Family and Friends Meeting Outline by JarrellRoot


									                           Family and Friends Meeting Outline
Adult family and friends of girls are a valuable resource. Every troop, every year should begin with a
Family and Friends Network Meeting. This is particularly true for new troops where troop volunteers and
families need to meet to get to know each other and each others’ expectations. This meeting should be
more than just an information session, but a tool to build an important piece of the troop’s support network
by asking family and friends how they can support their girl and the troop. For further information
regarding Family and Friends Meetings, refer to the Daisy, Brownie or Junior Journey Adult Guides.

Preparing for the Family and Friends Meeting:
The goal of the meeting is to give basic information about Girl Scouting and the troop, guide the
families/friends to complete necessary paperwork, and to request a firm commitment of the
families/friends time to benefit and support the troop.

1. Set a meeting time and location.
   Setting the meeting location at the same place and time as the troop meeting will allow girls and
   adults to become comfortable with the meeting space and the volunteer team.
2. Before the meeting, meet with the members of the Troop Volunteer Team to agree on:
   - When/where troop will meet?
   - Who will take on what volunteer role?
   - What types of roles/responsibilities would you like other Family and Friends members to take on?
   - Who will work with the girls and who will talk to parents during the meeting?
   - What is the meeting agenda and all items needing to be discussed/decide upon?
   - Who will bring items needed for the meeting (forms, etc)?
3. Invite all the adults and girls to the meeting.
   Some troops have an adult only meeting, but if you can arrange to have at least two troop volunteers
   at the meeting, one can work with the adults while the other plays “get to know you games” with the
   girls. It’s great if adults can see girls and troop volunteers interacting and having fun together, as this
   allows the trust between volunteers, girls and families to grow.
4. During the meeting be sure to:
   - Introduce the Troop Volunteer Team and family/friends attending
   - Focusing on the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, give a brief overview of Girl Scouts
   - State the day/time/location of meetings
   - Create a group agreement about expectations of girl attendance, tardiness, illness and being on
        time for pickup
   - Discuss uniforms, membership dues, meeting dues and money earning activities (families should
        have input on how much is reasonable for dues and money earning activities)
   - Complete the Annual Girl Permission Form and Membership Form(s) if needed
5. Introduce the concept of working in a team to support the girls and the troop.
   Consider doing a brainstorming exercise similar to the one you did in GSEM Orientation. Ask the
   family and friends to brainstorm their knowledge/skills/abilities/personal attributes. Then brainstorm
   how they can use those skills to help support the open responsibilities of the troop.
   - Invite adults to join the team (adults can come to one meeting, but after that they must register for
        Girl Scouts and complete a CORI Request Form).

    -   Present what roles within the troop aren’t filled yet and see who would like to help with them
    -   Offer a variety of ways to support the troop from home – such as writing a newsletter, sending
        emails, or shopping for supplies.
    -   Ask for specific help, “I noticed you are an accountant. Would you support the troop by managing
        our checkbook?”
    -   Keep asking! A person with no time today, may have time next month.

                                                                                                8/17/09 Final
Dear Family and Friends of Troop ________,

We’re very excited to begin the Girl Scout troop year and for your girl to join us. We have many skills,
hobbies and ideas to share with the girls and we’re looking forward to hearing how you can also support
the troop. In Girl Scouting, it’s important that as many adults as possible come together to support our
girls. The more diverse the Volunteer Troop Team, the better the experience is for the girls. Even if you
have limited time to volunteer, it will benefit the troop.

We will be having our Family and Friends Network Meeting on ___________________________
at______________________________. Please plan to attend with your girl. We will be discussing troop
dues, uniforms, safety and meeting pick up and drop off guidelines. You will have an opportunity to meet
the Volunteer Team and fill out the necessary troop paperwork. While we are meeting, the girls will be
doing a “get to know you" activity with another volunteer.

In the meantime, here is some more helpful information:

Our first troop meeting will be_____________________ at _______________ .

While troop uniforms are not mandatory, many girls feel unified when wearing their uniforms and they are
a wonderful way to display all the girls earned awards and badges. Uniforms can be purchased in person
or at one of the three Council Shops in Middleboro, North Andover and Waltham. Or you can purchase
them online at Uniforms purchased through our council help support girl
programming, adult training and campsites throughout our council.

The troop will have regularly scheduled meetings every other ____________ at ______________ from
______pm. In the event of snow, we will follow school closings. We will not meet on holidays and school
breaks. Please be prepared to drop off and pick your girl up on time. For the health of the troop, please
do not bring your girl to troop meetings and events if she is sick or within 24 hours of an illness/fever.

Because we are a new troop, we are short on supplies. If you would like to donate the following items to
the troop it would be greatly appreciated (donations are not mandatory):
    - Crayons                                     - tape                 - Glue Sticks
    - Items for a First Aid Kit                   - Scissors             - Stickers
    - Colored paper and/or construction paper

Troop_________ is going to have a great year. When we take our plans, the girls’ ideas and your
support and put it together, we can’t miss! Looking forward to seeing you on ________________.

Thank you,

Volunteer Troop Team
(list names, phone, email)

                                                                                              8/17/09 Final

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