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					                          Central Fisheries Board
                  Technician – Water Framework Directive
                              Job Description
                               (REF 09/010)


The Central Fisheries Board (CFB) is the agency with responsibility for delivering information on fish
stocks for the Water Framework Directive (WFD). The CFB, working in close cooperation with
Regional Fisheries Boards must deliver a comprehensive fish monitoring programme. The programme
requires surveying of fish communities at specific locations in lakes, rivers and transitional waters
(estuaries), collection and processing of information, data analysis and reporting on findings.

Job Purpose

The appointee will provide technical support to the Research Officers (RO) employed on the Water
Framework Directive Project. The technician will carry out and assist in the necessary surveys using
standard European fish sampling methodologies (including hydroacosutics) and assist in the
compilation of relevant biotic and abiotic information for Irish lakes, rivers, canals and estuaries.

S/he will also assist the Research Officer in the compilation of and analysis of information on fish
species composition, abundance, age structure and any other relevant information deemed necessary,
to contribute towards the development of fish based quality indices for each waterbody type.

The appointee will report to the Research Officer, the Water Framework Directive Project Manager or
other line manager as deemed necessary.

                               Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Data Collection
       Collect data on the abundance, composition and age structure of fish populations from
        designated waterbodies at appropriate times (when all species age classes are available for
       Collect data on the distribution, biology and ecology of all fish species in designated
       Assist in the collection of data on abiotic elements in the waterways surveyed.

Data Processing
       Process and collate scale, otolith and opercular bone samples to provide information on age
        profile and growth rates of fish species.
       Undertake processing of all sample material and provide assistance to the RO with sample

Data Analysis
       Undertake hydroacoustic data processing and analysis as necessary, including using relevant
        software and statistical techniques.
       Collate and input data into WFD databases and present data in report format as required.
       Maintain raw data and all other records in a clear concise format.
       Compile and maintain all records in a manner compatible with GIS.

Other duties
       Assist the Research Officer in ensuring that other elements of the programme not specifically
        linked to data collection and analysis, are achieved in a timely and efficient manner.
       Provide any technical support necessary for timely delivery of the WFD programme.
       Liaise with fishery owners and leaseholders, angling clubs and other industry sectors and
        attend / contribute to information meetings as required.
       Liaise with other CFB staff working on related projects as required.
       Carry out such other duties as may be assigned to the post from time to time by the Project
        Manager or his/her nominee.

The programme of work will cover a range of investigations requiring commitment and flexibility.
The above list is not definitive as the emphasis may change with continuous review during the
lifetime of the project and in line with changes in the Boards policy.

S/he will perform such duties as may be assigned by the Research Officer or other line manager. The
project will be based at the Boards headquarters in Swords and will involve extensive field survey
work primarily during the period July to October during which time the operational base of the
appointee(s) will change in accordance with the project schedule. The successful candidate(s) will be
required to work throughout the country. The appointee will be required to contribute to the effective
and efficient operation of the Water Framework Directive team.

The fieldwork will be influenced by weather and tides; consequently the job will require flexibility
regarding working hours. Transport will be provided for field duties.


Education and Experience

Each candidate should possess:
   a) NCEA Certificate, Diploma or Degree in relevant discipline.
   b) Experience in fish aging techniques and processes
   c) Experience in the use of Microsoft Office suite and relevant statistical packages.
   d) Demonstrated ability in using GIS software.
   e) Demonstrated ability in scientific writing and report production.
   f) Full current driving licence for driving in Republic of Ireland.
   g) Ability to work as part of a team and on one’s own initiative
   h) Knowledge and understanding of the Water Framework Directive

   a) Experience in hydroacoustic surveys of lakes and rivers
   b) Experience in using Sonar 4 and Sonar 5.
   c) Experience with Electro Fishing / netting
   d) Experience with working on water & small boats.
   e) Experience of working outdoors in all weather.
   f) Experience of sampling and identification of fish species of Ireland.
   g) Full EB Class driving licence.
Specified Purpose Contract

Salary Scale: €37,905 - €53,320 + 1 LSI