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					Job Description:                        Receptionist

I. Qualifications

Must be a high school graduate or equivalent with prior office experience and
knowledge of office technology. Must possess good grammar, punctuation, and
spelling skills when producing correspondence and reports. Must be able to
perform typing and filing duties in a timely manner. Must be able to operate a
computer and other business machines. Must be professional and pleasant when
handling incoming and outgoing calls.

II. Responsibilities

   1. Handle incoming and outgoing calls in a pleasant and professional manner
       observing confidentiality with regards to sensitive situations and routing
       the call to the proper person either by paging their desk or taking a
       message and seeing that it is delivered in a timely manner.
   2. Greet all visitors and locate the person they are here to see. Do not let
       unauthorized persons beyond the front office area.
   3. Interact with potential employees that come in to fill out an application.
       See that they are given an application to complete. After application is
       completed, refer to Administrator or DON to see if they would like to
       interview the applicant while they are on the premises.
   4. Distribute faxes received in a timely manner to the intended recipient.
   5. Establish new patient charts, nursing home charts, and walking charts in a
       timely manner.
   6. Maintain at least five admission packets at all times.
   7. Put away leftover forms from admission packs for future use.
   8. Keep the forms rack well stocked at all times making copies as needed.
   9. Assist with copying, filing, and faxing as needed.
   10. Make sure Office Manager is notified of any outgoing mail that needs to
       be stamped.
   11. Notify the Office Manager when taking breaks and lunch so that
       telephones and front desk will be covered at all times.
   12. Help keep the office neat and tidy. Empty trash, vacuum, sweep, mop,
       wash dishes, etc. as needed.

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