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    Home garden may be different functions for each individual. But generally, it is purposely to provide shade and
      coolness of the atmosphere surrounding the home. You do not have to be an expert to create a wondrous
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                                               A New Use For Used (And Broken) Tile
                                                           By Eileen Church

   Have you ever heard of using tile in your garden? Here are some ideas of how to "recylce" your
used and broken tile.

The edging of a garden is almost as important as the garden itself. It's like a picture frame. The picture
can be interesting and beautiful, but it needs a frame to really enhance its appearance.

There are many different types of garden edgings. Many people prefer to use something heavy and
permanent, like a low brick wall, or rocks set together with mortar. However, not everyone is physically
capable of creating such a structure.

Bricks set freely can be just as effective. They can be placed in a simple line, end to end, or stacked in
a double row, with gaps in between. They can also be set diagonally, leaning against each other for

Another attractive idea is to decorate short lengths of board with old tiles. Tiles can often be purchased
very cheaply from re-cycling places. Glue your choice of tile along the board using an outdoor glue. On
each end of the board, tack a peg with one end pointed. This will be used to push into the soil to
support your board and keep it off the ground.

Bush rocks are another easy idea to give your garden that finished look. They need not be too big,
unless you have plenty of muscle or help. You may be able to gather rocks from a friends farm, or from
the bush if that is legal in your area. Otherwise, garden suppliers usually have plenty to choose from.

Yet another idea is to create a living edging. Choose a plant that will be suitable for your climate and
conditions. The pretty pink of alpine phlox is an attractive border and the plants can be divided and
planted again and again. Many other plants can be propagated in this way, thus reducing the initial
costs. Of course, your border will take a little more time to get established than if you bought all the
necessary plants at once.

Gazanias are another hardy border plant that can be divided many times. Bulbs might seem like a
good choice too, but remember that they will die down and leave your borders looking messy for ages.

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Also, they remain dormant for at least six months, so if you plant anything else there you risk damaging
the bulbs. Of course, you can dig them up and replace them with something else, but you may prefer a
more permanent border edge to save on the workload.

If you have a larger garden, comfrey is a plant to consider using for an edging plant. Its thick growth
habit will prevent any grasses intruding into the garden, and the leaves can be pulled for excellent
mulch around roses or other plants. It has delightful, dainty flowers in season too. However, a small
garden could be overwhelmed by more than one comfrey plant.

In a small garden attractive annuals like sweet alice, pansies, violas or petunias make great borders.
For something a bit different, try an herb border. Then you can go out and pick your herbs any time you
want. Chives have a crisp green color that would make your garden sparkle while strawberries will
entice the kids out into the fresh air to have a healthy snack.

Some people prefer to simply bevel an edge around their garden with the shovel. This is a good option
if your lawn has the sort of grass with runners, like kikuyu. Those runners can be kept under control by
chopping them off every so often with the edge of the shovel.

Whatever option you choose, it will enhance your garden to have a beautiful edging.

Eileen Church is the webmaster at http://cttile.com and loves the almost unlimited versatility and
beauty of tile. Please visit http://www.cttile.com for some great resources about tile.

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                                                 Painting and Decorating Tile
                                                   By Pamela Cole Harris

Painting and Decorating Tile
 by: Pamela Cole Harris

Ceramic tile can be beautiful and elegant. But it can also be bland and uninspired. If you want to add a
little color or creativity to your tile, here's how!

Remember to clean your tile and let it dry before you begin any project.

1. Seal both tile and surrounding grout with a water-based floor varnish. Ask your home improvement
retailer for suggestions about a good water-based floor varnish for your area.

2. Brush paint primer on both tile and grout. Let it dry for at least 12 hours before you begin painting.

3. With an artist's brush, paint your pattern with latex paint. Simple designs are best. You can use
stencils or, if you are brave, try painting your own original design directly on the tile. Let the tile dry
before sealing.

4. Seal the tiles with two coats of water-based varnish. Let the tile dry between coats.

Decorating your old tile can be easy and fun. Now, anyone have a great idea for rescuing an old
bathtub? (Without making it a backyard planter, that is!)

Pamela Cole Harris has been a writer for over 35 years (Yikes! Has it been that long? Her fun,
tongue-in-cheek approach to decorating has made http://www.homeandgardenmakeover.com one of
the most popular décor sites on the net. She brings the same spirit of fun to cooking at
http://www.thewellfedtraveler.com and running a home business at http://www.pajamabusinesses.com.

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