SPRING 2012

                                       Seniors For Creative Learning (SCL) is . . .
      SENIORS           •	A	membership	organization	of	seniors	dedicated	to	learning	new	things	and	sharing	their	love	of		

                           learning with others
MEETING LOCATION •		Informal	education	designed	and	developed	by	SCL	members	and	offered	in	an	informal	setting
John T. O’Connor Center
611 Winona Street       •		A	membership	organization	available	to	all	seniors,	55	years	of	age	or	older
Knoxville, TN 37917     •		Offered	twice	yearly	-	spring	and	fall	
Phone 865-523-1135      •		Supported	by	the	members,	membership	fees,	The	University	of	Tennessee’s	Department	of			
                        	 Professional	and	Personal	Development	and	the	John	T.	O’Connor	Senior	Center
                                       Note: All sessions, unless otherwise noted, will be presented at the John T. O’Connor Center
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• AROUND TOWN                                        BARBECUE AND ENTERTAINMENT
                                          Tuesday, February 28
• CULTURE                                 O’Connor Center Auditorium
                                          Entertainment provided by SMOKY MOUNTAIN HARMONY. This
• HEALTH              group sings in four-part a cappella barbershop and performs all over East Tennessee.
                      The group began in 2000 and is a chartered member of Sweet Adelines International,
• HISTORY             a worldwide organization of women singers committed to advancing barbershop
                      harmony through education and performance.
• MUSIC               			Please	be	sure	to	make	your	reservation	no	later	than	Friday,	February	17th	to	guarantee	your	attendance	at	the	barbecue	
                      and	for	us	to	plan	adequate	food	service.	
• PEOPLE              			You	may	call	the	UT	Department	of	Professional	and	Personal	Development	at	865-974-0150	to	register	and	pay	by	credit	
                      card or simply fill out the registration form on page 9 and mail as instructed to pay by check. Be sure to specify whether
                      you will attend the barbecue as well as the number in your party (MEMBERS ONLY).	A	reservation	for	the	barbecue	is	
• RELIGION            not	guaranteed	if	you	register	after	February	17th.	Late registrations are, however, accepted for the classes.


• SCIENCE           Dear	Present	and	Future	Members,
                    When reviewing the SCL offerings for the Spring 2012 Semester, we         • Volunteers – We especially need individuals to serve on the
                    hope that you will be as enthusiastic as we are. The sessions are         Curriculum Committee and to help with the barbecue and
• WILDLIFE          described in more detail in this brochure. Our courses are lecture-       refreshments at meetings. Volunteers are also needed to assist
                    based and taught by local experts. With the exception of the field        with nametags. If you are interested in volunteering but can’t
                    trip to New Hope Center in Oak Ridge, Tenn., all of the classes will      attend every session, partner with someone so that you will both
                    be held at the O’Connor Center, 611 Winona Street. Classes meet           have flexibility. Whatever you can do would be greatly appreciated.
                    on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm during the               Please call Linda Cable at 865-216-6300, if you can help us in any
                    semester. There are hosted refreshments from 2:00 to 2:30 pm.             way.
                    SCL	is	a	volunteer	organization	supported	by	membership	dues,	            • BBQ and Field Trips – While we welcome visitors on a
                    The	 University	 of	 Tennessee’s	 Department	 of	 Professional	 and	      one-time basis, especially prospective members or out-of-town
                    Personal	Development	and	the	John	T.	O’Connor	Senior	Center.	             houseguests of members; in the interest of fairness to all of our
                    All	members	must	be	55	years	of	age	or	older.	Officers	and	the	           members,	 it	 is	 required	 that	 those	 who	 wish	 to	 attend	 must	
                    Curriculum Committee are all SCL members who volunteer                    register and pay membership fees. Reminder: BBQ and SCL
                    their time and effort to bring you these programs. The cost of            field trips are for MEMBERS ONLY. Information on field
                    membership is $40 per person or $55 per couple. These fees are            trips will be given at the classes.
                    used to offset the costs of brochure printing, postage, registration,     • Nametags	–	As	a	registered	member	of	SCL,	a	nametag	will	be	
                    barbecue, speaker honorariums, supplies, field trip subsidies, etc.       created for you. When attending any of our SCL events, please wear
                    Registration is through the Department of Professional and                your nametag. It demonstrates that you are a paying member of
                    Personal Development, via telephone using a credit card at                SCL and also helps you to learn the names of fellow members. We
                    865-974-0150 or mail the registration form on page 9.                     ask that you please return your nametag at the end of each session
                    Items for your attention:                                                 so that it will be available for you at each event.
                    • New Members	–	As	in	all	organizations,	it	is	imperative	that	we	        • Officers and Volunteers for the Spring 2012 semester:
TO REGISTER,        attract new members. If you would be willing to distribute brochures
                    to locations such as your local grocery store, doctor’s office, church,
                                                                                              0fficers: Linda Cable, President; Louise Johnson, Secretary;
                                                                                              Don	 Latus,	 Treasurer	 Curriculum Committee:	 Douglas	
CALL 865-974-0150   garden, bridge or health clubs, etc., please call Linda Cable at 865-     Hubbard,	Chair,	Dot	Aldmon,	Doy	Barron,	Linda	Cable,	Barbara	
                    216-6300 for the number of brochures you can distribute. We will          Chapin,	Chris	Collins,	Rita	Dietz,	Louise	Johnson,	Don	Loy,	Kathi	
                    deliver these brochures to you either personally or through the mail,     West. Brochure: Chris Collins and the Curriculum Committee.
                    unless you choose to pick them up. If you know of anyone who              Publicity: Linda Cable Audiovisual: Don	and	Jan	Latus
                    should	be	on	our	list,	please	call	the	UT	Department	of	Professional	     • Inclement Weather Policy – If metro Knoxville schools
                    and	Personal	Development	at	865-974-0150	and	request	that	they	           are closed, SCL is cancelled for that day.
                    be sent a brochure. Reminder: SCL is a program for those 55
                    years of age or older.

                              SCL Programs at a Glance
Feb.	28,	Tues.......12:30	    .	1	
                              P      BBQ	Entertainment	-	Smoky	Mountain	Harmony	–	MEMBERS	ONLY	
Mar.	1,	Thurs ......1:00	     .	3	
                              P      Get	out	Alive:	Protecting	Your	Family	From	Fire	-	Larry	Wilder
Mar.	1,	Thurs ......2:30	     .	3	
                              P      MEDIC	Regional	Blood	Center:	YOUR	Community	Blood	Bank	-	Christi	Fightmaster		
Mar.	6,	Tues ........1:00	    .	3	
                              P      The	European	Union:	Where	Does	It	Go	From	Here?	-	Dr.	Ron	Foresta	
Mar.	6,	Tues ........2:30	    .	3	
                              P      Mineral	and	Fossil	Occurrences	in	East	TN	-	Karen	Frankhouser	&	Dr.	Robert	Lauf	
Mar.	8,	Thurs ......1:00	     .	3	
                              P      The	Changing	Face	of	the	Holy	Land	-	Dr.	Paul	Rader	
Mar.	8,	Thurs ......2:30	     .	3	
                              P      Senior	Health	and	Legal	Issues	-	Kelly	Frere	**
Mar.	13,	Tues ......1:00      .
                              P4     East Tennessee Historical Society - Lisa Oakley
Mar.	13,	Tues ......2:30	     .	4	
                              P      The	History	of	Market	Square	-	Jack	Neely	
Mar.	15,	Thurs....1:00	       .	4	
                              P      Theatre	Costuming	-	Marianne	Custer	
Mar.	15,	Thurs....2:30	       .	4	
                              P      A	Gardener’s	Resource	-	Dr.	Susan	Hamilton
Mar.	20,	Tues ......1:00	     .	4	
                              P      Emerald	Youth	Foundation	-	Steve	Diggs	
Mar.	20,	Tues ......2:30      .
                              P5     Space Exploration Continues - Paul Lewis
Mar.	22,	Thurs....1:00        .
                              P5     Portrayal of Knoxville: Its People and Institutions - Ed Hooper
Mar.	22,	Thurs....2:30        .
                              P5     Adventure	on	the	French	Broad	River	in	Search	of	the	Great	Indian	Warpath	Crossing	-	Robert	Jarnagin	
Mar.	27,	Tues ......1:00	     .	5	
                              P      The	Arts	&	Culture	Community	of	Greater	Knoxville	-	Lisa	Zenni	
Mar.	27,	Tues ......2:30	     .	5	
                              P      Doing	What	Comes	Naturally	-	Carol	Evans
Mar.	29,	Thurs....1:00	       .	6	
                              P      Governor	William	Blount’s	Mansion	-	Pat	Brake	Rutenberg	
Mar.	29,	Thurs....2:30	       .	6	
                              P      Craft	and	Creativity	into	the	Digital	World	-	Don	Ansley
Apr.	3,	Tues .........1:00	   .	6	
                              P      The	Real	Me:	Exploring	Identity	Through	Art	-	Dr.	Carl	Gombert	
Apr.	3,	Tues .........2:30	   .	6	
                              P      Scripps	Networks	Interactive:	Engaging	Audiences,	Enriching	Lives	-	Rennie	Leon
Apr.	5,	Thurs .......1:00	    .	6	
                              P      The	Cost	of	Green	Energy	-	Dr.	Tom	Bogart
Apr.	5,	Thurs .......2:30	    .	7	
                              P      Digging	Into	Our	Civil	War	Past	-	Dr.	Joan	Markel	
Apr.	10,	Tues .......1:00	    .	7	
                              P      Using	the	McClung	Collection	for	Genealogy	-	Steve	Cotham	
Apr.	10,	Tues .......2:30	    .	7	
                              P      Witty,	Sexy	and	Wise:	The	Many	Faces	of	Benjamin	Franklin	-	Dr.	Michael	A.	Lofaro
Apr.	12,	Thurs.....1:00	      .	7	
                              P      Black	Fuzzies	and	Other	Creatures	of	the	Smokies	-	Frances	Hensley	
Apr.	12,	Thurs.....2:30	      .	7	
                              P      Fitness,	Fun	and	Food	-	Missy	Kane**
Apr.	17,	Tues .......1:00	    .	8	
                              P      The	Future	of	Newspapers	-	Jack	McElroy	
Apr.	17,	Tues .......2:30	    .	8	
                              P      Moneyball:	Winning	by	Challenging	the	Status	Quo	-	Dr.	Kenneth	Gilbert
                             .	8	
Apr.	19,	Thurs.....12	noon		 P       Field	Trip:	New	Hope	Center	Museum	and	Secret	City	tour	guided	by	Ray	Smith
Apr.	24,	Tues .......1:00	    .	8	
                              P      Living	Clean	and	Green:	Urban	Wildlife	Program	-	Kara	Remington
Apr.	24,	Tues .......2:00     .
                              P8     Ice Cream Social

**Joint	Meeting	with	Office	on	Aging
BONUS FIELD TRIP:	Backstage	tour	of	the	Tennessee	Theatre.	Date	and	time	to	be	announced	during	spring	semester.

2      Seniors for Creative Learning
                                                                                                                                         SPRING 2012
Thursday, March 1                                                                   is	a	professor	in	the	UT	Geography	Department.	With	special	interests	in	
Get out Alive: Protecting Your Family From Fire                                     European	cities	to	the	European	Union,	he	has	taught	his	department’s	
Speaker: Larry Wilder                                                               Geography of Europe course for many years.
1:00 PM
                                      Larry Wilder will provide an overview         Tuesday, March 6
                                      of fire prevention in the home                Mineral and Fossil Occurrences in East Tennessee
                                      and provide tips on developing                Speakers: Karen Frankhouser and Dr. Robert Lauf
                                      a successful escape strategy. He              2:30 PM
                                      is a fire prevention specialist for                                              Many	 interesting	 fossils	 and	 minerals	
                                      Knox	 County	 Fire	 Bureau,	 and	 will	                                          can be found in East Tennessee and
                                      discuss resources available to the                                               surrounding areas. In most cases,
                                      community.	 Mr.	 Wilder	 received	 his	                                          specimens can be found along the roadside
                                      B.S.	 from	 University	 of	 Kentucky,	                                           or with minimal digging. Examples from
                                      Lexington and has worked for Rural                                               six different locales will be presented with a
                                      Metro	for	14	years	and	is	a	licensed	                                            brief description of what these specimens
                                      emergency medical technician in                                                  tell about the local geology, including fossil
                                      the state of Tennessee with multiple                                             coral (Byrdstown, Tenn.); Pennsylvanian-
certifications. He decided it was time to stop fighting fires and start teaching                                       age	 swamp	 plants	 (Windrock	 Mountain,	
which he loves.                                                                                                        Tenn.);	geodes	(Dale	Hollow	Lake,	Tenn.,	
                                                                                                                       and	Green	River,	Ky.);	and	quartz	crystals	
Thursday, March 1                                                                   (Douglas	Lake,	Tenn.).	As	a	member	of	the	Knoxville	Gem	&	Mineral	
MEDIC Regional Blood Center: YOUR Community Blood Bank                              Society,	Karen	Frankhouser	has	been	collecting	minerals	and	fossils	in	this	
Speaker: Christi Fightmaster                                                        area for over eight years. She is currently writing an article on the fossils of
2:30 PM                                                                             Coon	Creek,	Tenn.	Dr.	Robert	Lauf	is	a	materials	scientist	who	has	written	
Ms.	Fightmaster	will	give	us	a	presentation	overview	on	MEDIC	Regional	 eleven books on radioactive minerals, the polymorphs of titania and the
Blood Center - from recruitment to transfusion. We will also take a look systematic mineralogy of silicate minerals.
into	 the	 history	 of	 how	 and	 why	 MEDIC	 was	 created	 and	 discuss	 the	
current	challenges	in	a	changing	social	climate.	Ms.	Fightmaster	earned	 Thursday, March 8
a	B.A.	in	Communications	from	Maryville	College	and	has	been	MEDIC’s	 The Changing Face of the Holy Land
Director	 of	 Public	 Relations	 for	 the	 past	 seven	 years.	 Prior	 to	 joining	 Speaker: Dr. Paul Rader
MEDIC,	she	was	Vice	President	of	Marketing/Communications	for	Asbury,	 1:00 PM
Inc. – a group of continuing care retirement communities affiliated with Dr.	Paul	Rader	will	share	the	history	of	conflicts	in	the	Holy	Land	and	
the	Holston	Conference	of	the	United	Methodist	Church.		                            discuss	current	tensions	between	Israel	and	Palestine.	Dr.	Rader,	associate	
                                                                                    minister	 at	 First	 Presbyterian	 Church,	 Knoxville,	 is	 a	 graduate	 of	 both	
Tuesday, March 6                                                                    Union	and	Columbia	Theological	Seminaries.	He	has	taught	at	Maryville	
The European Union: Where Does It Go From Here?                                     College	and	was	the	director	of	the	Coalition	of	Appalachian	Ministries	and	
Speaker: Dr. Ron Foresta                                                            has	traveled	with	the	Presbyterian	Church	USA	to	the	Holy	Land,	Europe	
1:00 PM                                                                             and	Latin	American	countries.	
                                   The	European	Union	is	one	of	Europe’s	
                                   finest achievements. It has overseen the Thursday, March 8
                                   greatest period of peace and well-being in Senior Health and Legal Issues
                                   the continent’s history; an achievement Speaker: Kelly Frere
                                   that appears even more remarkable when 2:30 PM
                                   considering the decades that preceded its This program will present the most up-to-date information on options
                                   formation. Now the Euro crisis has struck, for	paying	for	long-term	care,	making	Powers	of	Attorney	user	friendly,	
                                   seemingly out of nowhere, and threatens the legal definition of mental incapacity and other legal issues that directly
                                   not only to sink the common currency impact	seniors.	Kelly	Frere	is	a	certified	Elder	Law	Attorney,	and	a	partner	
                                   but also to tear apart the union itself. How in	 the	 law	 firm	 of	 Guyton	 &	 Frere	 which	 has	 been	 assisting	 seniors	
                                   did this crisis happen? What does it mean since	1986.	She	is	a	peer-inducted	member	of	the	Council	of	Advanced	
                                   for Europe’s future? What do Europe’s Practitioners	of	the	National	Academy	of	Elder	Law	Attorneys,	an	adviser	to	
                                   financial problems have to do with ours? various	senior	groups	and	organizations	and	the	Professor	of	Elder	Law	at	
                                   We’ll	try	to	sort	all	this	out.		Dr.	Foresta	 the	University	of	Tennessee	College	of	Law.
                                                                                                                         Seniors for Creative Learning             3
Tuesday, March 13                                                                  Thursday, March 15
East Tennessee Historical Society                                                  Theatre Costuming
Speaker: Lisa Oakley                                                               Speaker: Marianne Custer
1:00 PM                                                                            1:00 PM
For	more	than	175	years,	the	East	Tennessee	Historical	Society	(ETHS)	has	                                                                 Marianne	 Custer	 will	
helped	East	Tennesseans	hold	on	to	their	unique	heritage	by	recording	                                                                     describe the art and
events and stories and collecting artifacts for its world-class museum                                                                     craft of a costumer
collection. Educational outreach, scholarly publications, engaging lecture                                                                 which         usually
series	 and	 heritage	 programs,	 such	 as	 First	 Families	 of	 Tennessee	 are	                                                           involves researching,
hallmarks of ETHS. This presentation will introduce us to ETHS and                                                                         designing         and
its	 Museum	 of	 East	 Tennessee	 History	 which	 are	 housed	 in	 the	 East	                                                              building           the
Tennessee	History	Center	on	Gay	Street.	Ms.	Oakley,	Curator	of	Education,	                                                                 actual items from
East Tennessee Historical Society, is responsible for all aspects of student                                                               conception. Her
and teacher programming offered through the East Tennessee Historical              presentation will consist of sketches and production photos of costumes
Society. Responsibilities include development, promotion and supervision           she designed in Knoxville and elsewhere. Professor Custer is resident
of education programs, such as interactive exhibit activities for students         costume	designer	for	the	UT	Theatre	Department	and	Clarence	Brown	
and award winning teacher workshops and institutes. She received her               Theatre	 in	 Knoxville	 and	 Head	 of	 the	 MFA	 Design	 Program	 at	 The	
B.A.	in	history	from	the	University	of	Tennessee	and	holds	an	M.A.	in	             University	 of	 Tennessee.	 Her	 design	 credits	 include	 Broadway,	 regional	
history	with	an	emphasis	in	historic	preservation	from	Middle	Tennessee	           theatre,	the	Municipal	Theatre	of	Istanbul,	Theatre	Les	Halles,	Avignon,	
State	University.                                                                  France	and	the	National	Theatres	of	Germany	and	Hungary.		In	2009,	her	
                                                                                   designs	for	ALICE,	an	adaptation	of	Louis	Carrolls’s	Alice in Wonderland
Tuesday, March 13                                                                  at	 the	 Roundhouse	 Theatre,	 earned	 her	 the	 Helen	 Hayes	 Award	 for	
The History of Market Square                                                       Outstanding	Costume	Design.	She	is	the	recipient	of	the	Thomas	Jefferson	
Speaker: Jack Neely                                                                Prize	 for	 Excellence	 in	 Research	 and	 the	 Cunningham	 Award	 for	
2:30 PM                                                                            Excellence in Teaching.
                                                                 Mr.	 Neely’s	
                                                                 presentation      Thursday, March 15
                                                                 will be about     UT Botanical Gardens: A Gardener’s Resource
                                                                 his      book     Speaker: Dr. Susan Hamilton
                                                                 written on        2:30 PM
                                                                 the 160-year                                                               The	 UT	 Botanical	
                                                                 history     of                                                             Gardens is the
                                                                 Market	Square.	                                                            home gardener’s
                                                                 He’ll describe                                                             untapped
                                                                 its unusual                                                                resource. There
                                                                 political and                                                              are many varieties
racial	diversity	as	well	as	its	economic	activity.	The	Square	is	coming	back	to	                                                            of herbs and
resemble what it was 100 years ago and we will hear why one of the oldest                                                                   plants grown in
places in Knoxville is still the best place to find the “new.” Jack Neely is an                                                             the Gardens where
author, historian and associate editor for Metro Pulse. He has authored                                                                     many lectures
seven books, the most recent of which are Knoxville: This Obscure                                                                           and educational
Prismatic City and Market Square: A History of the Most Democratic                                                                          programs are
Place on Earth – now in its second edition. He has also worked as a                presented. Come learn how you can benefit from their research and
consultant and project writer for various historical and cultural projects         programs.	 Dr.	 Hamilton,	 Director	 of	 UT	 Gardens,	 has	 worked	 for	 the	
including the BBC’s 1995 and 2007 audio documentaries about James                  Department	of	Plant	Sciences	within	the	UT	Institute	of	Agriculture	since	
Agee	 and	 Knoxville’s	 live	 broadcast	 of	 “A	 Prairie	 Home	 Companion”	        1983	 and	 served	 as	 Interim	 Director	 of	 the	 Gardens	 since	 July	 2008.	
(1999).	Mr.	Neely	has	won	numerous	awards	from	the	East	Tennessee	                 She	 specializes	 in	 herbaceous	 ornamental	 plants	 and	 people-plant	
chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. He’s also been honored         relationships, earned her bachelor’s degree in Horticulture from the
by the East Tennessee Historical Society, Knox Heritage, EW Scripps                University	 of	 Tennessee	 in	 1980	 and	 received	 her	 master’s	 degree	 in	
newspapers,	UT	Press,	the	Tennessee	Library	Association	and	the	National	          Horticulture	from	The	Ohio	State	University	in	1983.	She	later	returned	to	
Association	of	Alternative	Newsweeklies.                                           Tennessee	and	earned	her	doctoral	degree	in	Adult	Education.

4      Seniors for Creative Learning
                                                                                                                                    SPRING 2012
Tuesday, March 20                                                                 of the most prominent in the southeast. Ed Hooper is an author, historian
Emerald Youth Foundation                                                          and freelance journalist. He has written five books on Knoxville history,
Speaker: Steve Diggs                                                              works as a military affairs and national security columnist for the History
1:00 PM                                                                           News Service being published in such newspapers as the Washington Post,
                                                          The focus of this talk Los Angeles Times and the Atlanta Journal Constitution.
                                                          will be on Emerald
                                                          Youth’s response Thursday March 22
                                                          with helping older city Adventure on the French Broad River in Search of the Great
                                                          youth transition well Indian Warpath Crossing
                                                          into young adulthood Speaker: Robert Jarnagin
with special emphasis on their placements in the faith community, the 2:30 PM
workforce	and	servant	leadership	roles	in	their	communities.	Steve	Diggs	                                                               During	 the	 early	
is	 a	 Maryville	 College	 alumnus	 and	 has	 served	 as	 Executive	 Director	                                                          pioneer migration
of	 Emerald	 Youth	 Foundation	 since	 its	 inception	 which	 began	 as	 an	                                                            route      westward,
outreach	 of	 Emerald	 Avenue	 United	 Methodist	 Church.	 His	 affiliations	                                                           the Great Indian
include	Holston	Conference	United	Methodist	Church;	Bishop’s	Initiative	                                                                Warpath Trail was
on	Children	and	Poverty;	Project	GRAD	Executive	Committee;	Knoxville	                                                                   used for thousands
Falcons	 Youth	 Athletics	 Board	 Member	 and	 Coach;	 and	 Fulton	 High	                                                               of years by the Native
School	Foundation.	                                                                                                                     Americans	 and	
                                                                                                                                        played a major role as
Tuesday, March 20                                                                                                                       a passageway through
Space Exploration Continues                                                                                                             the	 Appalachian	
Speaker: Paul Lewis                                                                                                                     mountain chain. The
2:30 PM                                                                                                                                 speaker	 will	 utilize	
                                                          Although	 manned	                                                             historical documents
                                                          space exploration has                                                         discovered at the
                                                          ceased, we still have                                                         Jefferson County
                                                          many interesting                                                              Courthouse along
                                                          unmanned projects                                                             with photos from a
                                                          underway which have                                                           canoe trip down the
                                                          huge scientific impact. French	 Broad	 River	 and	 Google	 Earth	 images	 during	 his	 presentation	
                                                          Mr.	Lewis	will	discuss	 about the Warpath route and its significance. Robert Jarnagin is a historian
                                                          these experiments for	Jefferson	County	and	resides	in	Dandridge	and	his	Jefferson	County	
and their scientific implications and presents this information in a most roots	extend	back	to	1783.	He	graduated	from	Wake	Forest	University	in	
informative	and	entertaining	manner.	Many	of	these	unmanned	space	 1976 and has since worked in the family insurance agency business. He is
craft are exploring new frontiers and changing our concepts in many known	for	his	entertaining	guided	walking	tours	of	the	Dandridge	Historic	
significant	 areas.	 Mr.	 Lewis	 is	 the	 director	 of	 Space	 Science	 Outreach	 District.
for	the	UT	Dept.	of	Physics.	He	came	to	the	University	of	Tennessee	in	
1987 to develop an astronomical observing program for undergraduate Tuesday, March 27
astronomy students. His awards include two Chancellor’s Citations for The Arts & Culture Community of Greater Knoxville
Extraordinary	 Community	 Service	 from	 UT	 and	 the	 Civil	 Air	 Patrol’s	 Speaker: Lisa Zenni
Brewer	 Award,	 which	 recognizes	 individuals	 and	 organizations	 which	 1:00 PM
have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of youth in Lisa	Zenni	will	present	two	videos:	one	covering	the	impact	of	the	rich	
aerospace activities.                                                             diversity of local art and culture on our community; and the other, telling
                                                                                  the history of Knoxville and the State of Tennessee through the “eyes” of
Thursday March 22                                                                 six	of	Knoxville’s	historic	homes.	Liza	Zenni	is	a	native	of	Oak	Ridge	and	  	
Portrayal of Knoxville: Its People and Institutions                               is	a	graduate	of	Brigham	Young	University	and	the	School	of	Drama	at	
Speaker: Ed Hooper                                                                Yale	University.	She	served	as	the	executive	director	of	Theatre	Bay	Area,	
1:00 PM                                                                           the	largest	regional	arts	service	organization	in	the	country	and	has	been	
This program will be the portrayal of the city of Knoxville through the the	executive	director	of	the	Arts	&	Culture	Alliance	of	Greater	Knoxville	
photographs	of	Ed	Hooper’s	five-book	series	from	Arcadia	Publishing.	It	will	 since 2002.
showcase, the people, companies and institutions that made the city one
                                                                                                                     Seniors for Creative Learning           5
Tuesday, March 27                                                                 currently	an	adjunct	member	of	the	History	Department	at	the	University	
Doing What Comes Naturally                                                        of	Tennessee	and	is	the	Executive	Director	of	Blount	Mansion.
Speaker: Carol Evans
2:30 PM                                                                           Thursday, March 29
                                             The East Tennessee region is         Craft and Creativity into the Digital World
                                             blessed with natural beauty          Speaker: Don Ansley
                                             – and a rich history. Legacy         2:30 PM
                                             Parks	 Foundation	 is	 a	 non-       Don	 Ansley,	 whose	 studio	 is	 part	 design,	 part	 engineering	 office	 and	
                                             profit	 organization	 working	 to	   part fabrication shop, will share his experiences and lessons learned in
                                             assure that our community            applying	 modern	 technology	 to	 arts	 and	 crafts.	 A	 skilled	 craftsman	 in	
                                             enjoys exceptional recreational      wood, metal and composite building methods; he has also held positions
                                             opportunities, natural beauty        in project management, operations, marketing and general management.
                                             and open spaces, and that those      In	recent	years,	he	has	concentrated	on	applying	3D	computer	modeling	
                                             assets exist for generations to      tools to the interior outfitting of large motor yachts. He is currently
                                             come. The mission is to bridge       exploring the challenges and opportunities made possible by computers
                                             the gap between the services         and numerically controlled fabrication methods.
and amenities afforded by government funding and those that allow us
to take full advantage of the incredible natural resources of our region.         Tuesday, April 3
The	 program	 will	 discuss	 the	 work	 of	 the	 Foundation,	 the	 need	 and	     The Real Me: Exploring Identity Through Art
opportunities related to protecting and preserving our natural assets and         Speaker: Dr. Carl Gombert
positioning Knoxville as an outdoor recreation destination. Carol Evans           1:00 PM
brings over 20 years experience in marketing, public relations and event          We all send “signals” about what kind of persons we are, and, we all
management	to	the	leadership	position	of	the	Legacy	Parks	Foundation.	            respond	 to	 signals	 sent	 by	 others.	 In	 “The	 Real	 Me’”	 artist,	 Dr.	 Carl	
Her prior experience includes establishing corporate marketing initiatives        Gombert explores this idea using a group of 25 self portraits from people
for the Scripps Networks and developing marketing and fundraising                 of different races, ethnicities and occupations. This series has been shown
campaigns for multiple clients and has worked with several public                 widely across the country to audiences of all ages. He will talk about how
relations	firms.	She	served	as	the	first	marketing	director	for	the	UT	Lady	      the	work	has	fulfilled	both	artistic	and	educational	goals.	Dr.	Gombert	
Vols and led the marketing and communications efforts of the Knoxville            began his painting lessons at the age of 14 with money he earned
Area	Chamber	Partnership	and	the	Dogwood	Arts	Festival.	She	holds	a	              delivering	newspapers.	He	earned	a	B.F.A.	in	Drawing	from	the	University	
B.A.	in	communications	from	the	University	of	Georgia	and	a	M.S.	in	              of	Akron	and	a	M.F.A.	in	painting	from	Kent	State	University.		He	worked	as	
education	from	the	University	of	Tennessee.	                                      a	stagehand	before	pursuing	a	Ph.D.	in	interdisciplinary	fine	arts	at	Texas	
                                                                                  Tech	University.	He	has	exhibited	in	more	than	150	shows	throughout	the	
Thursday, March 29                                                                country, and since 1993 has taught painting, drawing and art history at
Governor William Blount’s Mansion                                                 Maryville	College	in	Tennessee.
Speaker: Dr. Patricia Brake Rutenberg
1:00 PM                                                                           Tuesday, April 3
                                                President           George        Scripps Networks Interactive: Engaging Audiences
                                                Washington appointed              and Enriching Lives
                                                William Blount Governor           Speaker: Rennie Leon
                                                of the Territory of the           2:30 PM
                                                United	States	South	of	the	                                                           The plans were first
                                                Ohio River. Blount chose                                                              drawn on the back of
                                                to build his mansion in                                                               a cocktail napkin – a
                                                Knoxville near the location       cable network devoted to everything about the home, inspired by a media
                                                where he signed the Treaty        executive laboring through his third home renovation. This simple concept
                                                of the Holston. Built in          ultimately expanded into a suite of the most popular lifestyle brands in
                                                1792, Blount’s Knoxville          television,	realized	here	in	Knoxville.	Since	launching	HGTV	in	1994,	Ken	
mansion served as the territorial capitol and as a family home. The               Lowe’s idea has evolved into six powerful brands that deliver relevant
speaker will give a PowerPoint presentation on the Blount family life on the      ideas, information and solutions to help viewers lead better lives. Together
frontier	and	the	founding	of	the	state	of	Tennessee.	Dr.	Rutenberg	spent	         they comprise Scripps Networks Interactive, the leader in lifestyle media
her career teaching high school and college level history. In 2011, she was       across the home, food, travel and country music categories. Rennie Leon
named	National	History	Day	“Tennessee	Teacher	of	the	Year”	and	she	is	            serves as marketing manager in the corporate communications group for

6      Seniors for Creative Learning
                                                                                                                                   SPRING 2012
Scripps Networks Interactive. Prior to joining Scripps, he served as director     Tuesday, April 10
of marketing and communications for the Tennessee Smokies. He also                Using the McClung Collection for Genealogy
worked in various marketing roles for national marketing agencies. He is          Speaker: Steve Cotham
a	graduate	of	California	State	University,	Fullerton,	where	he	earned	a	B.S.	     1:00 PM
in international business, emphasis in Spanish.                                   The	McClung	collection	has	records	and	other	material	for	all	of	East	
                                                                                  Tennessee. This program will describe the assets and resources available
Thursday, April 5                                                                 and will provide some basic pointers for researching a family history.
The Cost of Green Energy                                                          Steve	Cotham	is	a	graduate	of	the	University	of	Tennessee,	Knoxville.	He	
Speaker: Dr. Tom Bogart                                                           has	Bachelors	and	Masters	degrees	in	History	and	a	Masters	in	Library	
1:00 PM                                                                           Science,	and	has	been	manager	of	the	McClung	Collection	for	the	Knox	
Government intervention in attempting to support green technology is an           County Library System for 25 years.
effort of staggering complexity and scale, such a policy using borrowed
money would be the height of irresponsibility. There will be significant          Tuesday, April 10
opportunities to develop new energy sources, new industries and new               Witty, Sexy, and Wise: The Many Faces of Benjamin Franklin
jobs in the future. Just as has been true for all human history thus far, a       Speaker: Dr. Michael A. Lofaro
market-based discovery process will do a far better job of developing those       2:30 PM
energy sources, industries and jobs than could a series of mandates and                                       This presentation focuses on the many
subsidies	based	on	imperfect	information	and	faulty	assumptions.	Dr.	                                         facets	 of	 Ben	 Franklin’s	 career,	 especially	
William	(Tom)	Bogart	is	the	eleventh	president	of	Maryville	College,	having	                                  his humor, to explode the stereotype of
assumed his duties on July 1, 2010. He previously served from 2002 to                                         Franklin	as	the	“first	apostle	of	frugality	and	
2010	as	Dean	of	academic	affairs	at	York	College	of	Pennsylvania	and	as	                                      the	 patron	 saint	 of	 savings	 accounts.”	 Dr.	
a	member	of	the	economics	faculty	at	Case	Western	Reserve	University	                                         Michael	A.	Lofaro	is	Lindsay	Young	Professor	
from	1990	to	2002.	Dr.	Bogart	holds	a	B.A.	degree	in	economics	and	                                           of	American	Literature	and	American	Cultural	
mathematical	sciences	from	Rice	University	and	a	Ph.D.	in	economics	                                          Studies	at	the	University	of	Tennessee.	He	is	
from	Princeton	University.	He	has	published	three	books:	The Economics                                        an	internationally	recognized	scholar	who	has	
of Cities and Suburbs, Don’t Call it Sprawl: Metropolitan Structure in            published	a	dozen	books	and	over	eighty	articles	on	areas	ranging	from	
the Twenty-first Century and The False Promise of Green Energy.                   early	exploration	and	discovery	of	the	Americas,	to	frontier	heroes	such	as	
                                                                                  Boone	and	Crockett,	to	literary	figures	such	as	James	Agee.
Thursday, April 5
Digging Into Our Civil War Past                                                   Thursday, April 12
Speaker: Dr. Joan Markel                                                          Black Fuzzies and Other Creatures of the Great Smoky Mountains
2:30 PM                                                                           Speaker: Frances Thomson Hensley
                                                           Not all Civil War      1:00 PM
                                                           sites in Knoxville                                                        Frances	 Hensley	 of	
                                                           exist solely in                                                           The Great Smoky
                                                           history books.                                                            Mountains	 National	
                                                           Many	 physical	                                                           Park will give a
                                                           remnants of the                                                           presentation based on
                                                           punishing time                                                            her experience as a
                                                           are still with us if                                                      field guide, counselor
                                                           you know where                                                            and educator for the
                                                           to look. Recently,                                                        Park Service in the
                                                           several important                                                         Smoky	Mountains.	She	
sites	have	been	scientifically	studied	by	archaeologists.	Dr.	Markel,	who	has	                                                       has artifacts including
been involved with this work both as client and curator, will discuss what        skins, skulls and other items to illustrate her talk and tells stories of
has been found and what has been learned by digging into the past. She is         her	experiences	as	a	guide	on	the	trails,	especially,	with	black	bears.	Ms.	
an archaeologist and educator working with the Outreach Program of the            Hensley was born and raised in the mountains of East Tennessee. She is
Frank	H.	McClung	Museum	of	the	University	of	Tennessee.	She	received	             a	graduate	of	the	University	of	Arkansas	and	has	been	a	teacher	until	her	
her	B.A.	in	Anthropology	from	the	University	of	Rochester,	a	M.A.	of	Library	     retirement in 1998. She has traveled and studied wildlife extensively in
Science	from	Indiana	University,	and	a	Masters	and	Ph.D.	in	Anthropology	         the	U.S.,	Europe,	Mexico	and	Brazil.	Frances	lives	with	her	husband	in	
from	the	University	at	Buffalo.                                                   their mountain home “Sawbriar” which is adjacent to the National Park
                                                                                  in Gatlinburg.
                                                                                                                    Seniors for Creative Learning           7
Thursday, April 12                                                                    the faculty in 1980. He has published numerous articles in leading
Joint Meeting with Office on Aging                                                    journals and teaches regularly in the doctoral seminar in supply chain
Fitness, Fun and Food                                                                 dynamics,	the	UT	executive	MBA	program,	and	the	MBA/IE	dual	degree	
Speaker: Missy Kane                                                                   program	in	Manufacturing	Management.	He	also	plays	a	mean	guitar	
2:30 PM,                                                                              and	banjo	in	the	UT	School	of	Business	rock	and	roll	band,	Air Supply
Olympian	and	fitness	expert	Missy	Kane	will	give	us	tips	and	show	us	                 Chain.
ways to get fit and have fun while losing a few pounds. She will be joined
by	dieticians	from	Food	City	who	will	explain	the	best	way	to	read	food	              Thursday April 19
labels easily through the NuVal system in order to make healthy food                  Field Trip: New Hope Center Museum and Secret City tour
choices.	Missy	is	the	Health	Promotions	Coordinator	for	Covenant	Health,	             Departure from the O’Connor Center at Noon and return
competed	in	the	1984	Olympics	in	Los	Angeles	and	was	inducted	into	the	               at 4:00 p.m.
Knoxville	Sports	Hall	of	Fame	in	1996.		Her	exercise	show,	Fit and Fun                The	trip	will	consist	of	a	tour	of	the	Y-12	History	Museum	and	a	bus	tour	
with Missy Kane can be seen on East Tennessee Public TV.                              of the Y-12 facility with insightful commentary by Historian Ray Smith.
                                                                                      With	40	years	of	experience	at	Y-12,	Mr.	Smith	has	developed	extensive	
Tuesday, April 17                                                                     knowledge of the heritage of Y-12’s history. Having served for 16 years
The Future of Newspapers                                                              in ever increasing levels of management responsibility, he has learned
Speaker: Jack McElroy                                                                 all the buildings on the site and their history. He has co-produced the
1:00 PM                                                                               highly acclaimed Secret City	DVD	set	that	has	become	the	definitive	
                                          Electronic media has established            history of Oak Ridge. He has also produced several Y-12 History videos
                                          an entire new world of how news             and has written six books in addition to publishing the weekly Oak Ridge
                                          is distributed and even treated. It         newspaper history column, Historically Speaking, and the weekly Y-12
                                          is placing tremendous pressure              history column.
                                          on traditional or “old media”
                                          including the most basic issue              Tuesday, April 24
                                          of	survival.	Jack	McElroy,	Editor,	         Living Clean and Green: Urban Wildlife Program
                                          Knoxville News Sentinel will                Speaker: Kara Remington
share how the newspaper industry and his paper are addressing this                    1:00 PM
threat.	 Mr.	 McElroy	 received	 a	 Bachelors	 in	 English	 and	 a	 Masters	                                      Come learn about all the different wildlife
in	 Management	 from	 The	 University	 of	 Arizona.	 He	 worked	 at	 the	                                         that lives around us – what animals are
Albuquerque	Tribune	and	Denver’s	Rocky	Mountain	News.	He	won	the	                                                 doing well and which ones are having
Pulitzer	Prize	for	his	coverage	of	the	Columbine	High	School	shooting.	      	                                    trouble! Kara Remington will reveal how
In	November	2001,	Mr.	McElroy	was	appointed	Editor	of	the	Knoxville                                               our actions affect animals and how they
News Sentinel which is currently celebrating 125 years of service to the                                          affect us. She will also talk about how to
community.                                                                                                        help wildlife and what to do if you have
                                                                                                                  an	animal	problem.	Ms.	Remington	is	an	
Tuesday, April 17                                                                                                 educator/naturalist	at	Ijams	Nature	Center.	
Moneyball: Winning by Challenging the Status Quo                                                                  She is a Knoxville native, a graduate of
Speaker: Dr. Kenneth Gilbert                                                          Appalachian	State	University	with	a	degree	in	Environmental	Biology,	
2:30 PM                                                                               and has been working at Ijams for 8 years.
The	UT	Business	Analytics	Department	believes	that	businesses	in	the	
21st	 Century	 will	 win	 by	 learning	 to	 ask	 the	 right	 questions,	 by	 using	              Tuesday, April 24
data	–	not	conventional	wisdom	–	to	answer	these	questions,	and	by	                              2:00 PM
communicating in a language everyone can understand. The book and                                Ice Cream Social
movie, Moneyball, will be used to show how the poorest team in baseball                          Come join the fun and get to know your fellow SCL
became	one	of	the	winningest	in	history	by	applying	these	principals.	Dr.	                       members.
Kenneth	Gilbert	is	the	department	head	of	the	UT	School	of	Business	                             FREE	ICE	CREAM	and	CAKE!		WHAT	A	DEAL!!!!
Department	of	Statistics,	Operations	and	Management	Science.	He	joined	

                                                                     BONUS Field Trip!!!
                                             Backstage tour of the Tennessee Theatre with Dr. Bill Snyder.
                                               Date and time to be announced during Spring Semester.
8      Seniors for Creative Learning
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