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					Emerald Shores Homeowner's Association                                           September, 2006
Water Drawdown
Progress Energy will be drawing down the lake level beginning September 23 and lasting through about October 6. This will allow
them to conduct the Federal Energy Regulatory Agency-mandated 5-year test of the flood gates on the dam. Levels could be down
as much as 10-12 feet for a week or more. Direct information may be obtained from their website:

Homeowner's Get-together
There will be a Hot Dog Roast for Emerald Shores Homeowners from 6pm to 8pm on November 4, 2006, at the Lake Tillery Fire
Department Fire Station parking area. The Association will provide the hot dogs, soft drinks, relishes, paper products, and
plastic utensils. Please bring your own chair and a dish to share. Anyone who has a portable fire pit (or charcoal grill) they would
like to volunteer for the evening, please call 910-439-4807.

Emerald Shores Website
We have a website under construction for the Emerald Shores Homeowners Association: www.emeraldshores.org.
To improve contact with property owners in Emerald Shores we will be posting our newsletters and other information of potential
interest to the community on this site. To receive an email when the site is updated with a new newsletter or other significant
information, please send an email from your preferred email account to: boncallen@carolina.rr.com. That email will get you onto
our notification list.

Your officers, directors, and member volunteers did a cleanup at the entrance, replaced the defective flood light, and trimmed the
plantings earlier this summer. Since ESHA does not own the parcel on which the signs reside, clearing trees to allow additional
sunlight for improved plantings around the entrance signs is not an option.

Bylaws and Sample "Covenants and Restrictions"
Enclosed are the current By-laws of the Emerald Shores Homeowners Association, and a sample of the Covenants and Restrictions
(C&R) that were placed on each lot of the development when it was first subdivided in the 1960's. Each "map & section" of the
phased development had an individually-hand-typed set of Covenants and Restrictions referring to its portion of the development.
There may be minor differences due to human typing but the original substance of them is as shown and apply to all portions of
Emerald Shores.

Moratorium Committee
The County Commissioners placed a 90-day moratorium on new construction at its August 2006 meeting. A committee consisting
of the At-Large County Commissioner, Dolan Corbett, the County Manager, Lance Metzler, Chairman of the County Planning
Board, Danny McCrae, a facilitator from the Metrolina Council of Governments, Paul Kron, and representatives from Badin and
Tillery communities, Jim Metheny and Jack Carroll was established by the County Commissioners and charged with revising the
Zoning regulations for lake area development.

The committee has been meeting regularly and is expected to wrap up its work in time to make a presentation to the Planning
Board in late October. An expected outcome is an "overlay" Zoning District covering at least the Class 4 Critical Watershed area
surrounding the Badin and Tillery lakes. What makes this area a "Critical Watershed" is that it provides drinking water for
communities along its path all the way to the Atlantic. This "overlay" is expected to emphasize high quality single-family
residential and limited commercial development of the County's prime land resources: its lake areas. The final plan is expected to
be presented to the County Commissioners for their approval in early November.

Tillery Coves
As presented to the Planning Board and County Commissioners, the development in the interior of Emerald Shores by the VK
Development Corporation is to be known as Tillery Coves. Enclosed are copies of the Executive Summary and the preliminary
Master Site Plan. The original "high/mid-rise" condominium drawing submitted to the Planning Board called for nine 12-story
condominiums. VK subsequently reduced the condos from 12-story to 8- and 7-story, but increased their number: nine 8-story and
two 7-story structures. The project was granted "preliminary approval" after minimal scrutiny by either the Montgomery County
Planning Board or by our County Commissioners.
Development is Coming
There is no question that development is coming to the Lake Tillery area. Your Board hopes it will be high-quality controlled
development akin to Pinehurst or Hilton Head rather than uncontrolled development akin to Lake Norman or Myrtle Beach. It also
hopes that VK, as well as other developers planning projects in the lake area, will adhere to best practices with respect to
environmental and traffic issues. To the best of our understanding, although VK has not yet begun the permitting process for
Tillery Coves, that is expected shortly. As we have information about other developments, that will be posted on our website also.

Construction Traffic
Of all the developments along the lake, road traffic during construction of Tillery Coves will most directly affect Emerald Shores.
Roughly 40 years of comparatively minimal construction and personal vehicle traffic already requires constant patching and
repairing of Emerald Shores Road to fix potholes. The heavy construction traffic associated with approximately 800 additional
units in the interior of Emerald Shores will quickly deteriorate the road if construction traffic is permitted to use Emerald Shores

Added to road damage hazards would be the accident hazard due to the sheer volume of construction traffic on the winding two
miles from Lilly's Bridge Rd to the "secondary entrance" into Tillery Coves that VK is planning off Emerald Shores Road just
Southwest of Southmont. Current traffic on that winding road has already led to accidents. Traffic volumes of five to ten times
current levels will be a major hazard, particularly on the tight curves. Your Board recommends that you communicate with the NC
Department of Transportation to make your feelings known and to recommend that they ensure that all construction traffic enter
the Tillery Coves development through a separate new entrance off Lilly's Bridge Rd.

Agency Contact Information
Whether you support the Tillery Coves development without reservation, are opposed to one or more aspects of it, or simply wish
to ensure that existing state and federal environmental regulations are enforced uniformly throughout the region, your Board
recommends highly that you exercise your rights and communicate your feelings in writing to the appropriate agencies. To assist
in ensuring that happens, your Board has put together a list of agencies having input over development along the lake. Your Board
has gone on record recommending to those agencies that they ensure that this development, as with all other lake area
developments, has their plans scrutinized thoroughly for adherence to the best practices required by State and Federal regulations.

In addition, your Board recommends that you communicate your concerns to the NC Division of Water Quality, the NC
Department of Environmental & Natural Resources, the NC Division of Water Resources, the NC Department of Cultural
Resources, and the NC Environmental Management Commission at the state level. Further, that you communicate with the U. S.
Army Corps of Engineers, the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U. S. Fish &Wildlife Agency, the Federal Energy
Regulatory Agency, and the U. S. Department of Agriculture at the Federal level.

For those who would prefer not to write an individual letter, but support your Board's position requesting strict enforcement of
existing regulations, we have set up an alternative mechanism by which you may express your opinion. We have placed a white
lectern on the front porch of 175 Clearview Point Drive; on it are petitions to the above agencies that you can sign in lieu of
writing them yourself. Directions: go exactly 2.25 miles on Emerald Shores Road, turn left onto Clearview, 3rd house on left.
Please stop by at your convenience, read the petitions, and sign them if you feel you can do so. If someone is home, please
introduce yourself and feel free to ask questions. Time is of the essence, however; those petitions will be sent off to the appropriate
agencies on October 9.

NC Division of Water Quality:                                              NC Department of Cultural Resources:
            NCDWQ Regional Office,                                                  State Historic Preservation Office,
            225 Green St, Suite 714,                                                4617 Mail Service Center,
Fayetteville, NC 28301-5043                                                         Raleigh, NC 27699-4617

NC Department of Environmental & Natural Resources:                        NC Environmental Management Commission:
          NCDENR,                                                                   NCEMC, % Jennie Odette, Clerk,
          1601 Mail Service Center,                                                 PO Box 29535,
Raleigh, NC 27699-1601                                                              Raleigh, NC 27626-0535

NC Division of Water Resources:                                            U. S. Army Corps of Engineers:
          NCDWR,                                                                     US Army Engineer District Wilmington,
          1611 Mail Service Center,                                                  PO Box 1890,
Raleigh, NC 27699-1611                                                               Wilmington, NC 28402-1890

U. S. Environmental Protection Agency:                                     U. S. Fish & Wildlife Agency:
           USEPA, Region 4,                                                           Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge,
           Atlanta Federal Center,                                                    5770 US Hwy 52 North,
           61 Forsyth Street, SW,                                                     Wadesboro, NC 28170
           Atlanta, GA 30303-3104

U. S. Department of Agriculture:   USDA Area 2,   530 West Innes Street,   Salisbury, NC 28144

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