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07_03-Capital Goods


									Тематика        От               До          Град           Държава              Изложение
Capital Goods   19Jan            22Jan2009   Sharjah        United Arab Emirates SteelFab - Middle East Steel
Capital Goods   20Jan            24Jan2009   Damascus       Syria                MACHITECH - International M
Capital Goods   21Jan            22Jan2009   Kristianstad   Sweden               Industrimässa - Regional Ind
Capital Goods   21Jan            30Jan2009   Kuwait City    Kuwait               Kuwait Industries Exhibition
Capital Goods   17Feb            19Feb2009   Bratislava     Slovak Republic      INDUSTRY EXPO / ELEKTR
Capital Goods   24Feb            27Feb2009   Leipzig        Germany              intec - Trade Fair for Manufac
Capital Goods   24Feb            27Feb2009   Krasnoyarsk    Russia               SIBERIAN INDUSTRIAL FOR
Capital Goods   4Mar             05Mar2009   Southampton    United Kingdom       Business South - Trade and B
Capital Goods   11Mar            17Mar2009   Munich         Germany              Internationale Handwerksme
Capital Goods   18Mar            19Mar2009   Skelleftea     Sweden               Industrimässa - Regional Ind
Capital Goods   21Mar            23Mar2009   Nairobi        Kenya                KITE - Kenya International Tr
Capital Goods   28Mar            05Apr2009   Saarbrucken    Germany              Internationale Saarmesse - In
Capital Goods   31Mar            02Apr2009   Le Havre       France               CHINA EUROPA - European
Capital Goods   April 2009                   Kiev           Ukraine              PATON Expo - International I
Capital Goods   1Apr             03Apr2009   Warsaw         Poland               Expotool - International Trade
Capital Goods   9Apr             12Apr2009   Kayseri        Turkey               ENDUSTRI - International Ind
Capital Goods   15Apr            06May2009   Guangzhou      China, PR            Canton Fair - China Import an
Capital Goods   20Apr            24Apr2009   Hanover        Germany              HANNOVER MESSE - The w
Capital Goods   22Apr            23Apr2009   Skövde         Sweden               Industrimässa - Regional Ind
Capital Goods   22Apr            24Apr2009   Karlsruhe      Germany              RESALE - International Trade
Capital Goods   30Apr            04May2009   Crailsheim     Germany              Spring Exhibition
Capital Goods   May 2009                     Gaziantep      Turkey               Expo Gateway to Iraq - Intern
Capital Goods   6May             10May2009   Kuala Lumpur   Malaysia             METALTECH MALAYSIA - In
Capital Goods   13May            14May2009   Gavle          Sweden               Industrimässa - Regional Ind
Capital Goods   19May            22May2009   Vilnius        Lithuania            Balttechnika - International E
Capital Goods   21May            23May2009   Lima           Peru                 Industrial Fair for the America
Capital Goods   27May            31May2009   Damascus       Syria                SIMA Industrial Expo - Intern
Capital Goods   2Jun             05Jun2009   Durban         South Africa         KwaZulu-Natal Industrial Tec
Capital Goods   7Jun             09Jun2009   Amsterdam      Netherlands          ReMaTec - International Trad
Capital Goods   9Jun             11Jun2009   New York       USA                  Green Manufacturing Expo -
Capital Goods   11Jun            13Jun2009   Chemnitz       Germany              SIT - Saxon Trade Fair for In
Capital Goods   14Jun            17Jun2009   Amman          Jordan               JIMEX - Jordanian Internation
Capital Goods   15Jun            18Jun2009   Poznan         Poland               ITM POLAND - Innovations-T
Capital Goods   22Jun            25Jun2009   Tel Aviv       Israel               Technology - International Ex
Capital Goods   25Jun            28Jun2009   Bangkok        Thailand             Assembly Technology - Intern
Capital Goods   16Jul            19Jul2009   Dhaka          Bangladesh           MachinExpo - International M
Capital Goods   26Aug            27Aug2009   Sundsvall      Sweden               Industrimässa - Regional Ind
Capital Goods   27Aug            30Aug2009   Manila         Philippines          PDMAEC - Philippine Die and
Capital Goods   September 2009               Guangzhou      China, PR            CISMEF - China Internationa
Capital Goods   1Sep             04Sep2009   Herning        Denmark              HI Industri - Industrial and Te
Capital Goods   3Sep             06Sep2009   Mendoza        Argentina            Expo Metalmecánica - Exhibi
Capital Goods   12Sep            20Sep2009   Klagenfurt     Austria              Klagenfurter Herbstmesse - F
Capital Goods   22Sep            24Sep2009   Chicago        USA                  Green Manufacturing Expo -
Capital Goods   22Sep           25Sep2009   St. Petersburg   Russia            PROMEXPO - RUSSIAN MA
Capital Goods   23Sep           24Sep2009   Vaxjo            Sweden            Industrimässa - Regional Ind
Capital Goods   24Sep           27Sep2009   Manila           Philippines       MANUFACTURING TECHNO
Capital Goods   25Sep           03Oct2009   Windhoek         Namibia           WINDHOEK SHOW - Windh
Capital Goods   October 2009                Tashkent         Uzbekistan        Machinery Central Asia - Cen
Capital Goods   6Oct            10Oct2009   Zenica           Bosnia            ZEPS GENERAL B&H FAIR
Capital Goods   7Oct            08Oct2009   Malmo            Sweden            Industrimässa - Regional Ind
Capital Goods   17Oct           25Oct2009   Luxembourg       Luxembourg        Foire d'Automne - Luxembou
Capital Goods   November 2009               Changwon         Korea, Republic   PLANTECH - International In
Capital Goods   November 2009               Kiev             Ukraine           Standards and Quality - Spec
Capital Goods   November 2009               Ekaterinburg     Russia            Industry Expo - International
Capital Goods   5Nov            06Nov2009   Östersund        Sweden            Industrimässa - Regional Ind
Capital Goods   18Nov           20Nov2009   Tallinn          Estonia           INSTRUTEC - Tallinn Interna
Capital Goods   24Nov           27Nov2009   Kiev             Ukraine           International Industrial Forum
Capital Goods   25Nov           26Nov2009   Lulea            Sweden            Industrimässa - Regional Ind
Capital Goods   2Dec            05Dec2009   Jakarta          Indonesia         MANUFACTURING INDONE
SteelFab - Middle East Steel Working Industry Trade Fair
MACHITECH - International Machinery and Machinery Equipment Fair
Industrimässa - Regional Industrial Fair
Kuwait Industries Exhibition
INDUSTRY EXPO / ELEKTRO EXPO - International Fair - New Industrial Technologies, Materials and Equipment / Electrical Engineering,
intec - Trade Fair for Manufacturing, Tool and Special-purpose Machine Construction
SIBERIAN INDUSTRIAL FORUM - Trade Fair of Technology, Machinery and Equipment for all Industrial Sectors
Business South - Trade and Business Exhibition
Internationale Handwerksmesse - IHM PROFI - Trade Fair for Technology, Workshop, Tools / IHM PRIVAT - Trade Fair for Your Personal
Industrimässa - Regional Industrial Fair
KITE - Kenya International Trade Exhibition
Internationale Saarmesse - International Saar Fair
CHINA EUROPA - European Trade Fair for Chinese Market - Sustainable Urban Development
PATON Expo - International Industrial Exhibitions
Expotool - International Trade Fair for Machine Tools, Tools, Metalworking, Manufacturing Technologies and Welding
ENDUSTRI - International Industry Fair
Canton Fair - China Import and Export Fair
HANNOVER MESSE - The world's most important technology event
Industrimässa - Regional Industrial Fair
RESALE - International Trade Fair for Used Machinery and Equipment
Spring Exhibition
Expo Gateway to Iraq - International Fair
METALTECH MALAYSIA - International Metalworking Exhibition
Industrimässa - Regional Industrial Fair
Balttechnika - International Exhibition for Innovation, Energy, Electrical Engineering, New Technologies, Equipment, Components, Ecology
Industrial Fair for the Americas
SIMA Industrial Expo - International Industrial Exhibition
KwaZulu-Natal Industrial Technology Exhibition
ReMaTec - International Trade Fair for Remanufacturing (Automotive, Agriculture, Marine, Heavy Duty, Industrial Engines / Parts)
Green Manufacturing Expo - Exhibition
SIT - Saxon Trade Fair for Industry and Technology
JIMEX - Jordanian International Machines and Electro-Mechanical Equipment Exhibition
ITM POLAND - Innovations-Technologies-Machines Poland - Exhibition
Technology - International Exhibition for Machinery, Hi-Tech and Industrial Equipment
Assembly Technology - International Integrated Manufacturing Technology Exhibition
MachinExpo - International Machinery Exhibition
Industrimässa - Regional Industrial Fair
PDMAEC - Philippine Die and Mould Machine Tools, Metalworking Machinery, Equipment, Accessories, Hardware, Products and Services
CISMEF - China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair
HI Industri - Industrial and Technical Trade Fair
Expo Metalmecánica - Exhibition of Industrial Machinery, Equipment and Services
Klagenfurter Herbstmesse - Fair for Building and Construction, Living, Household, Fashion, Culinary Art of Dining and Agriculture
Green Manufacturing Expo - Exhibition
PROMEXPO - RUSSIAN MANUFACTURER - International Technical Fair
Industrimässa - Regional Industrial Fair
MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY WORLD SERIES - International Industrial Machinery, Technology and Accessories Exhibition
WINDHOEK SHOW - Windhoek Agricultural and Industrial Show
Machinery Central Asia - Central Asian International Exhibition on Machinery, Engineering and Automation
ZEPS GENERAL B&H FAIR - General Bosnia and Herzegovina Fair
Industrimässa - Regional Industrial Fair
Foire d'Automne - Luxembourg International Trade Fair - Autumn (Capital Goods)
PLANTECH - International Industrial Plant Facilities Building and Process Engineering Technology Exhibition
Standards and Quality - Specialized Exhibition of Equipment, Devices and Instruments for Quality Control and Monitoring
Industry Expo - International Industrial Exhibition
Industrimässa - Regional Industrial Fair
INSTRUTEC - Tallinn International Fair for Production Engineering, Tooling and Subcontracting
International Industrial Forum
Industrimässa - Regional Industrial Fair
MANUFACTURING INDONESIA SERIES - International Manufacturing Machinery, Equipment, Materials and Services Exhibitions
d Equipment / Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Power Engineering

RIVAT - Trade Fair for Your Personal Lifestyle

es and Welding

s, Equipment, Components, Ecology and Subcontracting

y, Industrial Engines / Parts)

 s, Hardware, Products and Services Exhibition and Conference

 rt of Dining and Agriculture
y and Accessories Exhibition

trol and Monitoring

als and Services Exhibitions

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