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                                                  The Elegance Of Hybrid Tea Roses
                                                                       By Indira

    Hybrid Tea Rose is one of the most modern varieties of roses. It is a cross breed between two old
classics – the Hybrid Perpetual and the Tea Rose. You can see them on tall stems and they bloom
throughout the year – one good reason why it has gained popularity as a gift to give and receive for
that special occasion. It is also called “your basic rose on a stick.” It has a mild scent but makes up for
it with its multi-petal looks and tall, elegant structure.

Hybrid Tea Roses look elegant in any garden. It should be planted in rows as it then becomes easier
for the gardener to look after them. These plants dislike weeds and thus, the area where you plant
them, must be kept weed-free. It is advisable to plant them two feet away from one another, this way
you give them enough space for growth. Start planting these elegant flowers this spring and impress
yourself and those around you !

Can roses be without thorns ? yes, they can be. While some gardeners get put off by the idea of thorns
of Hybrid Teas, you can actually find many varieties without thorns, when you shop for them. The tag
reads “smooth” when the roses are without thorns. Other than blue, you can find these thorn-free roses
in a variety of colors.

You need plenty of water to grow Hybrid Tea Roses. More so, if the weather conditions are hot as well
as dry. There are some gardens which require a complete soaking every two weeks while some need
watering every week. Whatever your garden may need, make sure that your plants are watered
adequately, if the soil looks dry and parched. Keeping mulch around the rose plants is effective in the
prevention of weeds and conservation of moisture.

In all likelihood, Hybrid Tea Roses reach its maximum potential in height in about three years. Despite
adequate pruning, the plant grows to this height. Most rose plants have a life span of about six to
seven years, sometimes longer if it has been nurtured exceptionally well. The most important aspect of
growing roses is its requirement of sunlight. An average rose plant needs a minimum of six hours of
sun every day, especially the morning sun. The morning sun helps in drying up the moisture and dew,
helping the plant to remain disease-free.

February is the best month for pruning roses, as this is the month when flowers are dormant. First step
in this exercise is to remove damaged canes and dead branches. If you live in very cold climate, you
should cut off the damaged wood. The green canes are the ones you should look for as these canes
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will produce buds in spring. I you live in warmer climate, cut off all the existing leaves, to make way for
newer ones. And don’t forget to clean all the debris from your garden. And while spring approaches,
and your roses are about to grow, fertilize your garden soil with nitrogen-rich fertilizers.

Indira enjoys the art of gardening and is a staff writer for

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                       Hybrid Tea Roses – Developing A Great Understanding
                                               By K. Finch

From Teas, Grandifloras, Hybrids, and Floribundas, you’ll find that there is a very vast world of roses,
and there are so many different types, that even gardeners who are experienced may find it confusing.
So, what are hybrid tea roses? Well, basically they are created by crossing the China Tea rose with a
Hybrid Perpetual, which is a European rose.

 Usually the roses that you see in windows of florist shops right before Valentines Day are hybrid tea
roses. These are the images that most people have when they think of classic roses. They usually
have rather large blooms, and for each stem, there is only one rose produced. These blooms unfold
with large petals that look like velvet and come out in a variety of layers. They are often favorites of
people who enjoy cutting long stemmed roses to display in their homes. Also, photographers love to
photograph them as well, since there are many colors available and the petals look wonderful. Since
they flower on a regular basis, usually hybrid tea roses are known as monthly roses or even ever
blooming roses.

 Back in the middle of the 19th century, the hybrid tea roses became very popular. In fact, they became
the most popular rose to have in the rose garden. During the Victorian era there was a lot of
experimentation done with these roses, using cross pollinization and it resulted in hybridized tea roses.
The breeders during this time were working to bring perpetual flower roses together with a rose that
looked beautiful and elegant, and they definitely achieved their goal when they started propagating
hybrid tea roses. Putting the Hybrid Perpetual and Tea rose together was a great combination.

 The first official hybrid tea rose was known as the “la France.” It was discovered to a Frenchman in
1867, known as Giullot. In fact, they actually think that his discovery of this rose was accidental. He
was working to create a yellow rose that was large and bright, but accidentally came up with a rose
that was silvery-pink that had bright pink tips. It was a very fragrant and large flower for the time. With
the beautiful colors and the huge blooms, the La France was definitely the star of the era.

 Through time, hybrid tea roses continued to become more and more popular. With their long stem, it
was easy to see the blooms and easy to cut as well. People loved their beautiful, vivid colors and the
unfurling buds were so elegant that many people found them so much more beautiful and dramatic
than any other roses. Also, the blooms they produced were bigger and they produced more frequently
as well, making them quite popular.

 Today most of the time hybrid tea roses are grown for the purpose of using them for cut flowers.
During the Victorian Era they were prominently used for landscaping, but today they are not so
common in this way. However, you can add them to your garden if you want to. If you choose to plant a
hybrid tea rose in your rose garden, here are some tips that will help you find the right rose for your

 -Tip #1 – Are you looking for a rose that smells wonderful? If so, then these hybrid tea roses may not
be the right choice. You’ll find that usually they only have a very light scent.

 -Tip #2 – If you are looking for a low maintenance rose, this is probably not the right choice. During the
hot summer months, hybrid tea roses need to be watered frequently. If you don’t have time to water on

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a regular basis, then these roses may not be for you.

 -Tip #3 – Looking for long stemmed huge blooms that you can cut and display? If so, then hybrid tea
roses will be just the thing. However, if you are looking for roses for landscaping, you’ll probably want
to go with climbing roses or perhaps Grandifloras.

 -Tip #4 – If you don’t want to deal with many thorns, you’ll want to pick a different rose. You see,
hybrid tea roses are known for their thorns. While there are a few thornless hybrid tea roses out there,
they are often quite expensive and can be hard to find.

Check out The Joy of Rose Gardening now at, to find great articles,
advice, tips and much more on rose gardening topics.

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