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Communications by asifhashmi123456




Internal and international services available from the Central Post Office. Post is delivered to box
numbers. Airmail to Europe and the United States takes up to one week.


The country dialling code is 966. A sophisticated telecommunications network and satellite, microwave
and cable systems span the country. Saudi Arabia has a good telephone service, run by the Saudi
Telecom Company (STC).


There are two mobile phone network providers including STC. A number of different price packages are
on offer.


Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP is a new technology which allows users to verbally communicate through their computer. Essentially
a telephone call made using the internet, VoIP is becoming increasingly more common in the business
world due to its low costs, and easy set-up and maintenance.

Forget installation engineers and phone number changes, as long as you have a broadband connection,
you can use VoIP any time, any where.

For businesses, this software is sure to eventually phase out the traditional phonecall. For as low as 4p
for local and national calls, the economical potential is vast. With international calls often even less than
that, VoIP is perfect if you are prone to long-distance telecommunication, or have offices, clients,
partners, etc, overseas. What's more, calls made between VoIP users are typically free all you pay for is
the standard internet service.


There is great interest in the potential of e-commerce, although its use is still limited.

Both the internet and e-mail are increasingly used, however the current telecommunications infrastructure
is insufficient for the demands. There are internet cafes in all major cities.

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