Unit of Study: Launching Reading Workshop by 9V72Whf


									Unit of Study: Launching Reading Workshop                                                          Grade: 5

    Goals                                                        Learn classroom expectations and routines during
    What do I want students to learn as a result of this          reading workshop
    unit?                                                        Learn routines (management and care) for classroom
                                                                  materials (notebooks, book boxes….)
                                                                 Strengthen RW habits and skills (stamina and
                                                                 Identify who they are as a reader
    Prior Knowledge                                              Familiarity with components of RW
    What prior knowledge do students need to enter               Read over summer
    this Unit of Study? What routines do I expect
    students to know?
    Standards Addressed
    What concepts will this unit address?

    Bends in the Road
    What bends (or series of lessons) will support each          Students will develop habits of good readers
    of the goals for this unit?                                  Students will identify who they are as a reader
                                                                 Review strategies good readers use

    Ways to Challenge/Provide Extra                        Challenge Strategies:         Extra Support Strategies:
    Support                                                                              
    Which students do I anticipate needing a
    challenge? Which students do I anticipate will
    need extra support?

    NECAP                                                  genre, names of different genres
    What academic vocabulary should I consider?
    What sample test problems could use (Math)?
Bend in Road: Readers know who they are as                        Materials                 Notes
readers and can select just right books.
                1   Review Readers’ Workshop..What it                                       Inventories
                    workshop looks like/sounds like…
                    Discuss the different components… focus
                    lesson, independent time, share,
                    conferring… activate their schema for
                    reading workshop
                2   Determining Readers’ Preference… who         Collection of books we
                    am I as a reader?                            love.
                    We know the types of books we love to
                    read and use that to help us select our      Chart with each students
                    books.                                       name- record a few books
Focus Lessons

                    All at different levels…                     they love.
                3   Introduction to classroom library. Readers                              Students will
                    will become familiar with books in the                                  investigate the library
                    library and the categories they belong                                  to see what they notice
                    (how the library is set up).                                            about the books, they
                                                                                            way the library is
                4   Readers will view books from the library Pull a variety of books
                    and practice determining the categories  from the library
                    that they belong to.
                    Readers are introduced to how to use
                    book tags, how to take care of books and
                    return them to the library… keeping the
                    library neat and organized- being
                    respectful readers.
                5   Readers will review how to select just                                  Have readers turn and
                    right books.                                                            talk about how to
                          create anchor chart of strategies                                select just right books
                             for selecting just right books
                          Share if the book they choose was
                             just right- how do you know?
                    *Review word attack strategies- BEST…

                6   Readers need to develop stamina for
                    Readers will recognize what pretend
                    reading is and how that is not helpful for
                    smart readers.
                    Readers will learn how to choose spots in
                    the room that will help keep them focused
                    and engaged in the text.
Bend in Road: Readers’ hold onto their thinking
when reading (Introduce Readers’ Notebook,
review sticky notes)
                6    Readers can hold on to their thinking by     Notebooks
                     using a notebook.                            Rubric
                     Readers will become familiar with the        Types of Thinking Anchor
                     parts of the notebook, expectations for      chart
                     notebooks, rubric for notebook.
                     Introduce how a reader writes a letter to
                     hold onto their thinking.
                     Anchor Chart: what types of thinking
                     does a reader do?
Focus Lessons

                7    Readers will work in sm. Groups or pairs     Sample letters
                     to look at sample letters. Readers will
                     record and discuss what they notice about
                     the letters.
                8    Readers can also use sticky notes to track   Sticky notes
                     their thinking.
                     Introduce sticky notes and model ways to
                     use them.
                     Go over expectations for sticky notes
                9    Readers set personal goals for themselves.                              Letter in notebook
                     What are my expectations for myself as a
                     reader? What do I want to accomplish
                     with my reading this year?
Bend in Road:. Readers use different strategies
when reading.
                12    Readers create images to get inside the                                Letter with
                     text- they visualize when they read.                                    visualization in
                     *using schema to create images                                          notebook.

                13   Readers make meaningful connections                                     Practice meaningful
                     when reading and they record those                                      connections on sticky
                     connections.                                                            notes.
                     * Introduction to coding
                14   Readers ask questions when reading.
Focus Lessons

                15   Readers make inferences when reading.

                16   Readers listen to their thinking and      Chart of short text
                     respond to the text.                      copies of short text
                                                               Sticky notes
                17   Readers notice the kinds of thinking we   Text and students sticky
                     do as we read.                            notes from yesterday
                                                               Anchor Chart:
                                                               Kinds of Thinking/How
                                                               this helps my reading (two
                                                               column chart)
                18   Readers use many strategies at once while Short text- very engaging
                     reading.                                  copies of text
                                                               Anchor chart: what it feels
                                                               like to be present in my
19   Readers recognize when something         Two column chart:
     doesn’t make sense and they do           Why reading doesn’t make
     something about it.                      sense/what I can do about
20   Readers use a variety of strategies to
     decode and comprehend unfamiliar or
     difficult text.
21   Celebrate who we are as readers.
     Favorite books, how we have grown as

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