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Sandefjord, Norway (August 30, 2004) - Hans Hasselbach has been appointed Chief Sales and
Marketing Officer at Network Electronics ASA, effective immediately. Oddbjørn Bergem, Chief Executive
Officer, made the announcement.

Prior to his appointment, Hasselbach served as Network Electronics’ sales manager for Europe. In his
new position Hasselbach is responsible for the company’s worldwide sales and marketing efforts. “I am
excited to play a crucial leadership role as Network elevates its global reach to a higher level,” he stated.

Hasselbach added, “Network’s philosophy is to provide best in class products that incorporate excellent
economic functionality and up-to-the-minute technology enabling our customers to spend less and
achieve more. My prime tasks will include perpetuating this philosophy, guiding the process and
maintaining Network’s rock-solid financial status. Having worked for Network in the European territory I
am fully aware of the company’s unparalleled ability to furnish three product ranges engineered to
enhance our customers’ productivity and protect their investments.”

In addition to his new position, Hasselbach will retain his European sales responsibilities as well.

Network Electronics ASA (Oslo OTC: NETW) serves the Broadcast, Telco and Multimedia industries with
three innovative product ranges comprised of VikinX compact and cost-effective routers, flashlink
innovative fiber optic transport system, and Conquer signal processing equipment. The company offers a
3-year depot warranty, short delivery time, advanced replacement service and large inventory. Network
products have been the choice of major broadcasters throughout the world. Network Electronics
maintains global headquarters in Sandefjord, Norway, operates 15 offices worldwide, including the US,
and is represented in more than 90 countries. For further information: www.network-electronics.com.
Network Electronics ASA                                                         Network Electronics US
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Norway                                                                          Salt Lake City, UT
Tel.: +47 33 48 99 99                                                           Tel: 800-420-5909
Fax: +47 33 48 99 98                  www.network-electronics.com               Fax: 800-420-5911

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