ArcGIS for Emergency Management Workshop

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					ArcGIS for Emergency Management Workshop
June 4th, 2007
8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Room M201

       The ArcGIS for Emergency Management Workshop held at the Higher Education
Conference was a complete success. Students spent the morning and afternoon sessions
learning the basic skills needed to use ArcGIS in emergency management. The course
was structured around a series of 4 instructional PowerPoint presentations and 4 exercises
which followed up on the PowerPoint slides. The exercises were equipped with data the
students might see in the emergency management community. There were approximately
18 students which joined the class throughout the day.

       The instruction only examined the basic level topics. Some of the topics
included: Symbolizing and Presenting Data, Query Tools, Editing Data, and Creating
Map Layouts. This instruction would give the students a foundation by which they could
navigate and begin to use ArcGIS as well as be extremely prepared to take future courses
on ArcGIS. Toward the end of the day we demonstrated some advanced applications of
ArcGIS to the students (i.e. HAZUS-MH and GIS for tornado risk assessments) which
created a lot of interest. There was a wide range of attendees and a wide range of
questions. The course was well received with a lot of positive comments. There was
even applause at the end.

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