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					Athletic Pubalgia: Diagnostic Difficulties and Treatment Options

Brian Wiese
Mentor: Dr. Kirk Brumels
Department of Kinesiology

Athletic pubalgia is a disruption of the connective tissue located near and around
the pubic symphsis region that creates diagnostic and treatment difficulties for
health care professionals. Many times confused for a hernia or muscle strain;
athletic pubalgia (also known as Gilmore’s Groin or sports hernia) is a debilitating
condition which can severely affect an individuals ability to perform high level
athletics and in some cases activities of daily living. Although, athletic pubalgia is
actually a herniation of connective tissue, the diagnostic difficulties arise due to
athletic pubalgia not clinically presenting as a typical inguinal or femoral hernia.
In addition current diagnostic tools are unable to produce images that confirm
athletic pubalgia and often lend to misdiagnosis of muscle strains in the pelvic
region. Treatment and rehabilitative activities that are typically effective for
musculotendinous pathologies are often ineffective in athletic pubalgia cases
thus causing athletic pubalgia to become a diagnosis of exclusion. These
diagnostic and treatment difficulties lends to a long process with longstanding
pain and decreased function, which can only be corrected through surgical
intervention. This case study will explore the presentation of symptoms, the
difficulties of diagnosis, and the surgical interventions required to manage a case
of athletic pubalgia in an athletic male patient. It is our hope that this case will
serve to educate health care professionals, as well as the common public, in the
nuances of athletic pubalgia presentation and treatment.

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