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									                             American High Booster Club
                        Meeting Minutes of September 13, 2004

President Dave Siegfried called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

Meeting began with a “Welcome” to Booster’s Club for the school year 2004/2005.
First item discussed was the success of the BBQ’s we held for “Parent’s Nights” for the
Football Teams, Girl’s Volleyball, Cross Country, and Water Polo.
Merchandise sold at these events totaled up to $679.
Dave also mentioned that we will be creating and distributing by-laws for the Booster

Introductions were then made for board members and general members:

Vice President: Theresa D’Audney
Theresa is also Chair Person for Crab Feed this year. She will soon decide on a good day
of the week to start meeting with Crab Feed Committee.
Secretary: Juli Siegfried
Juli is also Co-Chair of Crab Feed committee this year.
Treasurer: John Ferris
John reiterated that Booster’s raised $10,000 last year for the sports programs at
American High School and we have even bigger and better goals this year.
Volunteer Coordinator: Kellee Thomas
Membership: Cindy Yichoy
Commented that she has gotten some new members.
Fundraising: Linda Anderson
Field Coordinator: Val Altomare
Advised us that his job is to find where and what is needed with the different
teams/sports. Works closely with Tom Redgrave.
Merchandising: Tom Redgrave
Commented on what a good group of folks we had at the Booster Club meeting, as a lot
of the folks here are involved with the school in more ways than one. Not just Booster’s.
Athletic Director: Dave Garcia
Stated that he is here to help give us direction and support.
Assistant Principal: Dave Chamberlain
He’s involved with athletic activities.
Carrol Matthews: Involved with Boosters since she has a Sophmore and Senior daughter
involved in sports @ AHS.
Renee Pinkney: Here since she has a daughter who’s a Senior involved in sports @ AHS.
Laura Phirippidis: She has a Freshman son involved in sports @ AHS.
Allison Pacheaco: She too has a Freshman son involved in sports @ AHS.
Annette Lewelling: She has a Freshman daughter and a Junior daughter involved in
sports @ AHS.
Janet Rodriguez: Former board member who is still a big help to Booster’s Club. She is
currently selling tickets for Crab Feed. She also is helping with Back to School Night.
Dave Lowe: He is here to represent Badminton. He is looking to raise money for his
players. He is in need of an assistant coach.
Wendy Blalock: She has a daughter who is a Junior who is involved in sports @ AHS.

Dave Garcia Reports: Teams have been practicing since August. We swept Moreau in
football and the 2 yr football contract with Moreau has been renewed. Patricipation is up.
Cross Country has 30 runners, double what we had last year. This year we had so many
participants in Tennis and Volleyball that they actually had to make some cuts. Water
polo has 35 players on 4 teams. We also have a new water polo coach. Football numbers
are also up. Dave also thanked Kellie for finding works for the chain gang & ticket booth
for first games. He also passed out sports passes for board members.

Dave Lowe Reports: He is looking to raise funds for Badminton as they currently only
have 6 courts, smallest in the school district. They have done some car washes and have
raised $800 so far. He wants to use a car donation program to raise some real money. He
said he needed a tax id and approval from risk management. It this program is a go and
works well, we may want to consider a car donation program for other fund raising
needs. The website for the program he was referring to is

Dave Chamberlain Reports: We have a new Pepsi contract that gives us more profit but
we have to fill the machines. Takes 3-4 hours a night, 2 times a week to fill the
machines. We need volunteers. Mr. Pfeffer has the key. Bryon and Janet Rodriques will
be training volunteers.

Treasurer’s Report:
To be submitted at October meeting.

Volunteer Coordinator’s Report: Kellee Thomas reported that she spent 2 hours calling
parents and is getting volunteers. She says things are going well and she will continue to
call. She also said she would provide price sheets for ticket booths.

Membership Report: Cindy Yichoy reported that we have 60 new members. 2 of which
are Eagle Pride Members, 1 Red*White*Blue Member, 2 Eagle’s Nest Members, and the
rest are Eagle Members.

Field Engineer’s Report: Val Altomare reported that they finished the fence for the
batting cage. Also mentioned that the snack bar had been broken into again this summer.
The window was kicked in. Fortunately the sound system was not here. The coffee
machine was broken as was other loose items. It was also noted that he’d send an email
to the coaches to get their “wish lists”.
Merchandising Report: Tom Redgrave reported that we sold the following amounts in

$188 on 1st day of Maze Days
$446 on 2nd day of Maze Days
$210 at Football BBQ
$55 at Girl’s Volleyball BBQ
$29 at Cross Country BBQ
$262 at Water polo BBQ
$288 at Football Game

Tom placed a new order for sweatshirts and we have changed the logo as planned.
He also passed the new logo around for all to see. Only 6 hats left. The Eagle can also
be put on the hats, must have minimum of 24 hats to order. We are down to 10 blankets.
Need to order more. Should take 1 month to get if we order before Christmas time.

Fundraising Report: Linda Anderson will be constructing a letter to send to local
companies asking for donations. She also asked about whether we could pull off the
Homecoming BBQ. We discussed the possibility of having Outback come in to cook for
us. Discovered that you have to guarantee a certain number of dinners (approx 200
person minimum) and they book out about a year in advance. Maybe we can consider
this for next year? The date of the Homecoming is 10/2/04 and the BBQing would go on
during the game. Manpower is needed. She needs answer within next few days so we
can decide to go on or cancel.

Vice President Reports: Theresa D’Audney will be creating the Crab Feed Committee
which she will chair, with Juli Siegfried as co-chair. Theresa will establish a night of the
week when the committee can meet, then she will send an email with this information to
those who might be interested in being involved. This is the BIG fundraiser of the year.
We need to try to get the teams to start thinking about their baskets for raffle and silent
auction. The date of the Crab Feed is 3/19/05 and it will be held at Holy Spirit Church.

Dave Siegfried: Back to School night is 9/23/04, Janet and Bryon will man the
merchandise booth for Boosters. Grad Night folks will be selling burritos that night.

The Scholarships program offered by Booster Club is usually addressed in March. Dave
wants to do it in the winter instead since Seniors usually have so much going on at the
end of their Senior year. The program is run through Carol Douglas. Scholarships are
only offered to Booster Members. We should address this soon.

Lastly, Dave mentioned that the American High School Football Team was on the front
page of the Argus recently. We need to try to get a parent from each team at American
High School to be responsible for getting highlights of games/meets to us or to the Argus
so we can continue to be “in the news”. Sports Focus would be good too.

Next meeting will be on October 11 at 7:00pm in the library.
Meeting adjourned at 8:09pm.
Respectfully submitted by Juli Siegfried, Secretary.

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