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									                                                 Keith Reed t . 8055 2849,
st denys                                

FOCUS                                     Cllr Adrian Vinson t . 8055 5660
                                                                  Jill Baston


           St Denys’ Liberal Democrat campaigner, Keith Reed
           (pictured), is calling for Southern Water to fix Portswood
           Treatment works at the bottom of Kent Road.
           Residents have complained that it appears to keep
           breaking down, causing unpleasant smells. You can back
           his campaign by signing the petition overleaf, or at
  It also includes a
           short survey on other important issues in our area.
   Sign the petition and tell us your views at
       Or circle you answers and send them to the FREEPOST address below.

                                           Only Keith Reed secured a commitment from
                                           senior officers that we will keep a local
                                           police station and frontline officers. Demand
                                           for the front counter service is falling and it is
                                           due to be closed. Would you prefer to lose
                                           front line officers and keep a counter
                                           service instead? (circle)                 Yes/No

Graffiti, Pot Holes - Keith Reed has reported graffiti at both ends of Kent Road and
on the junction boxes in Aberdeen Road. He has also asked for the pavement on
Cobden bridge and the potholes in Priory Road to be repaired. What else needs fixing?
(write here)

                                                                                                                                                            Printed by Keith Reed, 21 Khartoum Road, SO17 1NY.

                                                                                                                                                            Democrats, 14 Peartree Close, Woolston, SO19 7GX.
   More issues for St Denys.

                                                                                                                                                               Published and promoted by Southampton Liberal
                                      Do you want:                                                                                 (circle)
           1.A one way traffic system for Priory Road & Adelaide Road? Yes/No
           2.A residents’ parking scheme for the whole of St Denys?         Yes/No
           3.A 20 mph zone across the whole of St Denys?                    Yes/No
           4.Tighter rules to improve the quality of private sector rented housing
    and limits on the number of family homes converted to multiple lets? Yes/No
 5. What else needs improving? (write here)

We, the undersigned, support the       Name(s)
Liberal Democrat campaign to fix St
Denys sewage works.                    Address

Signed:                                Telephone
Return free of charge to:
Keith Reed                                               I will vote Liberal Democrat next time
Southampton Liberal Democrats,                           I can help deliver FOCUS in my area for
                                                         1 hour every other month
RSUJ-JHUE-KRGC                                           I would like to vote by post at the next
Southampton SO19 2FZ                                     local election
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                                        you. Some of these contacts may be automated. You can opt out of communications at any time by contacting us.

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