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									A Guide To CRM and Database Marketing

 By R.R. Jackson & Associates, Inc.
CRM has become THE buzzword. In fact, the term CRM
or customer relationship management once really
described a type of software. Today it has become the
“Mantra” of a customer- centric philosophy.
The real focus of CRM is the implementation of a
company-wide business strategy that drives customer
loyalty by capturing all relevant customer data sources
across the business. CRM then makes the data
available for the purpose of relationship-based selling.
Each part of the business understands the customer in
context of the other parts. This is also called a 360
degree view of the customer.
The data sources across the business are called “Touch
Points”. Each touch point has a related software
application called a “Point Tool” associated with it. For
example: Call Center Manager, Sales Force Automation
Tool; Campaign Management, Automated Program
Deployment, Participation Portal, POS and Web Site

There are two types of “point tool providers”. Enterprise
software providers such as Siebel, Peoplesoft or Oracle.
The provide one comprehensive solution or suite of tools
for the business also called the “front office”. Other
companies specialize in specific point tools for campaign
management, web or sales force automation.
While, specialized point tools are often better, they seldom
fit together as well as a suite of tools without a lot of
technology headaches.
No matter which tool or suite you
choose, you will find that each requires
data. Thus, you need to plan on
consolidating all the data from each
function (call center, sales force,
marketing, web, retail) into one
comprehensive data warehouse.
Now, you have tools and a data
warehouse. The easy part is done!

Next is training, and organizational
issues such as getting diverse business
groups to work together, etc., etc., etc.,
In the late 80’s and early 90’s, a data
marketing condundrum occurred.
Businesses spent millions of dollars to build
“state-of-the-technology” marketing
databases. Yet, they spend nothing on
populating it with important stuff, like
customer data.
We called this the great database
marketing paradox.
Fast forward to today. Welcome to the
Great Data Marketing Paradox: Redoux.
Only this time, the scope is bigger and the nature
of the forgotten data is bigger as well. We see
sales force automation systems with no customer
contact information in the fields, point of sale
tools that don’t share data, Web
managers that are not real time,
etc. The bigger they are………the
harder they fall!
It turns out, that whether your
focus is database marketing or a
front office CRM suite, there are
four key resources or building
blocks that must be in place to
implement a customer marketing

                               effort. They are: data, analytical
                               capabilities, customer marketing
                               expertise and technology. The
                               amount of each you need, and
                               the order in which you need
                               them depends upon the unique
                               nature of each marketing

Of the four, one stands alone and
far above the others in
importance. Customer data is,
has and will remain the key to
database marketing, or customer
relationship management
                     Without the right data, no
                     amount of technology,
                     analysis or skilled talent will
                     drive sales and maximize
                     customer value. In fact,
                     technology and its “tools”
                     should always be the last

We are R.R. Jackson & Associates. We council
our clients on how to leverage the four key
assets of data, technology, analysis and
customer strategy. That’s the easy part!
We drive our clients business and dramatic
ROI through creating customer loyalty, cross
and up-selling, re-selling and focused
prospecting. We work magic with data and
analytical techniques.

We offer our clients unique
insights into: One-to-one
marketing and branding;
Linking the Manufacturer,
retailer and customer;
Customer communities and
Fast track implementations that generate results in 90 days or less.
What makes us different?
•We partner with proven leaders in database
marketing and CRM
•We demonstrate success in three month intervals
•We deliver quick-hit successes
•We implement a true partnership with our clients
•We have proprietary techniques and processes
that create insight and drive ROI
  Our managing partner co-wrote the book that has
driven database marketing strategy for the last seven

      R. R. Jackson & Associates, Inc.
R. R. Jackson & Associates provides strategic
consulting in the areas of database marketing
and CRM applications. Through customer
information and analytical capabilities, we
help our clients drive customer treatments
that maximize current and potential value.

           Please contact:
           Rob Jackson
           dbmrob @
CRM & Database Marketing Consulting

      R.R.Jackson &
      Associates, Inc.
        644 Carolyn Drive
        Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
        630-240-2962 Fax

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