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					                                              Vivek Kumar
                                   Sr Business Analyst/Project Manager
                                            Contact: Mike Patel
                                             TechEnzyme, Inc.
                                          Ph: 732-632-8600 x 113
                                            Fax: 866-802-2710

MBA with Over 7+ years of extensive experience as Project Manager, functional Business Analyst, Requirements
Analyst and Systems Analyst with solid understanding of Business Requirement Gathering, Business Process Flow,
category management and Business Process Modeling in IT consulting organizations specializing in Investment
Banking, Financial Services and Healthcare Domain. My experience ranges from Managing Projects to being a
Consultant to the delivery team and client for processes. My current assignment involves role of a Sr. Business
Analysis and Business Process Reengineering and Modeling. My last assignment involved Relationship
Management, Business Analysis and Process Modeling and Reengineering. I have completed my Masters in
Business Administration with a specialization of Finance and Systems.


         Experienced in Business Analysis, project Management, Business Process Optimization, Business
          Intelligence using Microstrategy platform, System Analysis, Development, Testing, running SQL queries
          and Implementation with Financial services and Healthcare clients.
         Extensive knowledge and experience through all phases of SDLC, requirement management, Business
          Architecture, Information Architecture, Technology Architecture.
         Extensive Knowledge and experience of investment banking, Mortgage servicing policies and procedures,
          Mortgage backed securities, securitization, collateralized debt obligations, structured finance, treasury
          operations, financial markets and products such as SWAPS, BONDS, OPTIONS, Derivatives, and areas such
          as Counterparty Risk Management, Hedging, interest rate SWAPS, LIBOR models, valuation models,
          asset-liability risk models, Monte-Carlo simulation and Global Capital Markets.
         Extensive experience with Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML and Rational Unified Process
         Sufficient exposure to creation of Workflow for requirement modeling mainly in Visio.
         Sufficient experience of Business Analysis in Agile methodology and Rational Unified Process.
         Exposure with GIS mapping requirement gathering, analysis and documentation including functional and
          technical specifications.
         Knowledge and exposure with Sarbanes Oxley Compliance within the context of contractual obligations.
         Proficient in developing Use Case Models - Use case Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Activity Diagram and
          Class Diagrams based on UML methodology using Rational Rose with knowledge of Extract – transform –
          load ETL Process, Data warehousing, Data Mart, and Databases architecture.
         Experienced in as is – to be Analysis, risk Analysis, GAP analysis, and What-If Analysis.
         Enough Knowledge of front office, back office and middle office operations in various systems.
         Exposure and knowledge of financial messaging such as SWIFT, various methods such as loss forecasting,
          linear regression for risk analysis, tranching of capital, commitments, Capital asset pricing (CAPRI) and
          Treasury systems such as SUMMIT.
         Wide exposure of interacting with personnel ranging from Economists, Risk Managers, and executives to
          Technology Directors, System development Managers, Business Analysis managers, Project Managers,
          System Analysts, developers, testers and outside teams of vendors/consultants such as
          Pricewaterhousecoopers (PwC), Bearing Point, Booz Allen Hamilton, Boston Consulting Group, Accenture
          and Deloitte.

Tools & Technologies:

           Process engineering modeling, improvement Tools:
            Microsoft Visio, ALTOVA, ARIS Models, ARIS Business Designer and Word
           Analytical tools & requirement gathering methods:
            JAD sessions, GAP Analysis, AS IS-TO BE Analysis, category management, SWOT Analysis, Group
            interviews, what - if Analysis, one to one interviews, Enterprise Analysis, Feasibility Analysis and BABOK
            (Business Analysis book of knowledge)
           Business Architecture Frameworks:

                  Zachman Framework, POLDAT Framework
        Requirement Management tools:
         Rational RequisitePro, Telelogic DOORS, SODA
        Project Management Tools:
                  Microsoft Project Professional, PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge)

        Reporting tools:
                   Crystal Reports, Microstrategy business intelligence, Business Objects Cognos
        Visual Modeling & Diagramming tools:
                   Microsoft Visio, Rational rose, Rational rose XDE version, Microsoft Excel
        Databases:
                   RDBMS, Oracle PL/SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Share Point server, Application server IBM
                   Websphere, MS Access, SQL query expertise, DB2
        Testing Tools:
                   Load runner, WinRunner 7.0, rational robot, Mercury Quality center, HP quality center
        Version Control tool:
                   PVCS (Polytron Version control system), Rational Clear Case, Incident management and Crisis
                   management 6.0
        Change management tools:
                   ITIL change management, rational clear quest, PMBOK, test director
        CRM Softwares:
                   Oracle Customer service Software, Siebel Customer service software
        Analysis / Methodology/ Standards:
                   Business Process Modeling, Business Process Reengineering, Rational Unified Process (RUP),
                   Waterfall, Agile, Joint Application Development (JAD), Relationship & Expectation
                   Management, Project Management – Project Planning, Project Scheduling, Change
                   Management, Risk Management, Functional Analysis, release Management, Six Sigma,
                   CMM,ISO, ITIL
        Languages:
              o UML, SQL, C and C++, Java , J2EE, HTML, XML
        Softwares:
              o Complete MS Office XP, MS Project, Front Page 2000 , Rational Rose, Rational Requisite Pro,
                   MS Visio, SQL Server, Oracle 9i, 10g, SQL Navigator,ClaimXten, Payment Optimizer, Peradigm,
                   PowerMHS, AmiSYS, Orders Management System TOLAS
        Operating Systems:
              o MS-DOS, Windows 98/NT/2000/XP Professional, Vista

Professional Experience:

First Niagara Financial Group
First Niagara Bank
Buffalo and Lockport New York                                                       January 2011 – Present
Sr. Business Analyst / Project Manager

First Niagara Bank is replacing its loan servicing and origination system to new servicing and origination system
named ACBS (Advanced Commercial Banking System) where syndication and other facilities and provided. The
existing accounts needed to migrate into new system through various interfaces. Interfaces need to be built
according to the requirements of users of CIF, ASL, ER, CSUPI, Smart Collector, ACI, ASL, Chatham Financial, Non
Performing Loans, and Right fax.

        Gathered, analyzed and documented business requirements.
        Improved process, efficiency with process modeling and category management.
        Organized JAD sessions, brainstorming sessions.
        Drafted, captured requirements for reporting via Microstrategy business intelligence reporting data
        Coordinated with offshore and on shore teams of analysts and testers.
        Managed, team, delivered results, worked with timelines and project schedule
        One on one user meetings, conference calls and documented minutes of meetings.
        Process modeling, engineering, unified modeling language (UML) diagrams, user expectation
         management and AS IS – TO BE analysis.
        Worked across the teams with vendors, consultants.
        Posted deliverables on SharePoint site.
        Drafted, edited service level agreements.
        Coordinated with developers, system owners, project sponsors and Subject matter experts.

Environment: MS Word, Excel, MS Project, MS Visio, SQL, Access, SharePoint, MISER, ACBS and File transfer
Protocols such as IBM Connect Direct, Microstrategy business intelligence , Web sphere, HP Quality Center

Fannie Mae
Washington, D.C. and Herndon, Virginia                                               Aug 2010 – Dec 2010
Project Manager/Business Requirements Analyst / Business Process Analyst
Fannie Mae, also known as Federal National Mortgage Association, is one of the largest GSE (Government
Sponsored Enterprises) in United States to expand secondary mortgage market by securitizing mortgages in
form of Mortgage backed securities, allowing financial institutions and banks to reinvest their assets into more
lending. Vendor Oversight Division works with Custodians and Mortgage lenders by ensuring that mortgage
documents are correctly certified and routed to appropriate custodian based upon structure of loan. Various new
systems are going under maintenance and development to support existing Mortgage and certification process
and to support the Target State Architecture, a vision of Fannie Mae for future Business Model and Technology
Architecture of Lenders, Custodians and Fannie Mae. The project was to enhance and develop existing system
where every certification of mortgages, servicing transfers, Custodians could be tracked, key GAPS in Mortgage,
Mortgage Servicing operations, Mortgage Servicing transfers could be filled and a robust system could be
developed in alignment with Target State Architecture.

        Analyzed, investigated existing business processes, SOX compliances, technology architecture, and
         impact of proposed system on upstream and downstream systems, examined the viability with Target
         State Architecture.
        One to one user interaction, brainstorming sessions, JAD sessions to capture, elicit the Business
        Attended meetings, reviewed existing deliverables, process flows, project plans and posted new
         deliverables on SharePoint project site.
        Reviewed, analyzed mortgage servicing procedures, servicing transfers with Data and applications.
        Worked with the process of Acquisitions, Mortgage backed securities, whole loans, cash loans, reverse
         mortgages, balloon mortgages, custodian certification, counterparty risk management,
        Modeled process flows for Mortgage servicing operations, custodian transfer and various other
         processes as needed throughout the analysis.
        Wrote Business Requirements, Functional Specs and other deliverables as needed throughout the
        Wrote end to end business process specs, Diagrams, Models, scope document, Requirement
         documents, Minutes of meetings, project plans and uploaded required documents at project site.
        Negotiated, managed expectations of business user and established liaison with developers, test
         analysts, SMEs, Database Architects, project Managers, Process Modelers across the team.
        Assisted test analysts and team with Test scripts, test plans, requirement validations and other tasks as
         needed during SIT and UAT.
         Assisted project managers, business users, Mortgage servicing stakeholders, system owners,
         stakeholders to determine LOE (Level of effort) for various sub-projects.
Environment: MS office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook ) Loan Delivery, DDF, RATS+, ARDB, CDS,
eChannel, DocCert, eboutique, eTransfers, RiskNet, fundingExpress, ASAP+, reverse mortgages, Balloon, Cash and
Whole loans, MBS, SQL server, flowcharts, Unified Modeling Language, Microsoft Visio Professional 2007 and
2010, SharePoint, MS Office Communicator, MS Office Live Meeting, and DOORS

International Finance Corporation                                           Aug 2009 – Dec 2010
The World Bank Group
Washington, D.C.
Project Manager/Business Process Analyst
IFC (International Finance Corporation) is the member of World Bank Group. IFC invests the capital into the most
emerging markets in World. IFC has global investments in over 170 countries with a variety of financial products
including Equity structured investments, fixed income products, Collateralized debt obligations, securitization,

SWAPS, Derivatives, Bonds, Risk products and Currency exchange products. Various Adhoc requests were made
from users which include Investment Operation Managers, Risk Managers, Human resource managers and various
other users across the IFC. CBI (Corporate Business Informatics) was to address all issues requested by users
ranging from Data mining, analytics tool for risk management, Dashboard design for Human resource
applications, corporate reporting tools for reporting purpose and Designing, developing technology based
calculators for change in accounting policies including Amortization, IFRS and US GAAP.

        Requirement gathering, requirement analysis, JAD session, JRP sessions for various requests of users.
        Documented business requirements at both high level and low level with design specifications.
        Drafted various deliverables such as functional design specification, requirement specifications, Business
         requirement document, technical design document, requirement validation plan, Concept note, project
         execution plan, assessment reports, pre-implementation analysis, Request for proposal and test
         validation plans.
        Drafted requirements with GIS mapping system for rural development in rural areas of sub-Sahara
        Provided recommendations to update, change existing processes in Data mining, Data analysis for
         corporate risk management.
         Attended meetings, organized sessions, captured the requirements and maintained the balance
         between available resources and expectations of users.
        Represented on behalf of Corporate Business Informatics (CBI), IT Division to maintain the users’
         expectation in order to deliver solutions within available budget, time and resources in Fiscal Year.
        Reviewed data models to investigate the existing system and perform GAP analysis and write AS-IS TO-
         BE Process.

Environment: ODS (Operational data storage), Oracle 10g, IBM Cognos, MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel,
Access, Visio), ACBS, Web sphere, IBM Lotus Notes, Erwin data Modeler, IDESK, ICASE, SAP Financials, Informatica
ETL, SUMMIT, IBM Rational Requisite Pro, SWIFT Messaging and Clear Case.

DC Public Schools
District of Columbia Government                                            March 2009 -April 2009
Washington D.C.
Project Manager/Business Systems Analyst/Business Process Analyst
DCPS (District of Columbia public Schools) are the integral part of DC government. This project was to replace
with legacy system and implement a system which is according to the federal, state and Department of education
compliances. The system under development is to address the needs of process discrepancies, reporting, Data
archiving and Data analysis needs. The project was to take initiative on the needs of DCPS’s legacy system’s
replacement, re-engineering of existing process within complex, multi-tiered environment. My role in this project
includes; Data Analysis, Data Modeling, Deliverables writing, requirement capturing, documenting, analyzing and
Process modeling with Unified Modeling Language.

        White Board analysis, process analysis, category management, requirement capturing, determining
         discrepancies in the existing process.
        Reviewed Federal, State and local laws, regulations, Process Manuals, Complaints filed by various law
         firms in Washington, D.C.
        Created data maps, checked data issues, data quality and data flow.
        Created, modeled use cases, GAP analysis, feasibility analysis, attended meeting with SME’s.
        Created test cases and assisted test analysts on case by case basis and supported UAT and SIT.
        Supported content management into Quick base and Blackman Jones database with multisite web
         content management solutions. .
        Worked closely with Project team, Stakeholders, SME’s and Developers.
        Drafted requirement documents, technical design document, workflow and Training manual.
        Drafted Design and analysis related Diagrams with Diagramming tools like ALTOVA and MS Visio
        Attended meetings, Designed User Interfaces for various users across the system and Organization.
        Assisted in designing Dashboard for Executive level analysis, Business Executives, Audit Controls, Legal
         Authorities and Executives leading the Office of Student Hearing.

Environment: COTS (Commercial off the Shelf), BJ Database, Mercury quality center, DB2 database, MS Visio, MS
Excel, MS SQL server, MS Access, Quick base database, MS power-point and MS Word

Royal Bank of Scotland
Citizens Bank Cranston RI                                                              Nov 2008 – Dec 2008
Business Analyst/Business Process Analyst

Citizens Bank a subsidiary of Royal bank of Scotland provides wide financial services with personal banking, retail
banking, commercial banking and investment services. Several systems are going under maintenance and new
development in order to comply with BASEL II. Information quality group was asked comply and update the
whole system with a centralized enterprise data repository known as Risk data platform (RDP). Risk Data
platform includes exposure of assets including mortgages. Risk data platform ensure the data quality of
Mortgages, manage data lineage of Mortgages and other assets and provision data for enterprise wide risk
analysis, reporting and authentication of commercial life cycle (CLC), Customer relationship management (CRM)
and Small Business Lending (SBL).

The project was to address the immediate needs of risk data platform, review the Mortgage policies and
procedures, analyze Mortgage servicing process and copy the CBLH data managed by the Credit management
information system (MIS) until the system of record and associated business process have been developed to
maintain and provision set of business line data for BASEL program.


        Draft, Modeled existing process in Risk data platform, Technical design and specifications.
        Assisted in test plans, UAT, test validation and system integration testing.
        Applied UML (Unified modeling Language) methods to model the process and document the changes
        Reviewed, analyzed and modeled Mortgage servicing policies and procedure.
        Modified the process in prepared deliverables, updated use cases and UML diagrams.
        Reported to project manager, Vice president Data quality and Meta data administrator.
        Educated and trained stakeholders of RDP (Risk Data platform), kept JAD sessions on track in terms of
         BASEL II compliance, technical architecture and risk data management.
        Organized sessions with Architect, Systems Analyst and project manager for project core issues.
        Designed and created MVC Forms and report.
        Documented the requirement for the feed of CBLH data, CLC/CRM/SBL dashboard, ETL jobs and
         supported content management, followed web content management framework and vendor
        Document the requirement of Master Metadata layer (MML).
        Utilized UML diagrams to model Mortgage and servicing process with Context Diagram, Entity
         relationship diagram.
        Worked with data insight XI for Information Quality and Data Stewart empowerment with the report
         generation on the quality of Information.
        Trained the stakeholders for reference data, data Marts, Meta data and risk data platform.
        Prepared power-point presentation regarding the conceptual training regarding the process within Risk
         data platform, Data warehouse and CBLH Data.
        Attended meetings regarding weekly project progress, tracked the project success on Microsoft excel.
        Maintained record of version control, Audit Control, revisions and various deliverables throughout the
        Worked on various deliverables like Business requirement document, technical design document,
         Project scope document, test plan, job schedule & dependencies, Software requirement specifications.

    Environment: Oracle 11i, Mainframe, Rochade server, MS word, excel, access, MS Visio, ARIS Business
    designer HPPMS, CIT scanner, DB2 database, Mercury quality Center, Automation scripts, BABOK, Business
    Objects Data insight XI, Financial Modeling excel sheets, Quantitative analysis through Statistical
    applications, URL

Citigroup New York                                                                    Jan 2007 – Oct 2008
Project Manager/Business Analyst/Business Process Analyst
Citigroup provides a comprehensive array of services to a wide range of customers from Mortgage accounts to
short term credit funding. An internal real time system for asset management exists in the Treasury department
which was created to support the securitization process with other assets which includes Mortgages.
Securitization implies issuance of Mortgage and other securities backed by a pool of assets; mortgages and other
future receivables that generate cash flow. An enhancement release is added to the existing real time system

whereby various financial reports are generated for SOX compliance and SEC regulation. Various new functions
were added to support various business functions including cash management, accounting, Mortgage Servicing
and third party reporting. The new enhancement release thus added not only aided in justifying the compliance
with the Audit regulations but also supported more enhanced functions and features for the users.

        Reviewed the various assets in portfolio which included Mortgages, Credit cards and other type of
        Design, develop, and implement structured processes, managed categories and tracking & reporting
         formats for project planning, process Modeling, Designing and schedule management to aid in
         preparing project timeline.
        Mapped, modeled data, checked data quality issues.
        Updated the process flows of the Mortgage accounts and its impact on entire cycle.
        Applied the modeling tools for OLTP and OLAP (Online transaction processing).
        Interacted with the cross functional people such as project owner, business owner, project sponsor,
         development manager, infrastructure, legal, compliance, and information security to decide the scope
         of the project, plan budget and supported content management.
        Worked on Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM) suite.
        Created & developed User Interface prototypes for Mortgage accounts, User Interface Mock screens,
         and User Interface design for Mortgage servicing operations.
        Designed, documented the process of automated check and wire transfer its wide customer base,
         assisted in preparation of Disaster recovery and Business Continuity plan.
        Responsible for preparing the Roles and responsibilities matrix and hence being responsible for
         providing the business resources for the project.
        Reviewed, analyzed, modeled and documented policies and procedures pertaining to Mortgage
        Analyzed XML based Data Models and messaging, vendor management.
        Responsible for Staff estimates including the estimates needed for resources both in terms of people
         and man hours based on the timeline of the project.
        Structuring the project plan to ensure that the WBS is in sync with the contractual arrangements and
         thus be responsible for timely management of the deliverables.
        Gathering updates from the Project Team Leads on a regular basis and updating the project plan in MS
        Reporting experience with Business Objects Cognos with Data quality experience with Data Insights XI.
        Trained business users and stakeholders in areas of technology, Asset management and securitization.
        Key liaison to bridge the gap between IT and Finance.

MS Visio, UML, RUP, Test Director, Java, Microsoft Office 2003 tool, Microsoft Project, ARIS Business designer,
Wire frames, SODA, COSO framework, Mercury quality server, DB2, MS SQL server, Rational RequisitePro, Oracle
11i, IBM Websphere, Siebel CRM, Business Objects Cognos, URL

Capital One, Dallas TX                                                       Jan 2006 - Dec 2006
Business Analyst/Business Process Analyst
Capital One is a leading financial services company with a diverse customer base of corporate and institutional
clients, small business and retail clients. Its previous loan origination process was manually intensive. The
Mortgage process; from origination to mortgage account maintenance was needed to developed in addition to
other types of assets. Each team used its own best-practice processes standards that governed how loans were
initiated, routed and approved. The lack of common best-practice processes resulted in redundancy and errors,
which required network and reduced client satisfaction. A new system was implemented to automate loan
origination process to meet the needs of various loan applications ranging from Mortgage to Credit Cards.


        Interacted with the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and stakeholders gathering business requirements to
         get a better understanding of the clients’ business processes.
        Solely responsible for gathering and analyzing business and system functional needs into Business
         Requirement Specification(BRS) and System Requirement Specification(SRS).
        Created User Interface design and user interface mock screens to improve the loan application process.
        Reviewed the Mortgage servicing policies and procedures with key stakeholders.

        Drafted, Analyzed the deliverables for Mortgage servicing, servicing transfers and maintenance of
        Documented the Loan process with Siebel CRM applications and rational unified process.
        Assisted in process improvement of portal with loan origination and process with B2C (Business to
         customer) applications and Rational Unified process.
        Organized JAD sessions, conducted white board analysis sessions to find key operational GAPS in
         Mortgage Loan Origination and Mortgage loan servicing.
        Used Rational Rose to modify existing Use Cases, Activity, Sequence diagrams to improve
         comprehension of enhancement requests and supported content management.
        Interacted with technology teams and end users to take business and implementation decisions.
        Created requirements documentation detailing business requirements, functional requirements using
         Rational Requisite and presented to senior management.
        Used Rational Rose to keep track of changes in functional requirements.
        Analyzed, reviewed, documented and modeled the loan origination process and mortgage servicing
        Used MS Visio to develop business process flow diagrams for Mortgage Serving, loan origination,
         application and .
        Performed data analysis with XML based tree data Models and assisted in documentation for data
         archiving complied with Data retention policy, identified inactive business transactions in database.
        Worked with the QA team lead and QA standards to ensure compliance with all regulatory
         requirements, policies pertaining to Mortgage Servicing.
        Worked with JD Edwards’s people soft and managed various vendors.
        Reporting with Business Objects Cognos and Crystal reports 8.0
        Involved in creating Test scripts, Test Cases, Test plans for testing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) at
         completion stage.
        Participated in training sessions for stakeholders and clients to meet the project goal and have a same
         understanding of technical architecture.

Environment: UML, MS Visio, rational Requisite, MS Project, Wire frames, Siebel CRM, Business Objects Cognos,

CIBC Oppenheimer, New York                                                   June 2005 Dec 2005
Business Analyst/Business Process Analyst

Oppenheimer provides a comprehensive array of services to the high net worth individual and the institutions to
manage and move their financial assets ranging form stocks, bonds, derivatives, Mortgages and securities
worldwide. There was a need to offer faster and more automated trading options to its investors. A new real time
system was developed that increased the settlement efficiency and transaction processing capability for all type
of assets such as mortgages and other classes of assets which aided in settling more transactions at existing trade
level and also handle the expanded volumes as transaction number increased. It not only enabled simultaneous
delivery versus payment in the national and international sector but also clearance in all major currencies, linkage
with national and international clearing corporations and settlement throughout all time zones on the correct
value date.

       Interacted with Subject Matter Experts including a variety of internal and external customers, including
        Portfolio Management, Customer Service Trading Desk, Financial Reporting, Mortgage cycle, Treasury,
        and Financial Management Systems (FMIS) for gathering business requirements.
       Drafted the Business requirements for trading of commodities including vegetable oil, wheat, corn and
        other agricultural products.
       Lead the JAD sessions and white board analysis sessions to analyze the mortgage process.
       Solely responsible for gathering and analyzing business and system functional needs into Business
        Requirement Specification(BRS) and System Requirement Specification(SRS)
       Interacted with cross-functional teams on applying business rules, building business use case narrative
        and process flow diagrams
       Updated the Mortgages policies and procedures based upon the findings and with approval of key
       Designed documented, Siebel CRM (Customer relationship document) applications for trading portal
        and managed content.
       Worked in Transfer agency accounting software.
       Used Rational Rose to modify existing Use Cases, Activity, Sequence diagrams to improve
        comprehension of enhancement requests, processed SQL Server queries and export data to excel.
        Analyzed, Modeled the trading of equity, derivatives process with Unified Modeling language.
        Documented and assisted in the resolution of problems and issues identified during requirements and
         development process.
        Documented, reviewed, analyzed and modeled the Mortgage servicing procedures.
        Trained users for Security analysis and portfolio management, technical architecture, process and
         significant improvements.
        Analyzed existing Mortgage servicing procedures to find and address documentation gaps between
         operational and the documented procedures.
        Implemented Traceability Matrix and User requirement specification document (URS) verified the
         functionality coverage and rational unified process.
        Validate and enhance Business Test Cases as required to meet implementation goals.

Rational Rose, Siebel CRM, UML, RUP, Microsoft Office 2000 tool, Microsoft Project, IBM Websphere, Rational
RequisitePro, JAVA, Wire frames, MS SQL Server 2005

McKesson Health Solutions, CT                                              July 2004 – June 2005
Business process Analyst
 I worked as a Consultant in the capacity of a Business process analyst in the CACD (clinical auditing and
compliance division) and Clinical Trial Management system (CTMS) of McKesson. McKesson is an Industry giant in
providing Healthcare solutions. CACD division specializes in providing products revolving around validation and
the compliance of the claims like ClaimXten, ClaimCheck, HIPPA, RoboClaim, EDI and Interface to Payment
Optimizer, FACETS, Claim Process Automation, process improvement, category management and re-engineering.
My role entails interacting with Business Users to fetch and lay down requirements, Support the Technical team
with the business and functional understanding of different healthcare products like Claims processing and Fraud,
HIPPA Compliance and detection system.
I worked with big McKesson clients like WELLCARE, BCBS IL, BCBS TX, BCBS NM, Health Markets, Independent
Health Association and Sentara


        Assisting Senior Management in Business Process Reengineering and creating strategy around category
         management and technological initiatives.
        Business case presentation and Process Consulting to different management team to assist them
         arriving at the solutions and the best implementation path.
        Modeling of OLTP and OLAP with the modeling tools like Visio.
        Compliance of Family and medical leave Act 1993.
        Modeled existing process (AS IS) and created TO BE process Model and provided further
         recommendations to improve process.
        Assisting Business Users in laying down Business and functional requirements.
        Analyzing and studying the existing Business processes and capability to conduct gap analysis.
        Application of Medicare D claims, analysis. Direct, Mail, PA/PLA, retail and specialty pharmacy modelling.
        Compliance with HIPPA, regulation application and documentation.
        Wrote requirement Validation plan and summary.
        Analyzed the health insurance claim process, paid-time off accounts, documented the process, MediCare
         and MediCaid.
        Processing queries in Microsoft SQL Server.
        Re-engineering the Business processes for evaluation and effectiveness.
        Requirement modeling to conduct scope study
        Assisting project management in providing the estimates
        Facilitated the Joint application design sessions with goal to educate the stakeholders and train the
        Prioritizing requirements with the help of client stakeholders.
        Documenting Business and functional specification and workflows with regards to that.
        Assisting Implementation team in the development and in tracking Client satisfaction.

Environment: UML, MS Visio, MS Project, Access, RFP, ROI analysis, gap analysis, SQL Server, Data Claim
processing, Medicare claims, URL

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Florida                                  Oct 2003 to June 2004
Business Analyst / Business Systems Analyst
Blue Cross Blue shield is California’s largest health insurance company with more than 2.7 million members locally
and 3.5 million overall members. ROAM is an Internet based marketing application that provides service to
brokers and internal reps to do their day-to-day activities like viewing customers and broker information. The
brokers can login and view their customers and generate quotes, enroll new customers and renew the old
customers. They can also see their commission details. Internal reps can login and look at the progress being
made by each broker.

       Prepared and Facilitated JAR sessions to validate the features of the new system by reviewing the
        System Vision and Use Case specification with Business and IT.
       Practiced Rational Unified Process (RUP) as a process development Methodology for Requirements
        discipline. Responsible for planning, implementing and delivering HIPPA complainant B2B and B2C
       As an analyst in the Business Systems group; attended training on HIPAA regulations, and CMS
        compliance and its reporting requirements
       Worked on ICD 9 and Electronic Data Interexchange followed ANSI in analysis, design and development.
       Created Use Cases using UML and managed the entire functional requirements life cycle using Rational
        Unified Process and Rational Rose.
       Worked on Health insurance claims process, documented the process, MediCare and MediCaid areas
       Created Process Work Flows, Data models, Functional Specifications, and responsible for preparing
        Software Requirement Specifications (SRS), Functional Specification Document (FSD), Database query
        processing with SQL server and Oracle.
       Conducted JAD Sessions to develop an architectural solution that the application meets the business
        requirement resolve open issues and change requests.

Development Tools and Environment: IBM Rational - RequisitePro, Rose, Clear quest; Microsoft Suite- Excel,
Word, PowerPoint; RFP Microsoft Outlook, MS Project and SQL server, URL

St. Jude Medical, CA                                                                   April 2003 to Sep 2003
Business System Analyst

St. Jude Medical is dedicated to making life better for cardiac, neurological, and chronic pain patients worldwide
through excellence in medical device technology and services. The company has five major focus areas that
include; Cardiac rhythm management, Atrial fibrillation, Cardiac surgery, Cardiology and Neuromodulation .St.
Jude Medical's product portfolio includes; Implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs)              Pacemakers,
Electrophysiology catheters, Vascular closure devices, Heart valve replacement and repair products and
Neurostimulation devices. The project was focused on building an internal online search engine for the operators
to search various parts related to medical devices.

       Facilitated brainstorming sessions.
       Identified and analyzed the required business interactive system and its features to manage all retail
        store performances being from one central location.
       Elicited the requirements of Business intelligence system, supporting the business to know the factors
        affecting their stores, such as metrics on sales, inventory to sales, traffic, employee turnover, location,
        internal operations etc and to make business decisions.
       Interacted with vendors on a time-to-time basis to ensure to deliver the right product with required
        features. Defined frameworks for the application development and analyzed the areas of improvement.
       Worked in an agile environment.
       Performed and Modeled AS IS – TO BE analysis.
       Initiated Use Case Analysis using UML, which provided the framework for potential use case deliverables
        and their inter-relationships.
       Analyzed and documented the pros and cons of the project using strengths, weaknesses, opportunities,
        threats (SWOT) analysis.
       Involved in the analysis of the functional, technical specifications, data mapping document and
        conceptual diagrams.
       Identified critical areas of business risk and initiated an effort to examine the business process to reduce
        the same.
       Assisted during business continuity and risk management documentation with business users.
       Assisted during the Disaster recovery project plan preparation.

        Organized Peer reviews for Test Cases and Test Plans.
        Prepared monthly status reports for Enhancement Requests to the project team that was used in
         efficient tracking and monitoring of open issues of the project.
        Involved in weekly walkthroughs and inspection meetings to verify the status of the testing effort and
         the project as a whole.

Development Tools and Environment: Microsoft: Excel, Word, PowerPoint; Microsoft Office, MS Visio, Microsoft
Windows, UML, Agile

Ameriquest Mortgage, CA                                                             Oct 2002 to March 2003
Project Manager/Requirement Analyst
Online Electronic banking for Ameriquest Mortgage is a full featured web portal. The web portal provides
following services: the users to view their account balances, transfer funds to different accounts, manage
payments including Mortgages account to other financial Institutions by quick pay or recurring payments, view
the most recent transactions, view the transaction history of checking and saving accounts, category
management, Mortgage accounts send and receive messages, change user information, order checks, order

       Analyzed the business requirements to improve and manage customer relationship by automating the
        sales process and providing support for the sales division.
       Reviewed the key criterion for Mortgage eligibility, analyzed the data related to past performance of
        borrowers in mortgage accounts for the clarity of requirements.
       Authored analysis model document, Mortgage payment plan to show how employees share and
        develop information in business processes.
       Worked and applied the principles of Content Management in this web based portal implementation.
       Reviewed, modeled and documented the mortgage servicing operations along with servicing
       Gathered requirements to generate ad hoc reports for business to evaluate performances of various
        domains and processed SQL queries and linked database tables to each other.
       Facilitated meetings to validate business requirements and to avoid project scope creep.
       Authored high level activities workflow document to describe the business processes on a whole.
       Reviewed the documentations with Business Owners for Sign Off.
       Prepared Business Process Models that includes modeling of all the activities of the business from the
        conceptual to procedural level. Followed top down, leveled technique for building business process
       Conducted JAD Sessions to develop an architectural solution that the application meets the business
        requirement resolve open issues and change requests
       Worked closely with the development team to communicate client requirements.
       Monitored client expectations through client involvement and communication throughout the lifecycle
        of the project; educate clients and stakeholders on the benefits and risks associated with the project.
       Link business processes pertaining to Mortgage Servicing to organizational objectives, perform critical
        path analysis, and identify opportunities for business process improvement and provide
        recommendations for Mortgage servicing transfers. .
       Communicate the capabilities of the product suite to internal trainers and other staff
       Identified and analyzed the various inputs for business processes and output of business processes.
       Developed Business Process Flow diagram by interacting with Business Owners.

Development Tools and Environment: Microsoft Office, COSO Framework, MS Visio, Microsoft Windows,
interwoven, VBA, .NET, SQL Server

ICICI Bank, Bangalore, India                                                        Jan 2002 to Sep 2002
Project Manager /Business Systems Analyst

Project: and ICICI offers the complete set of personal, corporate and Non Resident Indian (NRI) banking features,
category management all at the same portal. Functionalities like Online account checking, money transfer,
Mortgage account maintenance etc. offers rich content on mutual funds bonds, stocks, options etc and helps you take informed
decisions. The key objective was to; provide the Indian investor with mutual fund products to suit a variety of
investment needs from Mortgage account to investments, to develop a solution that captured all aspects of
customers' investment holdings, liquidity needs and future goals based on life stages and events. Developed,
maintained and enhanced the clients' portfolio management system within Wealth Management Support
Organization as a business analyst web portal system (online banking).


       Assisted the Project Manager in setting realistic project expectations and in evaluating the impact of
        changes on the organization and plans accordingly.
       Designed and developed Use Cases using UML modeling techniques such as Use Case Diagrams, Activity
        Diagrams and Sequence Diagram, entity relationship diagram to depict and model the mortgage
        process and figure out key operational GAPS.
       Collaborated with development architect and the business to develop both high-level and detailed
        application architecture to meet the business needs.
       Translated the business needs into system requirements and actively involved in converting the business
        requirements into technical requirements.
       Participated in the identification, understanding and documentation of business requirements including
        the applications capable of supporting those requirements.
       Reviewed, analyzed and modeled the mortgage servicing policies and procedures.
       Prepared custom reports and performed SQL query, data analysis, data modeling and verification.
       Served as a liaison between business team and the project team by assisting the business in identifying
        understanding and documenting their business needs ranging from Mortgage solutions to account
       Involved in testing on all stages of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
       Developed test scenarios and implemented test plans.
       Creating Test plans and Test strategies to provide the testing overview to the Management Team.
       Assigning the Test Cases to the Test Execution Team for Execution and providing any required support.
       Working on Defect management process such as logging and resolving Defects found in Test Cases
        execution phase.
       Re-assigning Test Cases to the Test Execution Team for execution after the defects are fixed.
       Follow up with the project teams for additional requirements.
Environment: MS Office Suite including MS Word, Access and Excel, MS Visio, SQL

Master of Business Administration MBA (Finance & IT Systems)
Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India ICFAI University, Hyderabad India
IIBA: Member of International Institute of Business Analyst
PMI: Member of Project Management Institute
NFRUG: Member of North Florida Rational Unified Group


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