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   Alcohol related accidents is the
 number one cause of death among
  Alcoholis considered a drug
 because it changes a person’s
physical & emotional state (also
    known as intoxication)
 Classified as a depressant
 All forms of alcohol are dangerous
   Chemical Dependency: drug addicted or

   Tolerance: needing more and more to get the
    same high

   Withdrawal: symptoms experienced when one
    doesn't get the drug they are addicted to.

    People differ in how much they are prone to get
                     addicted to drugs.
    Reasons to NOT Drink…
    Accidents                    Impaired judgments
    Arrest, fines, criminal       and coordination
       record                     Reduced awareness
    Loss of control              Physical damage to
    Risky or inappropriate        the body
     activity (date rape)         Addiction, depression,
    Negative personality          low self-esteem
     changes (fights,             Values, standards,
     aggressive behavior)          goals
    Reasons to NOT Drink…(physical dangers)

   hang over (diuretic)         osteoporosis – weak
   brain damage
                                 distorted vision
   Liver damage –               slurred speech, dulls
    Cirrhosis                     taste
   Impotence & infertility      damages throat – cancer
                                 cancer – intestines,
   Muscle atrophy
   Stomach ulcers
                                 heart disease, stroke
   coma & death
  Effects of the BAC on the Body and on Performance
BAC by %                       Effects on the body
.01 - .05    Heart and respiratory rates rise
             Decrease in various brain center function

             Inconsistent ability to perform basic tasks.

.06 - .10    Decreased   alertness, slow reaction, impaired
             coordination and judgment.
.10 - .15    Dramatic decrease in reaction time
             Impairment of balance and movement

             Slurred speech and vomiting

.16 - .19    Severe   sensory and motor impairment

.30 - .39    Loss   of consciousness, death for many

.40 and up   Unconsciousness

             Death,   usually from respiratory failure
       Know Your Limit
  Number of Drinks in One Hour
Approximate Blood Alcohol Content
               Comparison of Alcohol Content

   12 oz BEER              4 oz WINE           1.2 oz LIQUOR
   X 4% alcohol          X 12% alcohol         X 40% alcohol
.48 oz pure alcohol    .48 oz pure alcohol   .48 oz pure alcohol

               Per drink = 1 hour to recover
     Zero Tolerance ( under 21)
Under 21 = BAC of 0 (zero!!!!!!)
What happens if caught?
 Loss of drivers license
 Expensive fines
 Community service
 Possible jail time
 DUI Treatment Program
 DUI convictions stay on a driver's record for 13 years
       How much does a DUI Cost?
   Estimated to be more than $5,540
     Fines/penalties………………….…………..$1,500

     Tow/impound Fee…………………………..$190

     DUI Treatment Program……………………$550

     Insurance Increase………………………..$2,700

     Restitution Fund……………………...……..$500

     DMV Reissue Fee……………………..……$100

     TOTAL APPROXIMATE COST………...…$5,540
 Getting Home Safe & Sober
Don’t drink
Plan ahead
Have an arrangement with family member
 to pick you up if need be
Call a cab
           Drunk Driving Penalties
   MALAYSIA: Jail, & If Married, Your Partner
    Goes Too.
   AUSTRALIA: Names Sent To Local
    Newspaper & Print “HE”S A DRUNK IN JAIL.”
   TURKEY: Drunk Drivers Taken 20 Miles
    From Town & Forced To Walk Back Under
   NORWAY: 3 Weeks In Jail With Hard Labor
    & 1-Year Loss Of License.
   POLAND: Jail, Fine & Forced To Attend
    political Lectures.
   FINLAND & SWEDEN: Automatic 1-Year
    Jail Sentence With Hard Labor.
   COSTA RICA: Police Remove Plates
    From Car.
   ENGLAND: 1-Year Drivers License
    Suspension & $250 Fine & 1 Year In Jail.
   FRANCE: Loss Of License For 3 Years, 1
    Year In Jail, & $1,000 Fine.
   Russia: License revoked for life
   SOUTH AFRICA: 10-Year Prison Sentence
    Or $10,000 Fine Or Both.
   BULGARIA: 2nd Conviction Results In
   EL SAVADOR: 1st Offense Results In
    Execution By Firing Squad.
        Saying No To Alcohol

Buy yourself time
Give good reason why you
 choose not to drink
State consequences
Say NO firmly
Say NO again & include
 alternative activity
Walk away
                California Statistics
   2002:
       there were 20,633 traffic collisions that involved
   On an average day, 4 college students die in
    accidents involving alcohol
   An alcohol related car crash kills someone
    every 33 minutes & injures someone every 2
   ~3 in 10 Americans will be involved in an
    alcohol related crash at sometime in their lives

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