INDIANA STATE UNIVERSITY Office of Residential Life Assistant Hall by Chaseaker


									                                     INDIANA STATE UNIVERSITY
                                        Office of Residential Life

                                           Assistant Hall Director
                                              Job Description

   The Assistant Hall Director is a live-in, part-time administrative staff position in Residential Life. The
   position is an academic year (August – May) appointment with opportunity for additional employment during
   the summer term. The Assistant Hall Director is responsible to his/her respective Area Director. Depending
   on the specific assignment the Assistant Hall Director reports to an Area Director or Assistant Director of
   Residential Life.

   The halls encompass a variety of living styles, including single gender, coeducational, suite-style
   Fraternity/Sorority, first year experience and honors housing. There are 10 separate residence halls housing
   approximately 3,500 students.

   The Assistant Hall Director position is designed to train the graduate student for an entry-level professional
   position in Student Affairs or related field.


   The essential responsibilities of the Assistant Hall Director may include:

   1. To assist in the development of an educational environment within the residence halls, that supports
      academic achievement.

   2. To supervise Resident Assistants or Academic Peer Advocates in a residence hall area. Develop a
      cohesive and professional team in conjunction with the other Assistant Hall Directors and the Area

   3. To supervise the operation of the reception desk including the interviewing, selecting, and training of
      desk receptionists, night hosts or mail clerks in conjunction with the Area Director.

   4. To be a facilitator of positive interpersonal relationships within the hall.

   5. To develop and maintain a workable system of communication with students.

   6. To work with the Area Director to advise and support students participating in hall government and
      Residence Hall Association and other campus leadership positions.

   7. To work with individual students in the resolution of their personal, social and academic problems.

   8. To assist in social, recreational and educational programming including planning and implementing
      two educational programs each semester.

   9. To be a source of accurate information for students about University life and to make appropriate

   10. To interpret and enforce University and Residential Life policies and procedures including assisting
       with the conduct process.

     11. To act for the Area Director in his/her absence and consult with Central Office Staff as needed.

    12. To share responsibility of maintaining security, health, fire and safety standards.
     13. To provide adequate staff coverage by participating in an on-call duty program (if living-in) in which
         student crises are addressed and follow-up is conducted. This duty program includes day, evening,
         weekend, and opening and closing for breaks.

     14. To perform administrative functions such as scheduling shifts, time sheets, balancing monies and

     15. To serve on Departmental Committees such as Staff Selection, Staff Training, Publications, etc.

     16. To work in close liaison with Food Services and other Residential Life and University areas.

     17. Provide and participate in educational staff development and training experiences for staff including
         Fall and Spring workshops.

     18. Attend and/or facilitate regular staff meetings including staff meetings, hall government and
         individual meetings.

     19. Have any request for jobs (Ten (10) hours per week maximum) approved by the direct supervisor and
         Central Office Staff. Student teaching or holding an additional graduate assistantship is not
         permissible while working as an Assistant Hall Director.

     20. The appointment is for a full academic year and must maintain full time student status (minimum of
         six (6) credit hours for graduate students and twelve (12) credit hours for undergraduate students)
          semester, maintain a 2.5 cumulative G.P.A. as an undergraduate student, or a 3.0 cumulative G.P.A.
          as a graduate student.


1.      Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized institution preferred.

2.      Enrollment in a graduate degree program at Indiana State University with preference given to those
        enrolled in Student Affairs and Higher Education Program.

3.      Experience in residence hall work. This should include student and/or staff leadership experience.


1.      An understanding of and sensitivity towards the needs and interests of diverse students and staff.

2.      An ability to maintain personal equilibrium in the face of many different pressures.

3.      A commitment to professional and personal growth.

4.      An ability to communicate ideas clearly both written and verbally.

5.      An understanding of and skill in working with the group process.

6.      A genuine interest in and enjoyment of working with people.

7.      An ability to be creative and innovative.

8.      A sense of humor.
               Indiana State University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer
                        committed to cultural diversity of its people and programs.


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