CCCUCC Director of Youth Ministry Job Description by Chaseaker


									                            Community Congregational Church
                                United Church of Christ
                           BENICIA, CALIFORNIA – AUGUST 2009
                   POSITION DESCRIPTION: Director of Youth Ministries – P/T

      Community Congregational Church, United Church of Christ of Benicia, CA is seeking
      a committed and dynamic youth director to work with our middle school and high
      school students, as well as teach Sunday School to our middle school and high school
      youth. The individual will work with pastoral and lay leadership to nurture and further
      develop our current youth and church school programs, foster social justice
      awareness, provide a safe place for our youth to explore their relationships with each
      other, and to lead and nurture them in their faith journey as they discover their
      relationship with God and Christ. CCCUCC is a thriving, progressive, open and
      affirming Christian church located in the North Bay area of San Francisco, where we
      believe in the Still Speaking God.


       A.   Design a program which involves exploration of what it means to be Christian
            through discussion, service projects and community building activities,
            continuing and building upon the current youth ministry.
       B.   Plan, coordinate and lead youth groups for middle and high school youth,
            creating a safe place for dialog on any issue. Reach out to youth and parents
            for participation in activities. Be aware of scheduled events within the church
            and community. Coordinate the youth programs with these in mind in order to
            minimize conflicts. Facilitate the participation and integration of children and
            youth in the Worship Service and seasonal activities, i.e. Christmas, Lent and
       C.   Be an integral participant on Sunday mornings, teaching the Sunday School
            program, occasionally presenting the Children’s Moment in worship, and
            orienting visitors and new member families to the Nursery and Sunday school
            programs. Furthermore, work with the Christian Education Committee to
            evaluate, develop and use effective curriculum.
       D.   Meet regularly with the pastor, who will be the primary supervisor, and keep the
            pastor informed of any concerns which may arise. Consult and work with the
            pastor regarding pastoral care issues that may arise in relation to the youth and
            their families.
       E.   Be aware of NCNC-UCC Conference activities and national UCC events which
            may be of interest to the youth.
       F.   Work with the pastor on the confirmation class which now occurs every 2 years.
            (next one is 2011)
       G.   Communicate regularly with the families of youth and with the congregation,
            keeping them informed through The Bridge (church newsletter), letters, phone
            calls and/or e-mail.

        A.      Compensation: $189 per week, paid biweekly, for an average of 12 hours per
                week with Summers off from June through August. There is a $250 youth
                expense category in our budget for supplies with other funds available for
                activities and functions.
        B.      These items will be evaluated and negotiated yearly during the annual Spring
                budget planning and review process.
        C.      This position is defined as a regular, non-benefited employee in our employee
                handbook. [Benefits do include employer contributions to Social Security, and
                Workers Compensation coverage. We do not participate in either the state
                disability insurance program, nor the unemployment insurance program.]
        D.      Start date: Immediately.


        A.      The Director of Youth Ministries should understand and follow the principles and
                policies of Community Congregational Church and the United Church of Christ,
                many of these principles are outlined in our website
        B.      The Director of Youth Ministries will present a quarterly outline for program and
                activities to the Church Council, Christian Education Committee and parents.
        C.      An evaluation will be conducted by the Personnel Committee, at least annually.
        D.      A background check will be made as detailed in the Personnel Handbook.
        E.      The processes of resignation and termination are outlined in the Employee
                Manual. CCCUCC requests a two month notice of voluntary resignation for this
                position. All employment at CCCUCC, however, remains an at-will relationship.
                Nothing within these guidelines constitutes an employment contract, expressed
                or implied.


        A.      The candidate should have a deep spiritual commitment, be creative, and
                have the ability to engage the youth in activities.
        B.      He/she must be able to inspire and build a relationship with and between the
        C.      Inspire our parents and church members to support youth programs.
        D.      Be able to develop a program that promotes fellowship, service and Christian
                community in a context that is fun, respectful and worshipful
        E.      Prior Youth Leadership in a church setting and/or seminary experience is a plus.


        A.      We would like the candidate to commit to a minimum two year term.
        B.      Future expansion with an additional night for High School Youth Program.
Please submit a letter of intent and resume to:
Christian Education Ministry Team
PO Box 187, Benicia, CA 94510
707-745-0674 or email:
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