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									      North Dakota State University Student Government
                                  Sunday, October 16, 2005
                                     Prairie Rose Room


   I. Call to Order
              Meeting was called to order at 6:30PM.

  II. Roll Call

 III. Approve Agenda
           Senator Eiler moved without objection to add “approval of two off-campus
           senators” to New business as line item A.

              No objection.

 IV. Guest Speakers-
       A. Pat Fredrickson- Bison Athletics
                Had great attendance at all the football games this year. Homecoming this
                week and hope that everyone shows up for those events. Money given to us
                is spent in three areas, travel, supplies, and fees. Travel that costs the most
                is football because of flying four separate times. Non-conference games
                cause us to fly to separate areas of the US. Last year, the move to Division
                1, increased expenses in travel have occurred. Basketball and wrestling
                have a lot of home matches this year. Supplies such as equipment and
                uniforms are needed. Fees are official’s fees and guarantees. Official’s fees
                are twice the cost as division two official fees. Guarantees are used to get
                teams to come to NDSU; we give them and receive them. Appreciate all the
                help from the Student Government.

          B. Bret Maughn- Campus Recreation and Intramurals
                  No report.

  V. Approval of Minutes
          No additions or corrections.

  VI. RHA Liaison Report- Derek Hust
              Last Monday a report from Michael Harwood presented the budget and next week
              will approve it. October 29th is the flag football tournament.

 VII. President of Senate Announcements – Dante Miller
              Senate schedule for spring has been posted. There is no senate meeting next

VIII. Secretary of Senate Announcements – Kelly Lien
             When saying the pledge of allegiance, it is “one nation under god” not “one
             nation, (pause) under god”.

  IX. Executive Report
     A. GRIA – Sarah Beck
              License plate program was started on Friday. The booth for homecoming will be
              open for license plate money and applications along with the t-shirts for yellow
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           out day. Order forms must be kept in order and money must be kept separate.
           Pep rally and Fargo dome sign up sheets are going to be sent around. NDSA this
           weekend didn’t get a full delegation this weekend. That is kind of sad. Overall
           the weekend went really well.

  B. CSO – Melissa Mallett
           Getting ready for Large Group meeting November 2nd.

  C. Finance – James Foertsch
           Contingency fund is at $22,043, Special Projects is at $4500, Reserve is
           $83,659.90. Budget meetings have been set. Any organization looking for
           money needs to attend one of these meetings.

  D. ASA – Rachel Hall
           Powder puff team meets tomorrow at 5:30. Student Government is getting spirit
           points this week; you can register for up to three organizations. Legal survey has
           been written, and will be sent out this week. Deuce total is 7, 835.35, about 1500
           more than last year at this time.

  E. PR – Jillian Huwe
           Booth for homecoming t-shirts and license plates is this week, we need two
           people every hour and it will count as your office hours. Float assembly is 7:00
           on Thursday, will be meeting in the office.

  F. Tech – Joe Mathern
           Make sure to limit personal printing on student government printing. Its okay for
           a couple of pages, but don’t print out twenty or thirty page notes. Last Thursday
           the Technology Committee voted for an upgrade to Blackboard of 150,000
           dollars, it will only cost 21,000 of this years money to pay for it. Learning
           management system will give online storage for every student, e commerce will
           match blackboard with bison card system and to put money onto your bison card
           account 24/7. This will allow you to add money whenever you want. E-portfolio
           option will also be given, it duplicates what we have with SOTS, where we can
           interface SOTS with Blackboard. It will also give us online library reserve. Also,
           it will integrate PRS. It isn’t finalized, ITS and Provost have given okays, but it
           still hasn’t been decided yet. Two weeks of seed classes will be given to see if we
           like it, we won’t owe anything until after that time period. The main thing with
           blackboard costs is based on the number of courses and users on the system.
           Don’t foresee it being much more than what we pay for it now.

 G. President- Kevin Teigen
           U-Senate was Monday, approved vertical writing curriculum. The amount of English
           stays the same, if you have over a 21 on your ACT, the English 110 will not be required.
           Search for new VP for Business and Finance. Submitted an article to the Spectrum this
           week and a lot of PR stuff will be coming up next week. A request for support from
           Engineers without Borders will be on the table. President Chapman will be meeting with
           Dante Miller and Kevin Teigen tomorrow.

X. Court Report – Chief Justice Zac Duval
         No report.
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 XI. Varsity Mart Bookstore Advisory Committee Report- Adam Montgomery
            Frank Michael is at cheerleading practice. Varsity Mart bookstore is reporting to
            us today on a regular basis (twice a semester). Discussed this week at the
            meeting: ipods with video capability are now available for reservations, Varsity
            Mart feels that it isn’t being utilized for donations, they will be happy to donate
            items to school organizations. Remodeling starts this July. Online textbooks-
            there are 20 of them within the university system and are 30% less than the cost of
            regular textbooks. The vending machine outside the bookstore will be moved to
            the library and one may be put in the IACC. Nike apparel, you need a minimum
            number of shoes and apparel to have them there. Homecoming sale depends on
            the number of touchdowns on Saturday, sale on Monday. Student Government
            logo is on the create-a-shirt website. PRS units- 10,000 sold to date.

XII. Reports off the Floor
             Senator Eiler- Appointments committee met Thursday night for two off campus

             Senator Johnson- Program review met on Monday. We started first draft of
             Philosophies and Humanities. Discussion on adding a philosophy department has
             addressed. BOSP meets on Tuesdsay morning.

             Senator Sperl-ABFSA met last week, did a meet and great and gave an intro to
             what they do.

XIII. Old Business
         A. SP-02-06, Second Reading
             Senator Johnson moves to approve at $356

             Second by Presser

             Senator Johnson- The band is a great band, Engineers without Borders has a CSO
             status of a 5. The band is playing at a cheaper rate, is a safe alternative for Friday
             night activities. There are conflicts, but would like the support for this event.

             Member of EW/OB- Do you have any questions for me?

             Vote- Motion passes.

XIV. New Business
         A. Approval of two off-campus Senators
            Senator Eiler- Move to approve Brianne Montgomery and Justin Miedema as new
            off campus senators.

             Second by Senator Johnson.

                   Montgomery- Junior in Business Admin
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                      Miedema-Junior from Grand Forks, MN.

              Discussion- None

              Vote- Approved

              Senators were then sworn in by Chief Justice Zac Duval.

  XV. Advisor’s Comments
             No comments.

 XVI. Announcements

XVII. Pass the Gavel
              Kelly Lien is Student Government member of the week.

XVIII. Adjourn
              Motion by Eiler

              Second by Wolf

              Meeting was adjourned at 7:25.

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