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									           Introduction to Pharmacy (PHRA 1301/CEPHRA 1001)
                               SUMMER 2011

Instructor: Phoebe Johnson, CPhT
Alvin Community College, 3110 Mustang Rd. Alvin, TX 77511
Email: pjohnson@alvincollege.edu
Phone: 979-240-8677

Office Hours: Available by Appointment

Communicating with Instructor:
The preferred method for communicating with the instructor is through MyBlackboard
email. You may also contact me at the above number. Make sure to leave your name
and number so I can call you back. I will return all calls within 48 hours.

Course Description: Students will be exposed to the qualifications, operational
guidelines and job duties of a pharmacy technician. Topics include history of pharmacy,
definitions of a pharmacy environment, the profile of a pharmacy technician, legal and
ethical guidelines, job skills and duties, verbal and written communication skills,
professional resources, safety techniques, and supply and inventory.

Methodology: Web-based instruction, online discussion, online communication, online
testing and online submission of assignments.

Meeting time and location: This course is conducted through MyBlackboard. You
are expected to log in to this class every day.

        * Hopper, Teresa (2007). Mosby’s Pharmacy Technician Principles and
Practice,                 Elsevier, Inc.
        * Hopper, Teresa (2007). Mosby’s Pharmacy Technician Principles and Practice
           Workbook, Elsevier, Inc.
        * This textbook can be purchased at the ACC bookstore, which is open Monday
           through Thursday from 7:30 am - 7:00 pm and on Friday from 7:30 am - 2:00
                   pm. Bookstore hours can vary during holidays so please call the
bookstore at              281-756-3681 for more information. The textbook can also
be purchased              online and mailed directly to your residence from:
http://www.alvinstore.com .

      By the end of this course the student will be able to
             1. Describe the purpose of health care institution and its pharmacy
             2. Identify the duties and responsibilites of a pharmacy technician
                        including standard of ethics governing pharmacy practice.
                3.   Identify common medical terms and abbreviation related to pharmacy
                4.   Explain the importance of utilizing pharmacy resource materials
                5.   Identify the major functions of pharmacy supply and inventory control
                6.   Summarize the importance of environmental safety standards,
                           pharmacy safety, and personal safety and hygiene.

                1. Students are expected to obtain a textbook and log into the course
using           MyBlackboard before the second week of class.
                2. Students are expected to allocate a minimum of 10 hours per week on
                            textbook readings, interacting with course materials and
completing                     assignments and quizzes.
                3. Students are expected to have a workable computer that can access the
                            course website. Any technical problems on the student’s side
WILL NOT                            be an acceptable excuse for late work. Remember,
there are computers                        located at the ACC campus in the Cyber Lab.
There hours are Mon-Tues                           8:00 am 7:00pm, Wed-Fri 8:00 am -
5:00 pm and Sunday 4:00 pm -                               8:00pm. They are located in
Building A, first floor, Room A-173. For                          more information call
281-756-3544. Students will not be penalized if                          there is
interruption in MyBlackboard, if the instructor is notified of such                     an
issue from the MyBlackboard office.

File naming protocol:
Name all assignments with your First and Last name, Chapter and Assignment Number.
(Example: Phoebe Johnson, Ch1A1 or Phoebe Johnson Ch1D3)

Technical Problems:
Any technical problems or issues with logging into MyBlackboard should be directed to
Dena Faust. She can be contacted at dfaust@alvincollege.edu

American with Disabilities Statement
Alvin Community College will adhere to all applicable federal, state, and local laws,
regulations, and guidelines with respect to providing reasonable accommodations as
required affording equal educational opportunity. It is the policy of Alvin Community
College to provide reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals who are students
with disabilities. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the Counseling Center in a
timely manner to arrange for appropriate accommodations. Contact Eileen Cross

Code of Academic Integrity and Honesty
Students at Alvin Community College are members of an institution dedicated to the
pursuit of knowledge through a formalized program of instruction and learning. At the
heard of this endeavor, lie the core values of academic integrity which include honesty,
truth, freedom from lies and fraud. Because personal integrity is important in all aspects
of life, students at Alvin Community College are expected to conduct themselves with
honesty and integrity both in and out of the classroom. Incidents of academic dishonesty
will not be tolerated and students guilty of such conduct are subject to severe disciplinary

The instructor reserves the right to modify this syllabus as needed and will notify the
students of any changes using the Announcements Tool in MyBlackboard..

Assignments and Grading Summary
               Modules                                          Points
               Orientation                                          20
                  Ch. 1                                            130
                  Ch. 2                                            130
                  Ch. 3                                            130
                  Ch. 5                                            130
                  Ch. 6                                            130
                 HIPAA                                             130
               Final Exam                                          200
                   Total                                           1000

Your grade is based on the TOTAL points you received on all course assignments and

Points                        %                      Grade
900-1000                    90%-100%                                 A
800-899                         80%-89%                                      B
700-799                           70%-79%                                        C
600-699                        60%-69%                                       D
>600                          >60%                                       F

Remember you need a 70% (700 points) or better to move to the next course

No INCOMPLETES will be given.

Late Assignments:
1. Discussions should be done as quickly as possible.
2. Late assignments within 7 days will be accepted with a 20% penalty ( so if an
assigment is worth 25 points than 20% reduction would be -5points).

Course Calendar (All assignments are due by 11:59 pm on their due date)

Assignments:                  Due Date                       Total Points
Orientation A1                06/05/2011
CH1A1                         06/05/2011
CH1A2                         06/12/2011
CH1 Quiz
CH2A1                         06/19/2011
CH2A2                         06/26/2011
CH3A1                         07/03/2011
CH3A2                         07/03/2011
CH5A1                         07/10/2011
CH5A2                         07/17//2011
CH6A1                         07/24/2011
CH6A2                         07/24/2011
HIPAA                         07/31/2011

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