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									Scope Services Job Profile

COMPANY: City of Richland
POSITION: Electrical Distribution Engineer II
REPORTS TO: Chief Electrical Engineer
LOCATION: Richland, Washington

GENERAL SCOPE: The Electrical Distribution Engineer (EDE) II designs and manages major,
complex engineering projects involved in the development of distribution systems for the City of
Richland’s broad, values-based municipal utility serving approximately 25,000 customers. The EDE
II will also develop engineering standards to provide uniformity in the design of the overall
distribution system and provide supervision of work completed by EDE I and Engineering
Technicians as required. The City of Richland is comprised of a dedicated and hard working team
with a close-knit and flexible work environment that offers great project diversity.

• Design major, complex engineering projects involved in the development/modernization of
  distribution systems and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems associated
  with electrical, water, and sewer systems
• Project lead for AMI system, including the design/implementation of the pilot process and the
  deployment of meters
• Perform long-range planning and development of the electrical distribution system (distribution
• Key team member in establishing the City’s conservation program (through voltage reduction)
• Develop and implement engineering standards to provide uniformity in the design of the overall
  electrical distribution system. Provide technical design reviews regarding work of other
  engineers and provide counsel as necessary to assure uniform standards are followed
• Perform design work for major line extensions, approve drawings, and estimate project costs
• Recommend contractors as necessary and review project progress
• Perform design work and execution of commercial/industrial wiring systems
• Perform a variety of special studies including electrical load, fuse coordination, system design,
  and special needs studies
• Provide project management during the construction of major electrical distribution projects
  including staking the project, providing guidance to crew leaders, resolving concerns,
  authorizing on-site field changes, and verification of as-built when work is completed
• Prepare contract specifications and documents required for contracting major electrical
  distribution construction work for Local Improvement Districts (LID) or customer self-installed
  electrical distribution and State and Federal related work
• Write terms and conditions, provide detailed project description with drawings, provide
  construction standards, materials specifications, list of materials and detailed engineer's cost
• Participate in and oversee Electrical Engineering Technicians in the staking of major
  construction projects
• Explain electrical distribution projects to City, State and government officials, contractors, and
  the public
• Develop computer databases and programs using various available software
Scope Services Job Profile

•   Recommend software programs that provide specialty applications for electrical design (e.g.
    network analysis, fuse coordination, AutoCAD assisted utility distribution design software)
•   Evaluate material bids and make recommendations for specific material purchases
•   Design new and modify existing electrical substations as assigned
•   Communicate/interface with Operations, City personnel and outside organizations to coordinate
    construction activities, exchange information, and resolve issues, questions, or concerns
•   Other duties and responsibilities (special projects) as assigned by the Chief Electrical Engineer

• Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering
• Professional Engineer designation
• Minimum five years utilities related engineering work (SCADA, protective relays, substation
  modification, system related experience)
• Operate GIS/CADD equipment using CADD software
• Prior experience working in a union environment preferred

• Self-motivated with a drive for technical excellence and commitment to innovation
• Likes a challenge
• Innovative and creative, but level-headed also
• Strong work ethic
• Disciplined problem solver; effective at researching and implementing solutions
• Up-beat, can-do, positive attitude
• Ability to challenge status quo with tact and respect. Will support the final decision once it has
  been made
• Willing to take risks, with the ability to learn from unsuccessful projects and/or tasks
• Ability to work independently as well as collaborate within a team
• Unquestionable integrity
• Thrives in a broad environment where there are multiple projects to manage—enjoys “wearing
  many hats”
• Hands-on—comfortable designing and executing in a test bed environment
• Ability to build effective work relationships
• Strong communication skills, both verbal and written
• Strong internal/external customer service skills

**Please submit resume to Allison Sherwood, Scope Services, or
call 509-922-8554 with questions**
Richland is a city in Benton County in the southeastern part of the state of Washington, at the 
confluence of the Yakima and the Columbia rivers. Along with the nearby cities of Pasco and Kennewick, 
Richland is one of the Tri‐Cities (total population over 220k) of Washington, home to the Hanford 
nuclear site. 

Top 100 places to live    
CNN has named Richland as the 51st best place to live in the United States. 
CNN Money bases its ranking on seven broad categories: financial, housing, education, quality of life, 
leisure and culture, weather and “meet the neighbors.” 
“I think that’s wonderful,” said Mayor John Fox. “I am happy with the ranking, but I think if they had up‐
to‐date information for this year, we would rate higher.” 
Fox notes, for example, that in the education category, CNN Money reports no colleges, universities or 
professional schools are within 30 miles of Richland, when Richland is home to Washington State 
University Tri‐Cities and Columbia Basin College Health Sciences. Other information cited by CNN Money 
is also outdated. 
Values, Vision, and Mission 
In 2001, the City of Richland began a journey toward becoming a values‐based organization, with less 
reliance on policies and “rules.” To further this effort, municipal staff and City Council have embraced 
the values of teamwork, integrity and excellence. 
Teamwork: We will work together, demonstrating collaboration through mutual reliability, openness 
and flexibility to accomplish our goals. 
Integrity: We will demonstrate an uncompromising allegiance to the core values of honesty, respect for 
others, loyalty, consistency, accountability and sincerity. 
Excellence: We will deliver a superior level of commitment, responsiveness, performance and provision 
of services to all, with the attitude that everything is worth our best effort. 
Vision Statement 
Richland is a progressive, safe and family‐friendly community that welcomes diversity.  It is noted for 
excellence in technology, medicine, education, recreation, tourism, and citizen participation.  This 
dynamic city, situated on two rivers, actively supports opportunities for economic development that are 
in harmony with the area's unique natural resources. 
Mission Statement 
The City of Richland is responsible for furnishing cost‐effective services and well‐maintained facilities, 
safeguarding the public and property, enhancing the community’s favorable quality of life, protecting 
Richland’s natural environment and sustaining a healthy, growing economy. 

Fast facts about Richland:

    •   2008 population: 46,080
    •   Area of city: 39.37 square miles
    •   Incorporated as a First Class City: Dec. 10, 1958
    •   Original incorporation: 1910; claimed by Federal government for the Manhattan Project: 1942
    •   Form of Government: Council/manager
    •   Government Access Television: CityView, cable channel 13
    •   Mailing address: P.O. Box 190, Richland, WA 99352
    •   City Manager's Office: (509) 942-7381
    •   Public Information Office: (509) 942-7386
    •   Richland School District: (509) 967-6001

Cost of Living Comparisons for $110k income: 

Los Angeles, CA is 60.7% higher (example: you would need to earn $68,430 to maintain the same 
standard of living in Richland) 

Phoenix, AZ is 5.7% higher (compared to $104,111 in Richland) 

Portland, OR is 17.9% higher$88,658 (compared to $93,275 in Richland) 

Seattle, WA is 24.1% higher (compared to $88,658 in Richland) 

For more information visit the following websites: http://www.visittri‐‐‐Washington.htm  


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