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					PART 2     PRODUCTS


  A.     Access control credential readers shall be as manufactured by HID Corporation, 9292
         Jeronimo Road, Irvine, CA 92618 (800-237-7769).

  B.     Substitutions: No substitutions allowed.


  A.     Read Only Contactless Smart Card Readers

            1.   Provide surface mounting style 13.56 MHz contactless smart card readers suitable
                 for minimal space mounting configurations as shown on the project plans.

            2.   Contactless smart card readers shall comply with ISO 15693, ISO 14443A (CSN),
                 and ISO 14443B and shall read credentials that comply with these standards.

            3.   Complies with US Government FIPS201 standard. The reader shall read an
                 approved card with a FASC-N number and output the data in a Low or Medium
                 Assurance level within the same reader.

            4.   Contactless smart card readers shall output credential data in compliance with the
                 SIA AC-01 Wiegand standard as follows:

                 a.   Reads standard proximity format data from HID iCLASS cards and outputs data
                      as encoded.

                 b.   Reads FIPS201 approved cards and outputs the FASC-N number in a 40-bit, 64-
                      bit, 128-bit or 200-bit Low Assurance and supplement this with an HMAC
                      calculation when output in a Medium Assurance.

            5.   A 3x4 keypad which can provide supplemental PIN operation. The keypad shall
                 provide the most popular industry formats including 4 bit or 8 bit bursts for every key

            6.   The contactless smart card reader shall provide the ability to change operational
                 features in the field through the use of a factory-programmed command card.
                 Additionally, firmware may be updated by flashing the reader. Command card
                 operational programming options shall include:

                 a.   Output configurations
                 b.   LED & Audio configurations
                 c.   Keypad configurations

            7.   Contactless smart card readers shall provide the following programmable
                 audio/visual indication:

                 a.   An audio transducer shall provide various tone sequences to signify: access
                      granted, access denied, power up, and diagnostics.

                 b.   A high-intensity light bar shall provide clear visual status (red/green/amber) that
                      is visible even in bright sunlight.

            8.   Typical contactless smart card read range shall be:

                 a.   2” – 3” (5.0 – 7.6 cm) using HID iCLASS card.
     b.   1” (2.5 cm) using HID iCLASS Key

     c.   1” (2.5 cm) using HID iCLASS Tag

     d.   1” – 1.5” (2.5 – 3.8 cm) using HID iCLASS Prox

     e.   1” – 2” (2.5 – 5.0 cm) using FIPS201 card

9.   Contactless smart card readers shall meet the following physical specifications:

     a.   Dimensions: 3.30” x 4.80” x .90” (8.38cm x 12.19 cm x 2.28 cm)

     b.   Weight: 10oz (283.4 g)

     c.   Material: UL94 Polycarbonate

     d.   Two-part design with separate mounting plate, reader body, and cover.

     e.   Color: Black or Gray as approved by the project architect.

10. Contactless smart card readers shall meet the following electrical specifications:

     a.   Operating voltage: 10 – 16 VDC, reverse voltage protected. Linear power supply

     b.   Current requirements: (average/peak) 80/253mA @ 12 VDC

11. Contactless smart card readers shall meet the following certifications:

     a.   UL 294

     b.   Canada/UL 294

     c.   FCC Certification

     d.   Canada Radio Certification

     e.   EU and CB Scheme Electrical Safety

     f.   EU – R&TTE Directive

     g.   CE Mark (Europe)

     h.   IP55 Rated

     i.   C-Tick (New Zealand/Australia/Taiwan)

12. Contactless smart card readers shall meet the following environmental specifications:

     a.   Operating temperature: -30 to 150 degrees F (-35 to 65 degrees C)

     b.   Operating humidity: 5% to 95% relative humidity non-condensing

     c.   Weatherized design suitable to withstand harsh environments

13. Contactless smart card reader cabling requirements shall be:
    a.   Cable distance: (Wiegand): 500 feet (150m)

    b.   Cable type: 5-conductor #22 AWG w/overall shield

    c.   Standard reader termination: 18” (.5m) cable pigtail or optional terminal strip

14. Warranty of contactless smart card readers shall be lifetime against defects in
    materials and workmanship.

15. Contactless smart card reader shall be HID Corporation iCLASS Model RK-40, base
    P/N 6130 (FIPS201 G1.0 or G2.0)

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