Report Shoes and Seychelles Shoes For the Trendy and Independent Woman by envishoes


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									     Report Shoes and Seychelles Shoes: For the Trendy and Independent Woman

The Report shoes, started from Seattle, have imbibed within it the dynamic culture of the
place. It is a great amalgamation of high style and great comfort. With a wide range of
designs, this brand has managed to be notice and admired in all fashion circles. This brand of
footwear has two categories of footwear. One line of collections is design in coherence with
the contemporary style and keeping pace with the current trend. The set of Report shoes has
designed specifically for the trendy modern woman.
A wide variety of shoes of this brand has created that are highly comfortable and completely
functional. Be it a business meeting or a party, a romantic date or an adventurous outing, a
beach party or a visit to mall, Report shoes has successfully created footwear suiting all
occasions. Each particular style of shoe further categorized according to its distinct design
and individual color, thereby, offering you with a huge range of footwear. With great
emphasis on comfort, these set of shoes are simply chic and hip. The affordable and wearable
set of shoes has made Report shoes a most wanted choice among women.
The second category of Report shoes is a signature line of shoes that designed specifically for
the sophisticated, high-class women. This extremely stylized footwear designed with utmost
care. This high-end line of shoes is a rage among all the fashion conscious, independent,
confident, and stylish women. With platform wedges, exclusive boots, leather heel pumps
with snake textures, plaid fabric casual loafers, strappy open toe shoes, high-heeled sandal
pump shoe, platform sandals and studded ballet flats Report shoes has a lot to offer.
Another brand of shoes that has successfully carved a niche for itself is the Seychelles shoes.
Founded in 1984, this brand is completely dedicated to the modern girl who is independent
and romantic and has a flair for vintage designs. This brand started on the streets of Los
Angeles but has now become one of the top footwear brands in the world. It initially started
with Italian- made jeweled sandals and western style boots but over the years, it has shifted
its emphasis to designs that are vintage-inspired and yet are equally modern. This blend of
modern and traditional design has made this brand unique.
The Seychelles shoes have been trendsetters from the beginning. With vintage motivated
designs, this brand has managed to create its own loyal set of customers all over the world.
With colorful sandals and flats, exclusive wedges and heels and amazing boots and booties
this brand has until date maintained its authentic style. Seychelles shoes offers a great
selection of products with shoes ranging from leather to synthetic shoes suited for every
occasion. The fine leather quality and a bohemian touch add glamour to the designs. The
suede ankle boots, hidden platforms, and wedges with comfortable cushion insole and stable
heel will definitely impress you. These designs are bound to allure all shoe lovers and you
will simply fall in love with this brand.

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