how to Decrease bounce rate by muddaser


									Decrease bounce rate and increase on site avg time

In a survey conducted by a firm, results showed that what sort of articles or blogs people want to read.
Let me quickly show you what we got.

We see that, people want to hear about them, their problems and their problem’s solution. Not you. But
yes you might become their topic of concern one day if you keep showing your readers that you really
care about them.

One thing really clear about the survey is, they are not interested in the interview of the top executive of
the firm? Why? Because the interview will be about the executive. It looks mean but it isn’t.

As this blog is about blogging and SEO, I need to include a huge SEO tip. Have you heard of Google
webmaster tools? When you add your site to Google web master tools, they start monitoring the time
of a visitor who comes to the site and just go away after seeing the crap.

Based on 120M (120,000,000) Impressions, the Average time on the whole webpage is a whopping 33
So if they notice your site’s avg time is better and visitors are visiting with comparatively less bounce
rate then you tend to rank higher.

There is a big war between the website for the sake of money and the website for the sake of help.
Second is a win-win situation and the first is lose –lose situation. If you are able to get visitor attention
you will ultimately gain trust, it will certainly lead to a better financial position. If your site if only for
money, you’ll see that there are very rare repeat visitors (and you know repeating visitors are the
essence of blogging)

So summing up all the things into points for the people who don’t have enough time to read long posts.

    1.   Realize what is the need of the visitor/customer/viewer.
    2.   At start, make them feel that article was for them.
    3.   Make it easy for the reader to navigate through the article. Make paragraphs, bold the text etc.
    4.   Try to engage not interrupt. Most of the websites with complex theme structure with thousands
         of ads on a single page interrupt reader from reading,
    5.   Make them easy to find you. How would it happen? Try to create a good title. Take 5 to 10 mins
         to think of a nice and catchy title.
    6.   Earn trust by helping people. It is a long term strategy, all the websites just for ads and money
         live very short term.
    7.   Use attractive images to engage the reader,
    8.   Tell the reader you have more good stuff by showing related posts.

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