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					                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ARAB TIMES, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2012
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                                                                                                       Obama hails new beginning for Yemen

Soldiers kill 5 Qaeda suspects: Yemeni official
ADEN, Feb 26, (AFP): Yemeni troops              Qaeda suspect who was in possession of         dents have been displaced.                      will “remain a steadfast partner to Yemen”      security services, and hold presidential          Ban spoke to Hadi on the day he was
killed five suspected al-Qaeda militants        an explosive belt, a tribal source said.          In the year since mass protests erupted      in its transition to democracy.                 and parliamentary elections by 2014,”          sworn in to succeed strongman Ali
early on Sunday in an artillery attack in the      The overnight violence came just hours      throughout Yemen demanding president               “This week, millions of Yemenis voted        Obama said.                                    Abdullah Saleh, said UN spokesman
southern city of Zinjibar, a local official     after a suicide bomber blew up a vehicle       Ali Abdullah Saleh’s ouster, the militants      for a new president and the beginning of a         “This is an ambitious agenda, but with      Martin Nesirky.
said.                                           outside a presidential palace in southeast-    have taken over several towns and cities in     promising new chapter in Yemen’s histo-         the determination they have shown over            “The secretary general told the newly
   “The army launched an attack on sever-       ern Yemen, killing 26 elite troops.            the south and east.                             ry,” Obama said.                                the past year, Yemenis have proven they        elected president that the overwhelming
al (al-Qaeda) positions... leaving five dead       A military official said the bombing in        US President Barack Obama said the              “The Yemeni people have achieved a           are up to the task.”                           turnout of voters, including young people
and several others wounded,” the official       the Hadramawt provincial capital of            swearing in of a new president in Yemen         new beginning for their country, but much          In an address to the nation after being     who came out in large numbers, was a
told AFP on condition of anonymity.             Mukalla bore the hallmark of al-Qaeda.         Saturday marked “a new beginning” for           work lies ahead.”                               sworn in to succeed Saleh, Hadi vowed to       clear indication of the country’s support
   He said the attack followed clashes late        Last May, militants from the Partisans      the nation but stressed there was much             The White House said Obama told Hadi         fight against al-Qaeda and restore security    for his leadership and for the peaceful
on Saturday between militants from the al-      of Sharia took control of Zinjibar, trigger-   work to do, including holding new elec-         that the United States “will stand with the     across his impoverished nation, ancestral      transition. “He said he was aware Yemen
Qaeda-linked Partisans of Sharia (Islamic       ing months of fighting with government         tions by 2014.                                  people of Yemen as they continue their          homeland of slain jihadist leader Osama        was facing many difficult challenges but
law) and government forces in the city.         troops.                                           “Under President (Abdrabuh Mansur)           efforts to forge a brighter future for their    bin Laden.                                     he was confident the country could move
   In the nearby town of Loder, mean-              So far, at least three tribal-mediated      Hadi’s leadership, Yemen has the potential      country.”                                          UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Saturday            forward.”
while, security forces arrested four al-        negotiation attempts to secure the mili-       to serve as a model for how peaceful tran-         “Going forward, as part of their political   told Yemen’s new president Abdrabuh               Hadi was the only candidate to be inter-
Qaeda-linked militants, a military official     tants’ withdrawal have failed.                 sitions can occur when people resist vio-       agreement, Yemenis must convene an              Mansur Hadi he had clear popular support       im leader and won almost all the valid
told AFP.                                          Hundreds of people have been killed in      lence and unite under a common cause,”          inclusive National Dialogue, reform their       despite the “many difficult challenges”        valid votes in the election in which turnout
   Tribesman also captured a fifth al-          the fighting and more than 90,000 resi-        Obama said, pledging the United States          constitution, reorganize the military and       ahead.                                         reached 60 percent.

                                                in 2000 with an official 97.29 percent
US urges                                        ‘Yes’ vote. The second renewed his term                                                                                                        Santorum hits                                  certain to win, Putin also warned Western
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              and Arab nations against military inter-
                                                seven years later with 97.62 percent in                                                                                                                                                       vention in Syria.
              Continued from Page 1             favour.                                                                                                                                                      Continued from Page 1               “I very much hope the United States
                                                   Violence in Syria on Saturday left 94                                                                                                          The Pentagon on Saturday decried as         and other countries ... do not try to set a
reform, there would have been movement          people dead, including 68 civilians, a                                                                                                                                                        military scenario in motion in Syria with-
from all groups, especially the opposi-                                                                                                                                                        “unacceptable” the killing of two US mil-
                                                monitoring group said.                                                                                                                         itary advisers in Kabul and called on          out sanction from the UN Security
tion, to start dialogue immediately with           The Syrian Observatory for Human                                                                                                                                                           Council,” Putin said, according to a tran-
the government to achieve the reforms                                                                                                                                                          Afghan authorities to better protect coali-
                                                Rights said the deaths included 24 civil-                                                                                                      tion forces and curtail raging violence.       script.
and implement them on the ground.”              ians who died in the besieged city of                                                                                                                                                            On Iran, he said that “the growing
   The outside world has been powerless                                                                                                                                                           “This act is unacceptable, and the
                                                Homs while eight others were killed in                                                                                                         United States condemns it in the               threat of a military strike on this country
to restrain Assad’s drive to crush the 11-      the area around the town.                                                                                                                                                                     alarms Russia, no doubt. If this occurs, the
month-old revolt, which has the potential                                                                                                                                                      strongest possible terms,” said Defense
                                                   Twenty-three members of the regime’s                                                                                                        Secretary Leon Panetta’s spokesman             consequences will be truly catastrophic. It
to slide into a sectarian conflict between      forces were killed across the country in                                                                                                                                                      is impossible to imagine their real scale.”
Syria’s Sunni Muslim majority and the                                                                                                                                                          George Little.
                                                clashes with army deserters siding with                                                                                                           The two Americans, working as
president’s minority Alawite sect.              the rebels.
   Unwilling to intervene militarily and
unable to get the UN Security Council to                       Opposition
                                                                                                                                                                                               International Security Assistance Force
                                                                                                                                                                                               officers in the NATO coalition, were in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Lab to smash
act in the teeth of Russian and Chinese            Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet                                                                                                             the interior ministry when “an individ-
opposition, Western powers have                 Davutoglu will meet with the Syrian                                                                                                            ual” turned his weapon against the pair,                      Continued from Page 1
imposed their own sanctions on Syria and        opposition ahead of the second “Friends                                                                                                        NATO said, without giving further                  Tilly first challenged the “bank
backed an Arab League call for Assad to         of Syria” meeting in Istanbul next month,                                                                                                      details.                                       account” doctrine eight years ago, sug-
step down.                                      media reported on Sunday.                                                                                                                         Two US advisors who were shot dead          gesting female mammals continue produc-
   US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton           The first “Friends of Syria” conference                                                                                                     in the Afghan interior ministry by an          ing egg-making cells into adulthood rather
warned on Sunday of the perils of any           in Tunisia last Friday saw calls for an                                                                                                        Afghan colleague had been mocking anti-        than from a stock acquired at birth.
foreign intervention.                           immediate end to violence and for new                                                                                                          American protests over the burning of the          His theory ran into a firestorm.
   “I think there is every possibility of a     sanctions against the Damascus regime.                                                                                                         Quran, a government source said Sunday.            Other scientists challenged the accuracy
civil war. Outside intervention would not          “I will meet with the Syrian National                                                                                                          The description of events behind the        of his experiments or dismissed their con-
prevent that, it would probably expedite        Council (SNC) on Tuesday prior to the                                                                                                          withdrawal of all NATO government              clusions as worthless, given that they had
it,” she told BBC television in an inter-       Istanbul conference,” Davutoglu was                                                                                                            advisors came as a protester was killed        only been conducted on lab mice.
view.                                           quoted as saying by the daily Hurriyet.                                                                                                        and seven US soldiers were wounded in a            But the new work, said Tilly, not only
   “We have a very dangerous set of                The SNC maintains an office in                                                                                                              grenade attack on their base in a sixth day    confirms his controversial idea, but takes
actors in the region: al Qaeda, Hamas and       Istanbul and France has called the group                                                                                                       of anti-American protests, police said.        it farther.
those who are on our terrorist list claim-      the legitimate representative of the Syrian                                                                                                       “The advisors were scolding the pro-            In it, his team isolated egg-producing
ing to support the opposition. You have         opposition.                                                                                                                                    testers and calling them bad names,” as        stem cells in human ovaries and then
many Syrians more worried about what               Turkey, which has a 910-kilometre                                                                                                           they watched videos of demonstrations in       coaxed them into developing oocytes, as
could come next ...                             (560-mile) border with Syria, has been at                                                                                                      Kabul, the source said, requesting             eggs are called.
   “If you bring in automatic weapons,          the forefront of international criticism of                                                                                                    anonymity because of the sensitivity of            Building on a feat by Chinese scientists,
which you can maybe smuggle across the          President Bashar al-Assad’s deadly                                                                                                             the issue.                                     they pinpointed the oocyte stem cells by
border, what do they do against tanks and       crackdown on dissent and has become a                                                                                                             “They called the Quran a bad book in        using antibodies which latched onto a pro-
heavy artillery? There is such a much           haven for opposition activists.                                                                                                                the presence of the guy. After all this the    tein “handle” located on the side of these
more complex set of factors.”                      “For us, the Middle East is a place                                                                                                         guy had verbal arguments with the advi-        cells.
   Speaking in Rabat, Clinton later             where all religions and sects should live                                                                                                      sors and was threatened by them. He gets           The team tagged the stem cells with a
appealed to “those who are supporting           together,” said Davutoglu.                                                                                                                     angry and shoots them. Eight rounds            fluorescent green protein — a common
the Syrian regime” to use their influence          “We are exerting efforts for the SNC to                                                                                                     were fired at them.                            trick to help figure out what happens in lab
persuade Daamascus to allow access for          embrace people from every religion and                                                                                                            “He then sneaks out and disappears.         experiments.
humanitarian assistance in areas affected       sect including Kurds, Alawites, Nusayris                                                                                                       No one knew about the incident for more            The cells were injected into biopsied
by the violence.                                and Christians,” he added.                                                                                                                     than an hour because the room is sound-        human ovarian tissue which was then
   Syrians in the military and business            Davutoglu said Turkey would consider                                                                                                        proofed,” he said, adding that CCTV            grafted beneath the skin of mice.
who still support Assad should turn             curbing its diplomatic ties with Syria but     A crescent moon and Venus (left, point of light) set over the Empire State build-               cameras had been viewed in the investi-            Within 14 days, the graft had produced
against him, Clinton also said Sunday.          explained Ankara wants to keep its                                  ing Feb 25, in New York. (AFP)                                             gation of the shooting.                        a budding of oocytes. Some of the eggs
   “The longer you support the regime’s         Damascus embassy open, as it did during                                                                                                           Asked about this description of events      glowed with the fluorescent tag, proving
campaign of violence against your broth-        the uprisings in Libya and Iraq.                                                                                                               in the ministry on Saturday, a spokesman       that they came from the stem cells. But
ers and sisters, the more it will stain your                                                                                                                                                   for NATO’s US-led International                others did not, which suggested they were
honor. If you refuse, however, to prop up                War correspondents                                      ‘Refugees have spoiled our life’                                              Security Assistance Force said: “The           already present in the tissue before the
the regime or take part in attacks on your         American war correspondent Marie                                                                                                            investigation is ongoing.”                     injection.
fellow citizens, your countrymen and            Colvin was killed while trying to retrieve                                                                                                        Government sources said police were             Tilly said “the hairs were standing up on
women will hail you as heroes,” Clinton
                                                her shoes so she could flee an army bom-
                                                bardment in the Syrian city of Homs, her
                                                employer The Sunday Times said.
                                                                                                   Syrian fighting changes                                                                     hunting for an Afghan intelligence offi-
                                                                                                                                                                                               cial suspected of killing the two
                                                                                                                                                                                               Americans, while the interior ministry
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              my arm” when he saw time-elapse video
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              showing the eggs maturing in a lab dish.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Further work needs to be done to test
   “Assad would have the Syrian people
believe that it is only terrorists and
extremists standing against the regime.
But that is wrong,” Clinton said. “So
                                                   Colvin and a group of other journalists
                                                had all followed the local custom of
                                                removing their footwear before entering a
                                                                                                   life in a Turkish outpost                                                                   confirmed that “the suspect is one of the
                                                                                                                                                                                               employees of the ministry and he is at
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              the viability of the eggs, and little is
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              known about the hormones or other mech-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              anisms by which oocytes emerge from the
many Syrians are suffering under this           building in the besieged city which was            HACIPASA, Turkey, Feb 26, (AP):             live in the refugee camps in Turkey.                        See Also Page 11                   stem cells.
relentless shelling. All Syrians should be      being used as a rebel press centre, it said.       For generations, the economy of this           For Izeddin Celik, a 60-year-old                                                                But the impact could be far-reaching,
working together to seek a better future.”         The journalists were on the ground              Turkish hamlet has thrived on items         resident of Hacipasa, the conflict has                                                         Tilly said.
               Onslaught                        floor of the building when the upper               such as livestock and cigarettes that       added new strains to an already diffi-          Strike on                                          “If we can guide the process correctly, I
                                                floors were hit by rockets, the paper said         are smuggled across the border from         cult life.                                                                                     think it opens up a chance that sometime
   German Foreign Minister Guido                in the first full account of how the attack        Syria in an area of lax security.              Celik has long sold duvets and                                                              in the future, we might get to the point of
Westerwelle said Sunday’s referendum            happened.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Continued from Page 1            actually having an unlimited source of
                                                                                                       But the popular uprising in Syria is    blankets at the Saturday bazaars in
was “nothing but a farce.”                         Although they were initially unhurt             changing that.                              his hamlet, flanked by Syrian hills on          of the Institute for Science and               human eggs,” Tilly said in a video record-
   “Sham votes cannot contribute to a           Colvin ran to the hall to get her shoes                The fighting has led to the creation    one side and Turkish military out-              International Security.                        ing released to the press.
solution of the crisis. Assad needs to put      back from where she had left them.                 of four refugee camps for Syrians on        posts on the other. But the fighting in            “If they (Iranians) feel that a strike is
an end to the violence and clear the way                                                                                                                                                       imminent they may move a lot of things...
for a political transition,” he said in a
                                                   But as she reached it a rocket landed at
                                                the front of the building, burying her and
                                                                                                   the Turkish side of the border, and
                                                                                                   Syria has reinforced security along
                                                                                                                                               Syria has stopped its people from
                                                                                                                                               crossing the border and shopping in             That’s really the question, how much do        Newswatch
statement.                                      French photographer Remi Ochlik in                 the border.                                 Hacipasa.                                       the Israelis know about the program?” he
   The military onslaught on parts of           debris and killing them both, the paper                “These Syrian refugees have                It also is preventing Celik from             told AFP.                                                     Continued from Page 1
Homs has created harrowing conditions           said.                                              spoiled our life,” said Arif, 34, a         traveling to Syria to visit his relatives          Amid growing speculation that Israel
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              in two months. There were no immediate
for civilians, rebels and journalists.             Colvin’s mother Rosemarie told CNN              Hacipasa resident whose main busi-          there.                                          may strike at Iran, the potential success of   reports of damage or injuries, emergency
   A video posted by activists on               on Saturday that the late reporter will            ness is smuggling. “Because of them,           “You can hear gunfire and shelling           such a raid is the subject of intense debate   officials said.
YouTube showed Mohammad al-                     likely be buried in Syria, saying it had           police and soldiers are everywhere          in the morning,” Celik said. “And               in and outside the US military, but there is      Residents of multistory apartment build-
Mohammad, a doctor at a makeshift clin-         been too risky for aid workers attempting          now,” said Arif, who declined to give       when people try to cross, the Syrian            wide agreement that — at best — an             ings said objects tumbled off of shelves,
ic in Baba Amro, holding a 15-year-old          to retrieve her remains.                           his surname to avoid being identified       army shoots at them,” he said, draw-            attack would postpone and not paralyze         windows rattled and chandeliers swayed
boy hit in the neck by shrapnel and spit-          “We were told yesterday that today              by authorities for illicit trading.         ing lines in the dirt with his foot to          Tehran’s nuclear project.                      during the quake, the RIA Novosti news
ting blood.                                     was probably the last day” for recovering              Smugglers fear that Syrian troops       illustrate the border area.                        Experts are assessing how long an           agency reported. (AP)
   “It is late at night and Baba Amro is        the body, she told the network.                    will soon close the border area now            “They used to come over for                  Israeli attack could be sustained, how                         ❑   ❑      ❑
still being bombarded. We can do nothing           The Red Cross said Saturday it had              that Turkey’s government has con-           Ramadan and we used to visit,” Celik            effective the bombing would be and what
for this boy,” said the doctor, who has                                                                                                                                                        ultimate goal would be achieved.               ANKARA: Turkish surgeons had to remove
                                                failed to agree a deal to evacuate the jour-       demned what it calls the atrocities         said, referring to the Muslim month                                                            one leg from a patient who underwent a
also been treating Western journalists          nalists and wounded Syrians from Homs,             being committed by Syria’s military.        of fasting that ends with a feast of               Israel would need its entire fleet of
wounded in the city.                                                                                                                                                                           about 125 high-end American-made fight-        quadruple limb transplant after his heart and
                                                as President Bashar al-Assad’s forces                  Syria also wouldn’t want the area       food and sweets for friends and rela-                                                          vascular system failed to sustain the limb,
   American correspondent Marie Colvin          resumed shelling the Baba Amr district of          to become a transit point for smug-         tives. “But now who wants to go                 er jets, including its 101 F-16Is and 24 F-    the hospital said on Sunday.
and French photographer Remi Ochlik             the city.                                          gled weapons or a safe haven for the        where there is fighting going on?               15Is, to carry out such an ambitious raid,        Fifty-two doctors from Ankara’s
were killed in the bombardment of Homs             British photographer Paul Conroy,               Free Syrian Army rebels.                    Who wants to buy anything?”                     as well as all eight of its KC-707 refueling   Hacettepe University Hospital performed
last week and two other Western journal-        who was working with Colvin at the time,               In addition, the 566-mile (910-            Mouhammed Moussa, a Syrian                   tankers, said Scott Johnson, an analyst at     what was reported as the world’s first-ever
ists were wounded. The group is still           and French reporter Edith Bouvier were             kilometer) frontier has long been the       refugee in Turkey, said he believes             IHS Jane’s defense consultants.                quadruple limb transplant on Friday, attach-
trapped there despite Red Cross efforts to      wounded in the attack.                             scene of border disputes between the        the smugglers are right to assume that             “They would use everything they have.       ing two arms and two legs to Sevket
extricate them.                                    Britain summoned Syria’s ambassador             two countries, including in the area        Syria’s army will soon seal off the             Everything would be ready and every-           Cavdar. (AFP)
   The International Red Cross and              to London on Wednesday to demand that              where Hacipasa is based.                    border to prevent the rebels from               thing would be in play,” Johnson said.                         ❑    ❑     ❑
Syrian Arab Red Cross could not get into        Syrian authorities facilitate “immediate               For now, the increased security has     expanding their foothold.                          Israeli fighter jets, using precision-
Baba Amro on Sunday and were still                                                                                                                                                             guided bombs, cruise missiles and air-to-      MANAMA: Bahrain said on Sunday
                                                arrangements for the repatriation of the           reduced the number of items being              In an interview outside one of the                                                          almost all the verdicts issued by military
negotiating with Syrian authorities and         journalists’ bodies,” as well as medical           smuggled across the border and made         four refugee camps ‚Äî which jour-              ground missiles, would likely be focusing
opposition, the ICRC said.                                                                                                                                                                     on crucial links in the nuclear program,       courts against people involved in a pro-
                                                treatment for Conroy.                              the process more dangerous. But the         nalists cannot enter without special                                                           democracy protest movement crushed by
   Syrian authorities had not responded to                                                         illegal trading still includes cheap        Turkish government permits —                  including an underground uranium
a request for a ceasefire to allow the                         UN session                                                                                                                      enrichment center in Natanz, a centrifuge      the Gulf Arab state last year were now being
                                                                                                   gasoline and cigarettes brought in          Moussa said he is not a rebel.                                                                 handled by civilian courts.
wounded to be evacuated, it added, and             The UN Human Rights Council’s                   from Syria and sold locally for a prof-        But he said he is in touch with              plant in Tehran and the recently revealed         The statement, which also said 11 people
conditions were worsening by the hour.          annual session opens Monday determined             it.                                         “leaders of the revolution in Syria,”           Fardow facility built into the side of         jailed by military courts would be freed,
   In Hama, another city with a bloody          to put more pressure on Syria’s hardline               “They are not better, they are just     and Moussa also identified a 24-year-           mountain near Qom.                             appeared designed to show Bahrain had met
record of resistance to Baathist rule, one      regime after publication of a list of offi-        cheaper,” said Nihat Unal, 43, bran-        old man standing beside him as a sol-              The Fardow site lies at least 80 meters     the recommendations of legal experts com-
activist said nobody was taking part in         cials suspected of crimes against human-           dishing a pack of cigarettes he said        dier who had defected from the                  (260 feet) underground and likely beyond       missioned by the country’s king after an
the referendum. “We will not vote on a          ity.                                               had been smuggled into Hacipasa             Syrian army and fled to Turkey.                 the reach of even America’s most power-        international outcry. (RTRS)
constitution drafted by our killer,” he said       “We want Syrian authorities to give up          from a hilly area of Syria right across        “If we had weapons, it would be              ful conventional bomb.                                        ❑      ❑     ❑
by satellite telephone, asking not to be        being in denial,” said one diplomat. The           the border from his backyard.               much different,” Moussa said.                      Israel would be under pressure to stage
named.                                          Human Rights Council must “continue to                                                                                                         a quick attack, as any operation extending     STOCKHOLM: Police evacuated parts of
                                                                                                       Turkey says it does not condone            Despite the widespread criticism                                                            Landvetter airport in the Swedish city
   If the constitution is approved in the       put pressure on Syrian authorities”.               any illegal activity in its border areas,   Syria has faced for its deadly attacks          beyond one night could open the way to
                                                   The annual meetings which will be                                                                                                           untenable military and political risks, said   Goteborg on Sunday and sent in bomb
vote, a foregone conclusion, it would                                                              and will not allow insurgents to use        on civilians, and Saudi Arabia’s call                                                          technicians to investigate a suspicious bag,
drop an article making Assad’s Baath            opened by UN rights chief Navi Pillay              its territory to stage attacks in neigh-    for other countries to arm Syria’s              Daniel Levy, a senior fellow at the New        halting all incoming and outgoing flights.
party the leader of state and society, allow    and Nassir Abdulaziz Al Nasser of Qatar,           boring countries.                           opposition groups, Moussa is skepti-            America Foundation think tank.                    Police spokesman Jan Weiren said a bag
political pluralism and enact a presiden-       president of the UN General Assembly                   But about 10,000 Syrians who            cal that will happen.                              “Both for technical and political rea-      with suspected dangerous content was dis-
tial limit of two seven-year terms.             for 2011-12, will also look into latest            have fled their government’s crack-            “The US promised to help and the             sons, the capacity for several repeat runs     covered in the security check at the interna-
   But the limit will not be enforced ret-      developments in Iran, Libya, Sri Lanka,            down on the uprising against Syrian         Arab League promised to help,” he               is a stretch,” said Levy, who worked in        tional terminal. He said the owner couldn’t
rospectively, meaning that Assad, already       Myanmar and North Korea.                           President Bashar Assad’s regime now         said. “But that was just words.”                Ehud Barak’s Israeli government in 1999-       explain what was inside the bag and is being
in power for 11 years, could serve anoth-          However debates during the first three                                                                                                      2001.                                          questioned by police, but is currently not
er two terms after his current one expires      days were expected to focus on the near-                                                                                                          Apart from triggering massive diplo-        suspected of a crime. (AP)
in 2014.                                        ly one-year deadly crackdown by the                                                                                                            matic fallout, a prolonged attack over                         ❑    ❑     ❑
   Dozens of people lined up to vote in         regime of Bashar al-Assad on dissent in        expected to attend.                             council president Laura Dupuy Lasserre          days would remove any surprise element
two polling stations visited by a Reuters       Syria.                                           Qatar, which has backed calls for an          of Uruguay.                                     and Iran’s air defenses would have a bet-      MEXICO CITY: The group of 20 leading
journalist in Damascus. “I’ve come to              More than 7,600 people have been            Arab peacekeeping force in Syria, and              International     investigators      on      ter chance of countering Israeli war-          and developing economies will demand the
                                                killed since the uprising against Assad’s                                                                                                      planes, Western officials said.                eurozone put in place a stronger firewall
vote for President Bashar, God protect                                                         several other Arab countries, the               Thursday gave Pillay a list of Syrian mil-                                                     before considering handing more funds to
him and give him victory over his ene-          rule erupted in March, according to the        European Union and the United States            itary and political officials suspected of         Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said          the IMF, a senior G20 official said Sunday.
mies,” said Samah Turkmani, in his 50s.         Britain-based Syrian Observatory for           have called for an “urgent debate” on the       crimes against humanity that will be dis-       Russia is concerned about the “growing            A tougher eurozone fund will be an
   Another voter, Majed Elias, said: “This      Human Rights monitoring group.                 escalating crisis on Tuesday.                   cussed on March 12.                             threat” of an attack on Iran over its          essential precondition to future talks discus-
is a national duty, whether I agree or not,        About 90 government ministers and             “I hope that a strong political message          The UN-commissioned panel said it            nuclear programme, warning that the con-       sion on IMF resources, the official said,
I have to come and vote.”                       senior officials, including the foreign        will come from this debate with an appeal       documented a widespread and systematic          sequences would be “truly catastrophic.”       adding there was a broad consensus among
   This is Syria’s third referendum since       ministers of France, Germany, Spain,           for better access to humanitarian aid, and      pattern of gross violations by Syrian              In an article on foreign policy for pub-    G20 members that this was necessary.
Assad inherited power from his late             Egypt and Iran, as well as Libyan Prime        particularly a humanitarian truce for           forces, “in conditions of impunity”, since      lication on Monday, six days before a          (AFP)
father. The first installed him as president    Minister Abdel Rahim al-Kib, were              which the ICRC continues to work,” said         March 2011.                                     March 4 presidential election he is almost              Earlier Story Page 33

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