Razer Blade _The first Gaming Laptop_ Full Review Part 2

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					You’d think that a touch-enabled screen on a laptop would be finicky compared with a regular touch pad,
but the Razer Blade’s screen-pad feels exactly the opposite: smooth and fast, even with multitouch. It’s
reminiscent of a smartphone display, but a little less crisp.
The buttons above the touch screen are even more attractive and make the little fellow more interactive.
Razer supplies a default set of button apps to start with, including a calculator button that turns the touch
pad screen into a number pad, and YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail launch buttons that launch
videos and mail or news feeds into the smaller screen. It’s a clever, show-off idea, but it’s clearly a
demonstration of how second-screen gaming could expand into PC gaming at large. Unfortunately, no PC
games have such second-screen functionality on the Razer Blade at this point. Investing in a Razer Blade
and its Switchblade UI, therefore, is an investment in a concept that’s still in its infancy and may not
necessarily gain traction. The Switchblade UI SDK has been made available to developers, but it hasn’t
been made fully open. That could challenge adoption.
The Blade has no optical drive, which means you’ll be downloading your games from Steam, Origin, or
something similar. In that regard, having only 256GB of storage could be limiting for some (the Razer
Blade comes in only one configuration). There are gaming laptops with faster graphics than the included
Nvidia GeForce GT 555M, which is another consideration.
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