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					Board Meeting                                                                                     Agenda Item 10
October 15-16, 2003                                                                                 Attachment 3

                                                                        1.   Local Facility No:
 Solid Waste Facility Permit
                                                                             SWIS No. 18-AA-0009

 2.  Name and Street Address       3. Name and Mailing Address of       4. Name and Mailing Address of
     of Facility:                  Operator:                            Owner:
 Bass Hill Landfill                Lassen Regional Solid Waste          County of Lassen
 469-700 Johnstonville Dump        Management Authority                 221 S. Roop Street
 Road                              2210 Main Street                     Susanville, CA 96130
 Susanville, CA                    Susanville, CA 96130
                                                                      USDI - BLM
 Section 19 & 30, T29N, R13E,                                         2950 Riverside Drive
 MDB&M                                                                Susanville, CA 96130
 5. Permitted Operations: The following operations, as defined by the California Code of Regulations, Title 14
     and/or Title 27, are authorized by this permit:

         X    Solid Waste Disposal Site
             Transfer Station (Large Volume / Limited Volume / Sealed Container/ Contaminated Soil)
             Composting (Mixed Waste / Sludge / Green Material)
             Contaminated Soil Monofill
             Other _______________

 6.   Approval                                      7.   Approval dates:

                                                    Date received by CIWMB: September 2, 2003
 Approving Officer Signature

                                                    CIWMB Concurrence Date: ________________________
 Doug Ames, Director of Environmental Health
                                                    LEA Permit Issuance Date: ________________________

 8.  Local Enforcement Agency Name and              9.   Operator/Owner Transfer Date:
 Lassen, Modoc, Plumas and Sierra Counties LEA
 Lassen County Health Department
 555 Hospital Lane
 Susanville, CA 96130

 10. Site Boundary and Disposal Area Description: ( reference to attachment)

 469-700 Johnstonville Dump Road, Susanville
 SE 1/4, Section 19, and NW 1/4, NE 1/4 Section 30, T29N, R13 E, MDB&M
 (See November 2001 JTD, Exhibits 1 [as amended April 2003], 3 and 4)

 AP# 117-690-37, 117-690-38 and 117-700-2

Board Meeting                                                                             Agenda Item 10
October 15-16, 2003                                                                         Attachment 3

                                                                 Local Facility No:
 Solid Waste Facility Permit
 Bass Hill Landfill                                              SWIS No. 18-AA-0009

11. LEA Findings

a. The permit is consistent with the Lassen County Integrated Waste Management Plan, PRC,
   Section 50001.

b. This permit is consistent with the standards adopted by the CIWMB. (PRC 44010)

c. Based on a review of the November 2001 Joint Technical Document, April 2003
   amendments thereto and monthly inspections of the facility, the design and operation of the
   facility is consistent with State Minimum Standards for Solid Waste Handling and Disposal.

d. Design and operation which will be authorized by the issuance of this permit is consistent
   with CEQA documentation (Mitigated Negative Declaration) processed by the LEA for this
   permit and previous CEQA documentation for the Lassen County Siting Element and 1988
   CEQA for the receipt of Ash.

12. Facility Limitations: The operator shall not exceed the following limitations:

a.   Daily Tonnage MSW (Annual daily average):     ____NA______ (tons per day)
                                                   (See endnote #17.a.)

b.   Permitted Hours of Operation :                _Daylight Hours_ (operating hours/public hours)
                                                           (see end note #17.b.)

c.   Permitted Maximum Elevation (MSL):            _ 4290 _ (feet above mean sea level)

d.   Permitted Minimum Excavation (MSL):           _____NA_______ (feet above mean sea level)
                                                          (see end note #17.c.)

e.   Maximum Permitted Traffic:                    _____NA_______ (vehicle trips/total vehicle entering)
                                                          (See end note #17.d.)

f.   Maximum Permitted Acreage:                    _____200_______ (acres)

g. Maximum Permitted Disposal Area:                _____32_____ (acres)

Board Meeting                                                                       Agenda Item 10
October 15-16, 2003                                                                   Attachment 3

                                                               Local Facility No:
 Solid Waste Facility Permit
 Bass Hill Landfill                                            SWIS No. 18-AA-0009

13.   Design Information
      At the time the permit was prepared, the following basic design information was
      reviewed and was fundamental in setting the conditions in this permit, as were the
      details of the design information provided in the JTD. The operator shall keep all
      information updated pursuant to Title 27, Sec. 21600. Such amendments or lack
      thereof may become the basis for changes in the permit. The information listed below is
      in no way meant to set limits on the facility. However, the LEA may determine that if
      the following design significantly changes, the operator will be required to revise the
      permit to include additional or different conditions or limitations.

a. Total Remaining Airspace:                              _934,795_ (cubic yards waste,
                                                                          cover and cap)
b. Estimated Closure Year (landfill):                            ___2028___

14. The following is a list of some of the other permits and other necessary documents for
    the facility, which the LEA has reviewed and considered prior to writing the permit.
    These documents in no way condition the facility under this Solid Waste Facility
    Permit, unless otherwise stated in the LEA Condition portion of this permit.

       Documents                               Date
Joint Technical Document                                      November 2001(amended 4-2-03)
Preliminary Closure/Post Closure                              November 2001(amended 5-1-03)
Closure Financial Responsibility Document (CIWMB letter/approval)   12-20-02
Operating Liability (Cert. Of Insurance)                            12-18 & 12-31-02
Conditional Use Permit                                              NA
Waste Discharge Requirements (6-01-045)                             06-13-01
CEQA Documentation (State Clearinghouse No. 2003062092)       ______08-07-03_____
       Mitigated Negative Declaration

Board Meeting                                                                           Agenda Item 10
October 15-16, 2003                                                                       Attachment 3

                                                                  Local Facility No:
 Solid Waste Facility Permit
 Bass Hill Landfill                                                SWIS No. 18-AA-0009

15. LEA Monitoring Requirements:
         Program               Reporting Frequency                       Agency Reported To

Tonnage, Training, Load           Annual                            Maintain in files
Checking and other
Operating Records:

Remaining Capacity:               Annual                            Maintain in files

Gas Monitoring                    Quarterly                         Maintain in files

CEQA Mitigation                   Annual (see attachment)           Maintain in files
Monitoring Plan

16. LEA Conditions

a. The November 2001 JTD and subsequent approved JTD Amendments shall reflect the
   current operation at this facility. The operator must file amendments to the JTD at least 30
   days prior to making changes in the design and operation from those outlined in the JTD.
   Any significant changes must be filed at least 150 days prior to making the changes. Such
   JTD Amendments or lack thereof may become the basis for changes in the permit or for
   revocation of the permit.

b. The operator shall comply with the adopted Mitigation and Monitoring Plan for Bass Hill
   Landfill as developed during the CEQA process and for the adopted Mitigated Negative
   Declaration for the Bass Hill Landfill permit revision (see attached).

17. End Notes (Clarifications)

a.      No maximum daily tonnage has been determined for this landfill, as it receives only
        waste from Lassen County and the City of Susanville. Tonnage disposed over the past 12
        years has been 32.5 tons per operating day, based on volume estimates and various
        conversion factors. The peak annual daily average was 34.6 tons per day. Peak daily
        tonnage has been on the order of 85 tons per day. However, late in 2001 scales were
        placed at the landfill and almost all material has been weighed since.
               1. For 2002, the peak daily disposal was 133 tons and the peak daily through the
                    gate (including recyclables, and clean fill and ash for cover) was 655 tons. The
                    annual daily average disposal was 54 tons and through the gate was 73 tons.

Board Meeting                                                                           Agenda Item 10
October 15-16, 2003                                                                       Attachment 3

                                                                   Local Facility No:
 Solid Waste Facility Permit
 Bass Hill Landfill                                                SWIS No. 18-AA-0009

                 2. The landfill is also approved to accept up to 35,000 cubic yards per year of
                    non-hazardous wood ash from local cogeneration plants (1988 CEQA). Up to
                    16,000 cubic yards can be utilized as cover material.
                 3. Only Lassen County and City of Susanville wastes are permitted at the landfill
                    (out-of-county waste is prohibited) by Lassen County and LRSWMA codes
                    and as described in the JTD. The landfill can handle any maximum waste that
                    could be generated within the county without any problems.

b.      Hours of operation shall be daylight hours. Specific days and hours that the facility will
        be open to the public are identified in the JTD. The franchise haulers, California State
        Prisons, and other limited commercial haulers have access to the site during all daylight

c.      Maximum and minimum elevations have not been established for this landfill. The 2001
        WDRs do not mention elevations. They state that the landfill is located at "approximately
        4,120 - 4,288 feet above see level. No new trenches will be constructed, so minimum
        elevation is irrelevant. The amended (2003) 2001 JTD shows maximum elevation at
        approximately 4,290 feet.

d.      A maximum traffic limit to the landfill has never been established. However, the state
        highway and the landfill can easily handle all traffic that has and can be generated by the
        City of Susanville and Lassen County. The daily average traffic for 2002 was 77 vehicles
        and the daily peak was 232. Note: the County no longer sponsors "free dump days",
        which had caused problems in the past with an estimated 400 plus vehicles.


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