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									Meet Xianrong alias Sarah

Age and gender
Xianrong is a Chinese girl and student at
Yaohua High School, Beijing. She chose the
English name “Sarah”, because she thinks it’s
really pretty.
Sarah is 15 years old and her birthday is the 9th
of December.

Hobbies and idols
She likes doing sports with her friends in her
spare time, like going to the pool and swimming and playing basketball (which
is actually quite popular in China despite what you might think).
Her idol is Lady Gaga, not because she wants to be like her, but because she
likes the extravagant way she dresses and she likes her as a singer. Xianrong
likes to listen to almost all kinds of pop music (especially Lady Gaga) but she
also listens to classical music, like Beethoven and Mozart and a Chinese artist,
with whom the rest of the world isn’t familiar. She never plays videogames and
she doesn’t like manga.

Favourite subject in school
Her preferred subject in school is Chinese. She likes to write short stories and
learn about her native language.

Family life
She lives on the outskirts of Tianjin with her mother and father – she is an only
child (surprise). Her grandparents don’t live with them, but they live close by.

Dreams and aspirations
Sarah’s dream is to become a widely-known author. Otherwise she would like
to become a professor at a Chinese university or a teacher at a high school.

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