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Sample Leave Application Form.

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									                                                                    Leave Application Form

Submitted By

Emp. Code        Full Name

Department                                                  Designation

 Sick  Casual       Earned       Without Pay             Full Day     Half Day
Leave Type                                                  Duration

From (dd-mm-yyyy)                                           to (dd-mm-yyyy)              No. of Days

Reason for Requesting Leave(s)

Signature                                                                                Date

Supervisor’s Recommendation

 Recommended          Not Recommended
Leave Application Status                                    Leave Recommended for Days

Reason for Not Recommended

Name & Designation                                          Signature                    Date

Approved By

 Approved       Not Approved
Leave Application Status                                    Leave Sanctioned for Days

Reason for Not Sanctioning

Name & Designation                                          Signature                    Date

For Human Resources’ Record
Total leaves available at time of application submission (before approval):

Sick                     Casual                    Earned

Received by (Name & Designation)                            Signature                    Date

Ref: /support/records/RHR106-Leave Application Form                                             Page 1 of 1
Issue date: February 01, 2007
Version 1.0
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