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                                  The Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea and Coffee
                                                                By Lee Dobbins

The Chinese have used green tea to treat disease for many centuries. Today, Western culture is
beginning to appreciate the benefits of green tea.

Recent research has revealed some of the health benefits of using green tea including the possible
prevention of rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease, cataracts and even cancer.

Green tea aids weight loss programs. Studies have shown that drinking green tea helps you burn more

One of the best benefits of green tea is its ability to fight bacteria. This gives your immune system a
boost. It also helps kill bacteria that cause plaque and subsequent tooth decay. Green tea can help
fight food poisoning, as well.

In addition, green tea can help lower blood sugar and cholesterol. It even helps slow the aging

Why is green tea so beneficial? It has to do with the way it is processed.

Black tea and oolong tea are fermented, but green tea is steamed. Fermenting oxidizes the
antioxidants in the leaves and renders the antioxidant much less effective. Steaming the leaves keeps
the antioxidants intact.

How much green tea do you need to reap all of the great benefits?
Recommendations vary from 3 to 10 cups a day. One thing is certain: more is better, so drink as many
cups as you like!

Even though green tea has lots of great benefits, many of us are not about to give up our morning cup
of coffee. Guess what? No problem!

You will be glad to hear that new studies have shown there are some healthy benefits of coffee

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

Coffee seems to offset some of the damage caused by bad habits such as smoking or heavy drinking.
Some smokers who also drink coffee have been shown to have less heart disease than other smokers.
Some heavy drinkers who also drink coffee regularly have less incidence of liver damage than

Besides the caffeine in coffee, there are other ingredients that are beneficial to our health.

Coffee contains antioxidants including quinines, chlorogenic acid and tocopherols as well as essential
minerals such as magnesium. All of these aid glucose metabolism and may, as a result, reduce the risk
of diabetes.

Animal studies published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry suggest coffee antioxidants
boost the activity of enzymes which may protect against colon cancer.

Trigonelline is another beneficial ingredient in coffee which may help prevent tooth decay. Other
benefits of coffee include reducing the risk of Parkinson’s disease, helping relieve asthma symptoms
and tension headaches, and inhibiting the formation of gallstones.

Now you can enjoy your morning brew with no sense of guilt!

Lee Dobbins writes for Online Gourmet Foods where you can find out more about eating gourmet
every day!

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                                              Is Green Tea Better Than Black Tea?
                                                             By Richard Adams

? There are a lot of us that try to take care of our health in a number of different ways. We may try to
eat the right foods and get plenty of rest and exercise on a regular basis. Doing these things can
certainly contribute to our having a healthy body and mind and to living a fuller life. It may also be
possible for us to drink tea on occasion, perhaps on a daily basis in order to achieve a level of health
that is above the one that we are already enjoying. Since there are many different choices when it
comes to drinking tea, the question needs to be asked, is green tea better than black tea?

This question has actually been pondered for a number of different years and it was always thought
that green tea had health properties that were simply unavailable in black tea. Many people enjoy
drinking black tea because of its distinct flavor and the fact that there are so many different choices
when compared with natural green tea. Even if you have stayed away from black tea in order to enjoy
the health benefits of green tea, you may have been doing something that is unnecessary all of this
time. Why is this the case?

Green tea that is grown in Asia has been known for a very long time to contain chemicals which will act
as one of the most powerful natural antioxidants that are available. This will help to bring our body
back into balance and to remove the free radicals from our system that is damaging our cells.
Although for years it was thought that green tea was the only way to achieve these health benefits for
tea drinkers, recent research has indicated that black tea may contain some chemicals which provide
antioxidant benefits of its own. This is amazingly good news for those of us who enjoy having a cup of
black tea on occasion.

One of the reasons why green tea may be a little bit more beneficial than black tea is because of the
harvesting process. Because green tea is pulled and steamed in order to preserve it, it really comes to
us in a healthy form. Black tea is dried in a number of different ways and this can allow it to ferment
which may introduce some chemicals into the tea which we would not necessarily want to take into our
body. Although black tea certainly does have health benefits, you will need to weigh the possibility of
anything that may not be good for our health which is contained within it.

Additional research will be necessary before it is actually determined whether green tea is better than
black tea. The fact of matter is, most of them can be enjoyed, both for their taste and for the health
benefits that they give to us. If you enjoy drinking black tea, by all means do so but make sure that
you're also including green tea in your daily regimen.

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