Business Partner- Job Description by Chaseaker


									Department               : Corporate Resources

Job title                : Business Partner – online and information

Post number              : 286CR

Grade                    : 14

Base                     : County Hall, Glenfield

Responsible to           : Corporate Information Manager

Job Purpose:

The business partner is responsible for driving the development of the strategic
framework for online or information management (IM). The business partner
works with strategic governance groups, senior management teams,
management teams and staff of Departments and partner organisations to drive
the implementation and embed the corporate and partnership online and IM
vision, strategy and policies into Council business within their designated
department. They lead on the scoping and implementation of corporate IM and
online projects, initiatives and plans, and online and IM components of major
change projects - within the strategic information and online frameworks.

Key Attitudes and Behaviours:

In order to ensure the future success of the e-communications and information
management services it is vital that the post holder is committed to the following:

     •      Providing the best possible quality of service for customers
     •      Co-operation with and support for customers, managers and colleagues
            at all levels, ensuring that this is a priority.
     •      Flexible in taking on additional tasks
     •      Willing to offer help and support to team members and others, including
            training where appropriate.

Key Corporate Responsibilities:

 •       Responsible for development of the online or information management
         strategy consistent with the overall strategic needs of the Council and its

 •       Responsible for communicating and working collaboratively with other
         business partners to ensure that appropriate business needs of departments
         are met within the partnership, corporate and departmental priorities, in line
         with the strategic business partner framework.
  •   Lead on the implementation of IM and online initiatives, working in partnership with
      other online / IM teams.

  •   Responsible for ensuring corporate online and IM policies and designs are aligned
      with departmental and partner’s strategic information, e-communications and business

  •   Responsible for commissioning new online and IM work, within the strategic
      framework, and aligned to corporate and partnership priorities.

  •   To ensure the Council and partnership IM and online approach is applied consistently
      across the Council and with its partners and that the provision of support to relevant
      groups is provided as required.

  •   Communicate and promote the Councils IM and online vision, strategy and priorities to
      Members, senior managers, staff, partners and the public and to represent the Council
      in partnership working and fostering productive partnerships.

  •   Identify innovative mechanisms to drive the change agenda to deliver an efficient and
      effective organisation.

  •   Develop expertise and knowledge in all aspects of online and IM across the wider
      business and in partnering departments.

  •   Provide advice and guidance to senior managers, elected Members, and represent the
      Council at meetings with outside bodies.

  •   Ensure that all work carried out is performed in accordance with the Council’s policies
      and procedures.

  •   Lead on developing the specification of Information Management components and
      business cases for corporate change projects ensuring consistency with the Council’s
      online and IM strategies as directed by the Corporate Information Manager.

  •   Manage all resources effectively.

  •   Respond with advice and guidance on the use of online communications in times of
      Council disruption and support the Council’s business continuity arrangments

  •   Maintain a strategic view of the performance of the IM and online functions across the

  •   Other responsibilities as defined by the Corporate Information Manager, and the
      strategic business partner framework.

Key Service Responsibilities

  •   Responsible for ensuring alignment of departmental business needs with online and
      IM strategies within designated departments.

December 2007
  •   Responsible for ensuring the pro-active management of information risk within the
      designated department.

  •   Responsible for engaging designated departments with corporate projects, initiatives
      and plans and overseeing the implementation

  •   Responsible for communicating and embedding LCC’s online and IM strategy vision
      and priorities to ensure their integration into the departments business planning

  •   Responsible for identifying the departments online and IM business needs, and
      working with relevant departmental and corporate staff and other business partners to
      specify options for fulfilling requirements.

  •   Responsible for commissioning work from IM / online / other corporate teams /
      external companies to meet the business needs of the Department, aligned with
      partnership and corporate priorities, and ensure successful delivery and

  •   To work in partnership with the corporate IM and online teams to ensure that external
      (including national) requirements are appropriately reflected in Departmental and
      partnership initiatives.

  •   To support the Corporate Information Manager in implementing online and IM
      functional responsibilities both within the team and with the appropriate departments
      and partners.

  •   To provide advice on online and IM responsibilities, working in partnership with other
      corporate online and IM teams.

  •   Identify where operational online and IM requirements need to be supported by
      Service Level Agreements, and maintain a strategic overview of whether the
      framework is working effectively and in line with the governance framework, legislative,
      compliance, corporate policy and operational requirements.

  •   Ensure successful implementation of corporate online and IM initiatives and successful
      delivery against all IM performance indicators.

  •   Responsible for ensure effective communications between designated departments
      and the online / IM teams, actively promoting positive partnership working and
      developing and maintaining a network of online / IM colleagues to support the
      implementation of corporate initiatives.

  •   Use monitoring arrangements to highlight achievement and risk at the appropriate
      level including working in partnership with the Design and Quality function to define the
      scope of monitoring arrangements

  •   To advise on the business requirements for external contracts and agreements for the
      supply of information, data and services and undertake required aspects of
      commissioning and management of external consultancy.

  •   As a member of the IM / online management team, attend Departmental Management
      Team meetings as required and contribute to the development of strategies by sharing

December 2007
      best practice, policies and practices to enable the Council to meet current and future
      online and IM requirements.

  •   To ensure that appropriate knowledge transfer is carried out at all times.


Subject to the duration of the need, the special conditions given below apply:

(a)     The nature of the work may involve the post-holder carrying out work outside of
        normal working hours.

(b)     The post-holder may be required to attend, from time to time, training courses,
        conferences, seminars or other meetings as required by his/her own training needs
        and the needs of the service.

(c)     Expenses will be paid in accordance with the Local Conditions of Service.

(d)     Casual car user

Leicestershire County Council is seeking to promote the employment of disabled
people and will make any adjustments considered reasonable to the above duties
under the terms of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 to accommodate a suitable
disabled candidate.
This job description sets out the duties and responsibilities of the post at the time
when it was drawn up. Such duties and responsibilities may vary from time to time
without changing the general character of the duties or the level of responsibility
entailed. Such variations are a common occurrence and cannot justify a
reconsideration of the grading of the post.

December 2007
Department:          Information Management          Post number: 286CR

Job Title: Information Management Business Partner              Grade: 14

                                     Essential   Desirable   How Assessed


    •   Relevant Degree plus ‘A’                               App/Doc


        Relevant Management
        qualification plus ‘A’
        below                                                  Test/Ref
    • Demonstrable experience
      in designing both strategy                                App/ Int
      and vision in the field of
      online / IM and of
      successfully developing
      and embedding this at a
      level appropriate to the
      above qualification

    •   Appropriate Professional                               App/Doc
        Body Membership

    •   In Project Management                                  App/Doc
        (e.g. PRINCE 2)


    •   Of effectively driving
        developing and delivering
        online / IM strategies and                              App/Int
        projects to achieve a
        successful outcome and in
        working with stakeholders
        including the
        commissioning of external
        contractors in supporting
        and delivering change

    •   Of ensuring service
        standards are maintained                                App/Int
        across the business and

December 2007
      adjustments and
      improvements are made
      with Key stakeholders to
      achieve continuous

    •    Of promoting and leading        App/Int
         on continuous

    •    Of managing and
         monitoring performance
         across the business
         against operational and
         corporate targets including
         contributing and
         supporting the
         development of key
         performance measures
    •    Ability to develop and
         manage effective working
         relationships with internal
         customers and external
    •    Ability to solve complex
         problems with sound
         workable solutions

    •    Ability to understand         App/Int/Test
         interpret and monitor
         budgets against progress
         to ensure a successful

    •    Excellent interpersonal         Int/Test
         skills able to persuade
         and influence
         stakeholders to achieve a
         positive outcome

    •    Excellent written               App/Int
         communication skills to
         enable the production of
         written reports for senior

    •    Managing, influencing and       App/Int
         driving projects to deliver
         successful outcomes

December 2007

    • Of own specialist sector
      with a national and             App/Int
      international context
Knowledge (continued)

    •   Of current legislative
        requirements, governance
        and relevant policies and     App/Int
        procedures associated
        with online / management
        of information

    •   Of key local government
        issues                        App/Int

(Taken from the County Councils
Management Competency
    •   Supports and develops
        both individuals and          Int/Test
        teams to meet objectives

    •   To understand all
        customer needs; to plan,
        deliver, review and           Int/Test
        improve services,
        ensuring objectives are

    •   Builds and maintains
        effective relationships
        both within and externally    App/Int
        enabling equal access to
        services and projecting a
        positive image and
        reputation of LCC.

    •   Uses
        feedback and consultation     App/Int
        to guide service

    •   To generate ideas and
        opportunities for achieving
        service improvements and      App/Int
        to challenge existing
        processes in order to
        develop the online / IM
        functions across the

December 2007
        County Council

    •To manage change using
     appropriate methodology                                 App/Int
     and communication,
     managing all risks and
     resolving conflict positively
Competencies (continued)

    •   To use a range of                                      Int
        information to inform
        decision making and
        provide quality information
        on request and to meet
    •   Manages time effectively
        and balances priorities
        when tackling conflicting

Factors not already covered

    •   Professional appearance
        commensurate with                                      Int
        Leicestershire County

    •   Satisfactory attendance                             Ref/App

Must be able to perform all duties
and tasks, with reasonable                                    Med
adjustment , where appropriate,
in accordance with the provisions
of the Disability Discrimination
Act 1995

App = Application Form                Int = Interview        Ref = Reference
Med = Medical questionnaire           Test = Test/Assessment
Pre = Presentation                    Doc = Documentary evidence (e.g. certificates)

December 2007

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