How to become a good leader by muddaser


									How to become a good leader.

How much this statement is worth? How much you think it’s important in your life and how do you rank
it in your life. Those are the basic questions before you begin reading this article.

It is the most demanded wish ever in this whole world. Yeap it is. Here are some points to follow.

Try to be the same person:

People never want to see their ideal or their leader to be different at different situations, what it mean
form that is that, if you keep on changing your mode and your suggestions then people aint accept that
and will eventually distrust you. This is my personal experience that if even if you have some problems
in your life and you are on a leading position then you have to be very careful to express them, not
everyone is worth express and sharing everything and secondly this really impact your position. If I give
you a real life example of a doctor, even doctors are human beings, they are NOT immortal but still
people want them to be healthy and people won’t do to the one who is always having some kind of
problem. The point is that, surely doctors get ill but they must not show to the patients, its natural, and
its legal.

Say right from your heart:

Even one unhappy person can be very dangerous for your whole reputation, if you are leader or trying
to become one, always keep in mind that “think before you speak” and always speak right. The
situations will come when there will be a relation on one side and a rightful stranger on the other side,
for a leader it’s very important to determine the right path to follow. So try to be true.

Help others:

Very common statement but very true, for a leader it’s like blood in the vein, a helping hand is always
considered trustful and worth giving attention. Honestly if you keep on helping people continuously you
are going to get to the leading position yourself, this is common and surely possible.

Under pressure:

It is very important to control your reaction and action skills when you are under pressure, it is said that
real personality of the people is shown when they are in anger and under pressure. Try to be calm and
think hundred times before doing anything under pressure, if you gain control in these types of
situations then you can become a leader. The best way to gain control is to be silent, normally if I come
across this situation, I try to be silent and interact less with people and this way I can easily control my
inner feelings about anything,

These are some ways to become a good leader, but the basic thing is you should be willing and
passionate about becoming a leader that’s all nothing less or more, if you are passionate then
everything is possible under the sun, don’t worry and be happy.

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