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									                                         JOB DESCRIPTION

JOB TITLE:     Primary Care Nurse Adviser – Sexual Health

ORGANISATION: The Practice Services plc

REPORTS TO: Clinical Nurse Specialist – Sexual Health

MANAGES:       n/a

LOCATION:      Various sites in Buckinghamshire

We are looking for a Nurse to be the designated deputy to the Clinical Nurse Specialist who
can provide a high level support for the day-to-day running of the service as required. The
successful applicant will take an active role in Health Education and Health Promotion as
well as in partner notification and contact tracing when required. They will also provide full
sexual health screening, advice and treatments to patients diagnosed with, or at risk of
sexually transmitted infections.


Managerial duties and responsibilities

•   Work independently within occupational and service policies as a professional nurse
    within sexual health services.
•   Work towards agreed personal and service objectives, with freedom to establish how to
    meet these within a broad framework
•   To assist in effective organisation of Primary Care Clinics and maintain equipment and
    stocks as required.
•   To deputise for the Clinical Nurse Specialist in her absence and take charge of the clinics
    as required.
•   To assist in a range of activities that will be required to achieve service objectives and
    national targets
•   To act as a mentor to staff who require additional support and training
•   Assist with the implementation of policies, protocols and procedures for Sexual Health
•   Promote collaborative working across Sexual Health services, fostering a pleasant
    working environment and welcoming atmosphere
•   To promote a positive image for all who come into contact with sexual health services.
•   Establish excellent working relations with key stakeholders and agencies who come into
    contact with Sexual Health services.
•   Have a broad knowledge of policies and guidelines, and ensure appropriate use of these
•   To ensure services are delivered in a clean, well maintained, and safe environment.
•   Assists the Clinical Nurse Specialist in maintaining the privacy and dignity issues of patients
    and staff.
•   To be responsible for reporting any incidents or problems through the appropriate
•   Assist in ensuring infection control policies and procedures are adhered to and take
    appropriate action if they are not.

•   To ensure a high level of confidentiality and anonymity to all patients who come into
    contact with Sexual Health services.

Managing patient care/clinical responsibilities

•   Provide specialised advice for patients within Sexual Health services.
•   Carry out full genital examination and screen for all sexually transmitted infections.
•   Carry out complex clinical assessment; plan and deliver evidence based care and
    treatment from this, including the treatment of genital warts
•   Be able to make judgements involving complex facts and situations
•   Perform venepuncture interventions as required
•   Analyse and interpret information and results
•   Supervise others working in the area ensuring consistency and quality of clinical
•   Be able to assist in other areas of Sexual Health when required
•   To manage a clinic caseload and act within appropriate time perameters.
•   To be able to provide advice, education, and counselling on all aspects of sexual health
•   Work confidently in nurse led clinics.
•   Keep accurate and contemporaneous patient records
•   Undertakes nursing duties in the best interest of patient care and professional standards.
•   Acts at all times in accordance with the NMC Code of Conduct and ensures that
    members of the team also work within these.

Responsibility for Resources

•   Ensure all resources, physical and human, are utilised in an efficient and effective manner
•   Responsible for the safe use and maintenance of equipment within the clinic


•   Provides and receives sensitive information
•   Understands the potential and actual barriers to effective communication and how to
    address these
•   Able to communicate clearly at all levels within the organisation
•   To liaise appropriately with the Clinical Nurse Specialist ensuring open and effective
•   Ability to convey an idea clearly, and inspire enthusiasm and understanding
•   Skills in communicating frequently with individuals at times of anxiety, anger, and distress
•   To support staff in a paperless IT System and ensure confidentiality.

Responsibility for Research

•   Participates in surveys, audits, and research as required

Education and Training Responsibilities

•   Assist with teaching and education to groups and individuals within and outside the
•   Assist with the development of individual and service training plans and ensure
    competencies are maintained.

Service Responsibilities

•   Contribute to policy development for the service
•   Understand local and national initiatives which impact upon the service

•   Identify areas for potential development and improvement

Organisational/Administrative Responsibilities

•   Ensure all personal and service data is entered in a timely manner
•   Oversee the safe and correct storage of patient records and staff files
•   Ensure confidentiality at all times.


•    UK registered nurse with relevant post registration experience in sexual health.
•    Full UK driving license and access to a car for travelling to various clinic locations.
•    Ability to maintain and monitor high standards of care

    •      Ability to direct and co-ordinate programmes of care working autonomously and
    •      Understanding of the roles, values, procedures and standards of sexual health
    •      Effective organisational skills
    •      Evidence of experience in embracing and implementing change to provide high
           quality health outcomes
    •      The ability to work in a changing, demanding and stressful situation
    •      Communication skills- both verbally and in writing at all levels
    •      IT systems skills
    •       Friendly and approachable
    •      Good presentation of self, enthusiastic, innovative and flexible
    •      Self motivated, positive and committed
    •      Continue education by attending courses/study days as deemed useful for
           professional development
    •      Must keep abreast of changes and progress in nursing care.
    •      Have ability to work on own initiative, acknowledging limitations and recognising
           when referral is needed.
    •      Maintain accurate, comprehensive records of all consultations and treatment
    •      Be flexible in order to cover annual leave and sickness of team members.

Closing date 14.8.09

Please email CV to or

Phone 07887851590 or 07766135865 for an informal chat.


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