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Public Announcement of Successful Tender by JarrellRoot


									                Disclosure of Contract – Level 1 Contract

Tender Number:                   0930

Successful Tenderer:             Wilson Pedersen Pty Ltd

Address of Tenderer:             PO Box 205
                                 ERSKINEVILLE NSW 2043

Related Body Corporate:          n/a

Council Meeting Date:            3 August 2009

Duration of Contract:            August 2009 – March 2010

Tender Description:              Victoria Park Playground Upgrade, Darlington

Tendered Amount:                 $635,254 excluding GST

Provisions for Variation to the Amount: n/a

Provisions for Renegotiation:    n/a

Method of Tender:                Open Tender

Criteria of Tender Evaluation:   - Tender Price
                                 - Allocation of adequate resources
                                 - Subcontractors
                                 - Plant & Equipment
                                 - Program & methodology/environment
                                 - Experience in works/services of a similar
                                 - Occupational Health & Safety
                                 - Financial and Commercial trading integrity/insurances

Provision for Operational and Maintenance Services: n/a

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