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     Home brewing is fast becoming a very popular hobby. Many larger cities have specialized stores catering to
       beer making supplies. Home brewing kits are great but as with everything reading the instructions are
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                                           Tips For Buying A Great Espresso Maker
                                                            By Clinton Maxwell

    Most people who love specialty coffee drinks eventually purchase an espresso maker. With a good
one, you can make all your favourite drinks in the comfort of your own kitchen and try out a new recipe
or two. Since this is a large investment, you should spend some time learning about these machines
before you buy. Learn about the features available and then read some reviews to find the best
machine for your home. Common Types of Espresso Maker Manual Espresso Makers Manual
machines require you to do all the work. You measure and grind the beans, tamp the grounds and
brew the coffee. These are the least expensive machines. Some avid espresso drinkers will only use a
manual machine.

Semi Automatic Machines Semi automatics do some of the work for you. You adjust the water
temperature and pressure. Grind and tamp the beans and the machine will do the rest. They are more
expensive than a manual machine, but much more affordable than a fully automatic model. These
machines are a good first cappuccino maker.

Automatic Machines Automatic machines do the whole job for you. All you need to do is add the water
and the beans. With the touch of one button, you will have a great cup of your favourite java drink.

Super Automatic Machines Super automatics do everything from grinding and tamping the beans to
the finished product. They pre infuse the beans with water for more flavour than other machines. The
entire process is faster than regular automatics. These machines are often found in restaurants and
coffee bars.    Great Espresso Maker Features The features vary from machine to machine. When
comparing two models, look at the features included with each to determine which will suit your needs

Bean Grinder More expensive machines often have a built in grinder. The beans are ground for each
individual cup. This results in more flavour from the oils inside the beans. The drink will taste fresh with
this feature.

Milk Frother For cappuccino or latte drinks, you will need a frother. This can either be a frothing wand
or a separate milk container. More expensive models have a container.

Pod Compatible Pods are small packets that consist of a filter material on the outside and ground - 75% For You
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beans on the inside. The pods are pre measured for one cup. Just put the pod in the machine and
brew your coffee. Most people either love the pods for the convenience or hate them and lament the
bitter taste.

Water Filter Some of the more expensive machines have a built in water filter to remove chlorine or
other chemicals from the water prior to brewing. These are mostly carbon filters. If your water is heavily
chlorinated, you will notice the difference with a built in filter.

Cup Warmer A cup warmer keeps the cup warm before brewing. This results in a hotter drink. This
feature is usually located on the top of the machine.

Hot Water Dispenser Some machines have a separate valve for dispensing hot water. This feature is
great for making tea or hot chocolate. Most machines used in commercial establishments have this

Some Other Things to Consider

o Steel or brass machines are best. Some people detect an aftertaste with aluminium machines. o
Look at the pump pressure on home coffee makers. More powerful pumps work will with finer grounds.
You should have a minimum of 14 bars or more for pump pressure. o Look for a removable water
tank. This is easier for cleaning or emptying and will prevent stagnant water from collecting at the
bottom of the tank.

Clinton Maxwell is a contributing designer for a free website with resources and
infos on. The publisher is featuring articles on highly sophisticated espresso and coffee machines.

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                                                     Espresso Coffee Pod Maker
                                                              By Sharon Price

 Nowadays coffee shops are everywhere and if you are out shopping no matter where you go today
when looking for a cup of coffee, you will be sure to see an espresso coffee pod maker somewhere
near by. Espressos are served up daily to millions of people all over the world. The first real working
espresso coffee maker to make its appearance was said to have been in Italy in 1935. It was called
The Illetta, invented by Francesco Illy but the espresso coffee pod maker is a relatively new concept in
making coffee.

Espresso coffee pod makers can be found in many households and there are so many different
varieties to choose from. With so many different types of coffee; you want to make sure you have the
right machine to make the perfect cup. You will need a commercial size espresso coffee pod maker if
its main use will be in such establishments as restaurants or coffee shops but a far smaller more
compact model can be used at home.

Some of the Espresso coffee pod makers use steam to create the perfect cup of espresso and you can
get espresso machines that come with or without the wand that makes the top of the coffee frothy for
cappuccinos. There are also Steam pressure style machines which are made of aluminum, so these
are an ideal lightweight machine. The pump style espresso maker is not as convenient as the new
espresso coffee pod maker but both will provide you with a high quality cup of coffee.

If you have a very busy lifestyle you should not be without an espresso coffee maker and especially a
espresso coffee pod maker. With all the new varieties of coffee coming up everyday, you will want a
good quality machine to make the most of your coffee. Espresso coffee pod makers are easier and
quicker to use as the correct amount of coffee is already prepared in a small disc shaped pod which
you just insert into the coffee pod machine and most of the newer machines will give you the option to
make many delicious creations. From plain espressos to the frothiest lattes or cappuccinos, and even
tea, a coffee pod maker is a must have for your kitchen. has all the information you will need on coffee, coffee machines,
coffee cups, coffee recipes and much more.

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