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					American Cancer Society Relay For Life
MEDIA NAME Media Partnership Proposal

To form a partnership between (MEDIA NAME) and the American Cancer Society to promote Relay For
Life of (COMMUNITY), (DATE) in the (COMMUNITY) area. Through this media partnership, (MEDIA
NAME) will help raise awareness of cancer issues as well as funds to support the American Cancer Society’s
research, education, advocacy and patient service efforts.

Benefits of sponsorship:
         Opportunity to promote the (MEDIA NAME) as the dedicated community partner in the fight
            against cancer by participating in the American Cancer Society Relay For Life of
         Opportunity to tag all remaining Relay For Life print material as a media sponsor. The (MEDIA
            NAME) logo will be placed on as-yet unprinted event posters and brochures. About (##)
            organizations and businesses participate in Relay For Life and more than (###) posters and
            brochures are printed and distributed throughout the (COMMUNITY) area.
         Recognition of (MEDIA NAME) partnership in all news releases or public service
            announcements presented by the American Cancer Society to the (COMMUNITY) media.

In return for the above benefits, (BROADCAST MEDIA NAME) agrees to:
     Promote Relay For Life through $(###) in :30 ads, calendar listings and PSAs until the week of
        (MONTH DATE,) 2008.
             o ACS will provide information on Relay For Life including survivor and luminaria
                 ceremonies, participation opportunities, the event kickoff and the new Fight Back ceremony.
             o (MEDIA NAME) will write the copy and produce the PSAs. OR (MEDIA NAME) will air
                 the pre-produced PSA provided by the American Cancer Society.
     Help promote the Relay For Life kickoff event in a yet-to-be-determined (COMMUNITY) location
        on (DATE).
     Conduct a live interview on (MEDIA NAME) with an American Cancer Society volunteer and/or
        staff about ACS programs and services funded in part by Relay For Life during a morning or drive-
        time show.
             o ACS and (MEDIA NAME) will determine preferred air dates.
     Provide Web site exposure for Relay For Life on (MEDIA NAME) Web site(s) and include a link to
     Consider story ideas to air during the news or other programming to promote Relay For Life in
        (MONTHS) 2008.

In return for the above benefits, (PRINT MEDIA NAME) agrees to:
     Print Relay For Life media releases sent by the American Cancer Society, when space and news
        coverage allows.
     Run two advertisements a week, at least a fourth of a page each beginning (DATES). These ads will
        focus on building awareness of Relay For Life.
            o American Cancer Society to provide the advertisements camera ready
     News mentions to refer to the event as “American Cancer Society Relay For Life of
     Produce news stories to help promote Relay For Life participation, highlighting the American
        Cancer Society and cancer issues

           o   The American Cancer Society will provide story ideas and contacts to (NEWSPAPER
               NAME) for consideration
      Include information about the American Cancer Society Relay For Life of (COMMUNITY) on the
       homepage of the (NEWSPAPER NAME) Web site and provide a link to OR

Relay For Life 2008 Communications Timeline:

(MEDIA NAME) and the American Cancer Society agree to honor the terms of this media partnership,
valued at approximately $(####) from today’s date through (MONTH DATE,) 2008.

Accepted and agreed to:

_______________________________________                     _______________
(MEDIA NAME) Representative                                 Date

_______________________________________                     _______________
American Cancer Society Representative                      Date


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