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					Maritime Navigation and
 Information Services

    Proposal for FP6
The project is a part of the research that
supports the Transport Policy.
There are two calls: 1A and 2A in April
2003 and December 2003.This project
should be seen in close connection with
the co-ordinating platform
    Work packages in cluster 1
Reporting and information:
WP1: Safe Seanet and its commercial applications (movement info to

WP2: Reporting by vessels, using AIS, LR AIS and Voyage plans
WP3: Waste management
WP4: Deliberate oil spills: use of SAR to trace perpetrators
WP5: HAZMAT and regional pointer databases
WP6: PSC and Equasis
    Work packages in cluster 2
Environmental issues:

WP1: Determination of safety levels and bottlenecks using
the EMSA accident database and AIS traffic
WP2: Development of risk indices for vessels
WP3: Determination of reasonable response times;
 SAR resources, OPRC resources, salvage and ETVs
WP4: Safe Havens
WP5: Monitoring of risk vessels
WP6: VTM at sea and implementation of VTM
       Work packages in cluster 3
Resource management in ports:

WP1: Resource management information from AIS, ship agents and
        coastal authorities.(Pilots, tugs, mooring gangs and other services
WP2:   Information needs of port stakeholders, agents, stevedores, road
        hauliers, barge companies, train freight companies
WP3:   One stop shopping of authorities
WP3:   Security in ports
WP4:   Simplification of cargo document flows and customs
WP5:   Interfaces to PCS, RIS and CCS in ports
WP6:   A small port solution
WP7:   Waist and dangerous goods management
    Work packages in cluster 4
Port activities:

WP1: Safety levels in ports
WP2: The changing role of VTM in a port
WP3: Port’s safety and infrastructural info on board vessels
WP4: Allocation of slots
WP5: Dangerous goods in ports
WP6: Calamity abatement
   Work packages in cluster 5
Onboard requirements:
WP1: External Information flows on board
WP2: Routing and met info/Navtext – EURO GOOSE
WP3: Fuel optimisation
WP4: ENCs updates
WP5: Expert systems support such as anchoring help,
WP6: Relevant legal info
WP5: Info connections with ship manager
WP6: AIS/ECDIS/radar integration
WP7: Keycards/credit cards/personal transponders for
       passengers in passenger vessels and ferries
     Work packages in cluster 6

Calamity prevention and abatement:

WP1: Fire prevention and abatement
WP2: Damage ship stability
WP3: Evacuation
WP4: Integration of systems to an emergency response system
  Work packages in cluster 7
Technology and Hardware:

WP1: Integration of AIS with SAR
WP3: Broadband applications for ships
WP4: Radar applications to find oil slicks
WP5: Satellite and SAR surveillance
Work packages in cluster 8
Regulatory and legal matters:
WP1: Intervention convention
WP2: Liability conventions
WP3: Implications of UNCLOS
WP4: Helsinki/Bonn/Barcelona conventions
WP5: Virtual European Coast Guard
WP6: Safe havens
WP7: The role of EMSA
WP8: Privacy aspects
1.   Pan – European reporting system based on “One Stop
     Shopping”.(see EMBARC)
2.   Pan – European flow of ship movement information by
     linking selected countries like e.g Greece, Italy, Spain,
     France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany,
     Norway and Sweden by using radar, AIS and LR-AIS
     (satellite) inputs.
3.   Pan – European information network for distribution of
     environmental parameters like sea, wind, current etc.
                                  Advisory Board


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