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Vote of confidence by xiuliliaofz


									Process for conducting a vote
       of confidence

    Cal Poly, Pomona Academic
To establish an internal senate policy for
responding to requests for vote of
confidence in a college dean and a
department chair.
The conduct of vote of confidence by the
academic senate in the President’s
leadership and performance is guided by
the precedent set for vote of confidence in
President Suzuki.
The intent of these resolutions is to
establish a senate process for vote of
confidence in the dean and department
Petition by a minimum of 30% of college tenured
faculty/department faculty members to EC.
Petition must include reason(s) for requesting a
vote of confidence.
EC verifies that the threshold is met and informs
the President and the Dean/department chair
that a vote of confidence is forthcoming. Copy
of the reason(s) for requesting the vote is
provided to the President and the Dean/ Provost,
dean and the department chair.
       Process (continued)
Dean/Department chair has limited time to
respond to the reason(s) in the petition if he/she
chooses to do so. After the allowed time has
expired or receipt of the response the EC asks
the Election and Procedure Subcommittee to
establish the time line for conducting the vote.
EC informs the college/department constituency
(tenured, probationary, FERP if teaching, and
full time lecturers) that the vote is forthcoming
and provide copies of the reason(s) for
requesting the vote and the response to the
        Process (continued)
The only statement on the ballot for the vote of confidence
shall be:
I have confidence in the leadership of ….. as the
Dean/department chair of …….           Yes       No
Vote is taken and the EC informs the college/department
faculty, the President/Provost, and the Dean of the voting
If a simple majority of the college/department constituency
indicate lack of confidence, EC writes a letter to the
president requesting investigation of the situation and
informing senate and faculty of the steps that will be
taken. For department chairs request for removal will be
made to President.

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