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					Spanish 1104
 Fall 2004
Instructor:      Vera Aldáz

T Th    7:00pm – 8:15

Course Text: ¡ Hablemos español ! Sixth edition, Mendez-Faith/McVey Gill and
corresponding lab manual/CD.

        Students will learn basic language structure and vocabulary. They will be able to read
print and communicate with simple sentences (oral and written) in everyday situations. Students
will gain an awareness of Hispanic culture, customs, and national/ethnic pride. This knowledge
will enhance their future relationships in the teaching field and in the ministry of Hispanic people.

         Students are allowed ONE absence for each time per week the class meets. Additional
absences may result in a lowered grade unless the absence is due to a college related activity. The
maximum number of absences for ALL causes is three absences for each time per week the class
meets. One additional absence will cause an “F” grade to be recorded for the course unless the
student officially drops the course within the prescribed time limits. The last day for dropping a
class in any semester is two weeks prior to the last day of classroom instruction. If the student
feels there are legitimate, extenuating circumstances beyond his/her control for some or all of the
absences, the student may appeal in writing through the Registrar to the Academic Committee to
have the absences reviewed.
Office hours: I will available anytime for your needs, especially before or after class. You may
contact me if necessary by e-mail at to make other arrangements.

Grade distribution:
       Homework                  20%
       Participation             20%
       Exams                     20%
       Lab                       20%
       Oral work                 20%

Ten points will be deducted from assignments submitted late (up to three class periods late).
Make-up quizzes or tests will be given only as a result of documented emergencies/illness.
Students are responsible for all work missed and all assignments made in his/her absence.

Grading Scale:
        90 – 100     A
        80 – 89      B
        70 – 79      C
        60 – 69      D
        Below 60     F
Spanish 1104 / fall 2004
August 19
       Greetings and Introductions
       Hispanic world
       Alphabet / pronunciation
       Classroom expressions
August 24
       Verb: estar
       Subject pronouns
August 26
       Quiz: Preliminary chapter
August 31
       Vocabulary: la familia
       ar verbs
       Articles/nouns: gender and number
       Numbers 1 - 15
September 2
       Numbers 0 - 99
September 7
       Para leer
       Para comunicarnos
       Para escribir
September 9
       Quiz: Chapter 1
September 14
       Vocabulary: descriptions
       Verb: ser
September 16
       Verbs: ser vs estar
September 21
       Contractions al and del
       Personal a
September 23
       Para leer
       Para escuchar
       Para comunicarnos
September 28
       Quiz: chapter 2
September 30
       Vocabulary: titles
       Telling time
October 5
       Present tense of regular er and ir verbs
       Possessive adjectives
October 7
       Present indicative of tener
       Verbs: hacer, poner, salir, vivir
October 12
       Para leer
       Para comunicarnos
       Para escribir
October 14
       Fall Break
October 19
       Quiz: Chapter 3
October 21
       Vocabulary: weather and seasons
       Irregular verb ir
October 26
       Adverbs ending in _mente
       Numbers above 100
October 28
       Idiomatic expressions with tener, hay que
       Affirmative/negative words
November 2
       Para leer
       Para comunicarnos
       Para escribir
November 4
       Quiz: Chapter 4
November 6
       Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic
       Vocabulary: The city
       Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns
November 11
       Stem changing verbs: e to ie
       Direct Object pronouns
November 16
       Present tense of saber and conocer
November 18
       Para leer
       Para comunicarnos
       Para escribir
November 23 and 25
      Thanksgiving Break
November 30
      Quiz: Chapter 5
December 2
      Vocabulary: Amusement
      Indirect Object pronouns
      Stem changing verbs e to i
      Verb: dar
December 7
      Stem changing verbs o to ue, u to ue
      Direct Object and Indirect Object pronouns together
December 9
      Final review
December 14
      Final exam

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