ANNUAL BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT
                               GENERAL INFORMATION

2008 Tournament Dates:      Girls -February 4 -7, 2010 (Thur - Sun) 4th, 5th, 6th grade brackets
                            Boys -March 10 -14, 2010 (Wed - Sun) 3rd, 4th, 5th,, 6th grade brackets

Location:                   Green High, Middle School & Intermediate Schools
                            All Gyms located on one campus!!!!
                            (All championship games will be played at Green High School)
                            3 Games Guaranteed, Playoffs only on Sunday!

Entry Fee:                  $175.00 per team. Make check payable to Green Youth Basketball Association
                            or GYBA. Complete roster must be turned in with check to hold entry spot.
                            Mail to P.O. Box 415, Green, Ohio 44232. Entry fee is non-refundable.

Registration D/L:           January 28, 2010 Girls – Or first come basis until full.
                            March 3, 2010 Boys – Or first come basis until full.
                            All division brackets and game schedules will be posted on our website the
                            weekend prior to the tournament. No mailings will be sent!

Team Eligibility:           Community teams comprised of players living in the same public high school
                            district. Players must be in the designated grade or younger. (i.e., a 5th grade
                            player may play on a 6th grade team)
                            Report cards or other info may be requested for verification.

Player Eligibility:         All player’s ages must be indicated on team rosters. A player will not be eligible
                             to play unless they meet the following birth date requirements, according to
                             OHSAA guidelines;
                          3rd grade division –cannot be 10 years of age before August 1st 2007
                          4th grade division –cannot be 11 years of age before August 1st 2007
                          5th grade division – cannot be 12 years of age before August 1st 2007
                          6th grade division – cannot be 13 years of age before August 1st 2007

Tournament Rosters:         Must be filled out completely on GYBA roster form (available on web site) by
                            the registration deadline. Team rosters are limited to 12 players and two coaches
                            per team.

Awards:                     Team and individual trophies will be awarded to the champion and runners up in
                            each division.

Spectator Fee:              $2.00 weekday fee for adults. $1.00 for all students and senior citizens
                            $3.00 weekend fee for adults. $1.00 for all students and senior citizens
                            All roster players and two coaches per team admitted free.

                                     Girls Tournament Contact
                           Ed Pearce cell 330-606-1400

                                      Boys Tournament Contact
                         Rob Stopp Cell 330-697-9798

             Check for updates on tournament information at

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                     GYBA TOURNAMENT RULES
1.   Format:          Pool - play format

                      EACH TEAM GUARANTEED 3 GAMES.

                      The Tournament Committee reserves the right to cancel games if weather
                      or unforeseen circumstances arise.

2.   Insurance:       Each organization and individual participant in the tournament must be
                      covered by their own organization’s and/or their own individual
                      insurance policy(ies).

3.   Uniforms:        Each team must supply their own jerseys with numbers on both front and
                      back, if possible.
                      If two teams have the same color jersey, the visiting team must change
                              color. Home team will be listed first on schedule and wear white.

4.   Equipment:       Ten (10) foot baskets will be used in all divisions.
                      Youth basketball (28.5” high school girls) will be used.
                      Each player must carry their game shoes into the gym.

5.   Reporting:       Each coach should report to scheduled game location thirty (20) minutes
                      before game time. Tournament officials reserve the right to start any
                      game up to ten (10) minutes early as long as the team has received a
                             sufficient warm up time.

6.   Tie Breakers-    a.      Head to head results.
     Pool Play        b.      Point differential. This includes a cap or maximum of 15
                       points per game.
                      c. Least amount of points given up during pool play (3 games).
                          In case there is a forfeit, the winning team’s point differential will be
                                      determined by taking an average of the other 2 pool play
                                      games point differential and added to the differential given
                                      up in those 2 games. An average will also be taken if the
                                      third tie-breaker is used.

7.   Scheduling       There is a line on our roster/registration form for indicating special
                      scheduling request. We will attempt to schedule around reasonable
                      requests that are indicated on our form. We cannot attempt to
                      schedule around another weekend tournament or make changes
                      after our schedule is finalized. Any team forfeiting a game due to
                      another basketball tournament or league conflict will not be
                      permitted to enter our tournament the following year.

8.   Ejections        Any player or coach ejected from a game will be automatically
                      disqualified from coaching his/her team for the remainder of the

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                       GYBA GAMES RULES

1.   Rules:            Ohio High School Athletic Association Rules apply,
                       except where noted.

2.   Length of Game:   Games shall consist of 4-six minute quarters with a 5-minute half
                       time. The first overtime period shall be 2 minutes; the second overtime
                       period shall be sudden death. The first team to score in the second
                       overtime wins.

3.   Timeouts:         Each team receives three full time-outs per game and one
                       additional time out for each overtime period.

4.   Defenses:         Any half court defense is allowed.
                       Full court pressing: 3rd &4th grade press -4th quarter only, if up by 10
                       points or more you cannot press. 5th and 6th grade-press in 2nd half only.
                       If up by 10 points or more you cannot press.

5.   Mercy Rule:       If the lead exceeds 20 points in the fourth quarter, the clock will
                       run continuously until the team reduces the deficit to less than 20 points.

6.   Foul Shooting:    Third and fourth grade teams will use a foul line of thirteen feet
                       and may cross the line on a follow thru. However, the shooter may
                       not be the first player to touch the ball after the shot has hit the rim.
                       Fifth grade teams will be required to shoot from the regulation foul
                       line and are permitted to cross the line while shooting, the shooter
                       cannot be the first player to touch the ball after the shot has hit the
                       rim if the shooter crosses the line. If the shooter does not cross the line in
                       the act of shooting they may be the first to touch ball. Sixth grade teams
                       must use regulation foul line and will not be permitted to cross the line
                       while shooting.

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