corsage and boutonniere. Every high school student looks forward to their prom and, as such,
they are responsible for selecting a flower for their date. The gentleman will select a corsage, either
wrist or pinned, that will feature a rose and ribbons to coordinate with their date’s dress. The young
ladies will select a rose boutonniere for their date, which will commonly feature a simple rose bloom
with an accent of babies breath.

$ Mother’s Day. Every woman loves roses and this is especially true of moms on Mother’s Day, which
is the perfect day to remind her how much she means to you with a beautiful bouquet of roses or a
vase filled with a beautiful arrangement and accented with a red bow.

$ Anniversary. Whether it’s your anniversary, your friends or family, roses are the perfect gift to
celebrate this happy occasion.

$ Congratulatory messages for a new birth, graduation, new business or other milestone. Nothing says
congratulations quite as well as roses do.

$ Show of appreciation. If someone has been especially kind, helped you through a difficult situation or
simply offered you encouragement when you needed it the most, roses are the perfect way to say
‘thank you’ and offer a thoughtful way of showing your appreciation.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

Just as there are many different occasions for which roses are appropriate, there are a number of
variations in their color. The most classic rose color is red, but these slender beauties are also grown in
white, pink, peach, yellow, etc. An arrangement of roses is usually prepared with babies breath, which
is a white decorative addition that adds the perfect contrast and brings out the brightness of the rose. If
you are looking for a classic way to show you care, roses are just the ticket.

The author is a regular contributor to http://www.myroseadvisor.com where more information about
http://www.myroseadvisor.com/sitemap.html is available.

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                                                      The Language Of Roses
                                                          By Tony Dee

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet," says Juliet
after realizing that she fell in love with an enemy. This is a famous line from Shakespeare and it
signifies the popularity of roses even in the olden times.
Everywhere you go, roses are traditional favorites – they symbolize love and beauty. It is commonly
sent as a gift to friends and families and for many people, the colors of the rose you send to someone
can mean something.

For example, a pink rose flower can mean grace and gentility. If you give it to someone, you’re telling
him/her “you’re gentle and graceful”. If you were given a rose with a deep pink color, they’re probably
saying “thank you” while light pink roses mean sympathy and admiration. It is the best way to cheer up
grieving family members. The regular pink roses can mean “I’m very happy with our relationship”.

Peach colored roses are usually used for decorations and in bouquets given to friends because they
mean sociability, friendship and modesty. Of course, deep red is about saying “I love you” and is a
favorite gift for Valentine’s Day. Few people also associate this color with passion and other noble
values like respect and courage.

Contrary to what many people think, a white colored rose doesn’t only mean friendship. Fact is, it has
several special meanings such as “you’re heavenly” and “I’m worthy of you”. It is often associated with
values like reverence, humility, innocence, purity, secrecy and silence. It is most commonly used in
weddings and is deemed as colorful as the red ones.

Yellow Philippine roses express joy and gladness. It is given to new mothers, newlyweds and
graduates to celebrate their achievements. These usually serve as a reminder for your busy loved
ones. Orange roses are for enthusiasm and desire. If you want to tell someone that you want to get to
know them better, then this is the perfect color of roses to give them.

Lavender colored roses is a symbol of “falling in love” and is given to someone when you want to say “I
am enchanted by you”. A blue rose is very difficult to find but there are already several companies
trying to reproduce them naturally. Blue means mystery and it could also mean “attaining the
impossible” – give this to someone and you’re ultimately saying “you are a rare gem, with you, I have
attained the impossible”.

So, if you want to send multiple messages to someone, you send them a combination of colors. For
example, white and red roses delivered together can mean “may be always be together as one”. Or
send lavender and orange rose to say that you are falling in love and you want to know him/her better.

Or you can try this tip. Send 11 deep pink colored roses and 1 red rose to say this message to your
partner: “thank you for being unique, I love you.”

This article comes courtesy of Tony Dee and is written for Island Rose - Flower Delivery Philippines.
We hope you enjoyed this article and encourage you to visit our website. Through Island Rose, you
can send flowers Philippines or read through our blog for more interesting articles.

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