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									                                              Duke City Soccer League
                                              October 17, 2007 Minutes

Call to Order at 7:32 PM

        Attendees:     Chuck Harmon (V Pres), Dave Seidel (Coach Admin), Jerry Garcia (Ref Admin), Bill Nordin (Ex
Dir), Kathi Tero (Ops/Reg), Trisha Romero (AEFC), Mike Stone (AUFC), Russ Zeigler (AUFC),
Jorge Beraun (Classic/Dist. Comm.), Greg Heileman (NMR), Bryan Ingram (RVFC), Chris Cartlidge (RVFC)
        Guests:        Gary Bauerschmidt (Sandia Cup), Ed Arvizo, and Adam Halperm

Approval of Minutes: Motion to accept by Jorge Beraun, seconded by Greg Heileman, motion passed.

Introductions: Adam Halperm from Help U, he gave a presentation on Help U, an organization that helps College bound
children find opportunities to get into college.


President: No report due to conflect.

Club Representatives: No reports.


Gaylord Sheppard: As of October 16 and only 50 teams have applied to the tournament. Dennis / Admiral Elite is
getting nervous about the number of teams so far. Deadline is October 30.

Sandia Cup: Gary Bauerschmidt reviewed the Sandia Cup finalists from 2007. ODP teams have already committed to
participate in 2008. Web site will be updated soon. Sandia Cup will see a dual track of 8v8 and 11v11 in the U-12 age
group. Gary asked for questions and there were none.

Management Report: Bill Nordin
   Referees
        o Overall this year we have seen the weakest pool of referees that we have ever had.
        o At ADO one third of the games are being played without the home teams referee.

           Below list comments and suggestions that were tossed out in an open discussion on referees.
                   Dave Seidel sees marginally good referee’s signing up for games.
                   Chris Cartlidge would like to see cards handed out to coaches so that referee’s could be critiqued,
                       Russ Zeigler agrees.
                   Greg Heileman feels that it was useful at State Cup.
                   Gary did not believe it was useful since coaches from opposite teams had different views of the
                       referee depending on many factors including loss/win.
                   Bill would like to make it mandatory for referees to go to clinics before each tournament if they
                       want to referee games in the tournament.
                   Duke City does not have the ability to fire team referees when they don’t meet up to expectations.
                   Jorge Beraun would like to see Duke City start its own referee program even if it involves a
                       payroll addition to Duke City. The budget issue for referees is a strategic issue.
                   Jerry Garcia feels there is no accountability for referees.
                   Bill believes that 60% of our center referees are not tied to any team as a team referee.
                   Mike Stone wants to collect information from teams and coaches on how to get quality referees.
                   Bill Nordin has Bob Linebaugh coming out to FIC to mentor referees the last two weeks of the
                       season and feels that coaches should have the ability to provide input.
                   Chris Cartlidge wants to form a committee to look at the referee problems and will provide a list
                       of committee members at the next board meeting for approval.
                   Greg Heileman and Russ Zeigler just want referees listen to coaches.
                       Bill feels that many referees have a defensive attitude.
                       Dave Seidel believes that a lot of referees take games that are over their heads.

    Make up games – lots of requests and complaints about when their games being scheduled. After brief discussion
     continue with current plan of scheduling makeup games

    Reviewed the teams playing up and down in the DCSL schedule with current results, will review at the next
     meeting after the season is complete.

    November 7th is the next ranking meeting.


   Farmers Insurance Complex:
        Had an injury from a child falling off the bleachers on FIC #10 resulting in a broken arm. It was discussed that
          we should inform the complex that if the bleachers are not safe or cannot be make to be safe they should be
        Some problems with irrigation equipment causing field to be soggy. Mike Stone has noticed that the FIC
           fields have been soggy all year.
        Will begin to lease 2 mowers as opposed to buying 2 mowers for the spring.
        ADO 1 - 3 are in good shape, 4 is a bit rough
        Fill dirt is available at the northwest corner of ADO.
   Balloon Fiesta Park:
        Is offline until February.
        PSA is running their fall season in November and December at BFP. This gives us an opportunity to offer
           position to player and teams for the spring season, as PSA has registered 1,700 players.
                o PSA and AYSO have warnings on their websites against Duke City with Greg Heileman suggesting
                    that DCSL should counter the allegations on our own web site.

Starting this fall I have been trying to go to some of the clubs coaches meetings to ansewer questions from coaches. In
addition Bill & Kathi attended the AYSO and NWRG last month.

Treasurer: Current Financial statements were presented and reviewed
       Bill stated that he split the cost of new carpet with the landlord and is spending around $650.00 for the carpet.
This was not included in this year’s budget.

Coach Admin: Dave Seidel-None

Referee Admin: Jerry Garcia–None

District Commissioner Report: Jorge Beraun-see attached NMYSA minutes.

New Business: Russ wants updated on FWRL. Bill explained that DCSL is moving forward on sponsoring some of the
play here in Albuquerque.

Motion to adjourn by Bryan Ingram seconded by Jorge Beraun at 8:39PM.

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