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									                       Online Shopping: A 24/7 Shopping Experience

Looking around the horizon of any city what meets ones eye are the skyscrapers, which line it. Out of
these, at least 15% skyscrapers are shopping malls where at least 70% of the city crowd gather every
weekend to browse through the various shops. On the other hand open the world wide web and what
meets the eye here are a number of online shopping portals which are being browsed by consumers the
world over.

Technology with its innovations over the years has given enterprises a wider platform through e-
commerce to engage customers the world over. On the other hand, it has provided the customers from
every corner of the world online shopping portals to browse and shop around from their comfort zone.
Today, with techno savvy customers and high-end electronic devices, online shopping malls have
become very common.

Online shopping web portals have a variety of products under one roof. Further, there are web portals of
most of the leading brands. From the high-end technology products, home products, electrical and
electronic gadgets, furniture, leading brands in Men’s and women’s clothing and fashion accessories,
Perfumes and toiletries, books and magazines to even the daily home requirements are all available
through these online shops.

With vast number of e-stores gaining foothold on the World Wide Web, it has becomes easier to buying
gifts for friends and families. With the variety of products to choose from the online gift shop, surprising
someone near and dear for any occasion is just a click away. Being open 24/7 makes shopping and
buying gifts an anytime experience.

The online shopping portals offer the customer a number of benefits. One major strategy of digital
marketing is the price advantage. Enterprises, which have their presence only on the web, are not
investing their capital on the physical stores. Hence, these enterprises offer products on the online
shopping portals at a discounted price than that is available at the brick-and-mortar stores. Further giving
out online coupon codes, promotional certificates, waivers of delivery charges are what the customer at
the online shopping counter can avail of.

Sending across electronic products, whether these are gadgets, mobile phones or computers as gifts to
India, the web stores stock up from the simplest to the latest editions and high-end ones. Visiting these
online shopping stores for electronic shopping lets the consumers read through reviews of the
products from existing customers and technical experts. As far as payment for the products are
concerned, with secure payment gateways, payment for online shopping sites can be either through
credit cards, cheques or even cash on delivery.

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