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					[DNA SYNTHESIS]                                                         Biology I Notes Outline

   1. What was the next challenge after DNA was identified as the genetic material of life?

   2. What technique did Rosalind Franklin use to take a picture of DNA?

   3. Based on these pictures, what shape does a DNA molecule have?

   4. What is the backbone of the DNA molecule made of?

   5. What joins the backbones together?

   6. Describe the two types of nitrogenous bases:

         a. Purines:

         b. Pyrimidines:

   7. What is the correct combination of bases that forms DNA?
        a. Purine + Purine
        b. Pyrimidine + Pyrimidine
        c. Purine + Pyrimidine

   8. Adenine only pairs with _________________.

   9. Guanine only pairs with _________________.

   10. What does it mean that the DNA strands are complimentary?

   11. What happens during DNA replication?

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[DNA SYNTHESIS]                                                         Biology I Notes Outline

   12. Practice writing complimentary strands below:

   13. What does DNA Polymerase do?

   14. How fast does DNA elongation occur in bacteria and human cells?

          a. How fast can you elongate DNA? Try the simulation at

   15. What else does DNA polymerase do?

   16. Describe the two types of repair:

          a. Mismatch repair:

          b. Nucleotide excision repair:

   17. What is the biggest limitation of the DNA replication process?

          a. How does the DNA molecule change every time that it is replicated?

   18. What are telomeres?

          a. Do telomeres actually code for any traits?

          b. Do telomeres prevent the DNA from being shortened?

          c. How do telomeres relate to aging?

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[DNA SYNTHESIS]                                                      Biology I Notes Outline

   19. What does telomerase do?

         a. Why can’t this enzyme be used to prevent aging? What are its side effects?

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Description: A fillable student notes outline to accompany the Powerpoint lecture on DNA replication.