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Your Questions About Best Clickbank
Mandy asks…

Best Work At Home Offers - Clickbank or Google Money Master?
Should I be looking at a clickbank product or a product like Google Money Master? ->

let me know please and thanks.
admin answers:

No doubt or Second Opinion in it. Because Google Adsense is No.1 Affiliate Program on Internet. Below full
details of Google Adsense

First from this website you can learn
How to Create a Website
1.Website Name
2.Website Title
3.Website Keywords
4.Website Meta-Tags and its using in correct place
5.Meta – Tag Description
6.Website Topics for Easy Google Adsense Approval and More…..

Now You can learn Google Adsense also through this useful website

Join Google Adsense (No.1 Online Jobs for Internet Users)

Google Adsense Affiliate programme in brief :

Google Adsense is Free to Join – No.1 Affiliate Programme on Internet.

The following website you will get (Full) more information about Google Adsense for free. Why you people wasting
your money unnecessarily.For More information on Google Adsense. This website is 100% Genuine. Because
this is the website giving Direct Training for Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is free to join programme. You are not going to pay single penny for this adsense programme.
100% Genuine Income. You need G-mail account that’s all. I will help you in this regard further to proceed. Read
this below article fully & also visit this website link once before calling me.
To Participate in Google Adsense Programme You must have a Website. Then you have to put quality content in
that website. Which (content) not copied from any website or blogs or any web-pages. Your website should be live
on internet for atleast 6 months.After that you have to fill Adsense Application Form. Note: Daily atleast few
visitors visit your website regularly. Then only you can get easy approval. Usually, the approval process will take
atleast 1-2 days. Sometimes a week or even 6 months to get approval. It totally depends on your content and
quality of your website. But you should be patience in this regard. Once you get approved. Then you log in to
google adsense account with your G-mail id and Password and then go to adsense setup tab and choose ad
format, channel and color and it will generate ad code html code for you. You have to paste this html code in your
web-page. The google ads will display within 10 minutes from the paste of your code. The ads are relevant to your
content of the page. If visitors vist your website / web-page and click that ad, you can earn money. The earning
will be depend on cost per click for that particular ad and placement of that ad. It may around 1 cent to some
dollars. Once your account reaches 100 dollars. Google will send a cheque to your address. After 10 Dollars you
will receive Pin Number Card. Once pin number reach your address correctly. Google will confirm your address.
Then you receive your cheque to that address.
Because the ads are related to what your users are looking for on your site, the result can be much better than
you'd earn from banner networks and many affiliate programs.
For now, Adsense is the best way to make money free online informational sites even if there are no obvious
related affiliate programs. But you don't need to disregard affiliate programs. You can combine both these ways to
make money free online and double your income.
Adsense is easy to join, it doesn't cost you anything, all you have to do is paste a few lines of code in to your
pages, and Google does the work of finding the best ads for them from hundreds of thousands of Adwords
For More information & How to earn easily from Google Adsense mentioned in this website
You can get information for free. Why you are paying????
You can also Submit Your Website or Blogs to all leading Search Engines at One Place
For Full details on Search Engine Optimization for Your Website & Blogs Please visit this blog
Mr.Perambur Kumar
Google Adsense Tutor – Call : (0) 9840860085

Daniel asks…

how to promote products for
ive had another answer saying thats how to make money as a kid and i was wondering if anyone knows the best
way to promote the products. thanks help apprieciated
admin answers:

With 100,000+ affiliates competing it's not easy, it's a numbers game usually involving having a site getting
thousands of visitors. You probably need a parent on your side to bank checks and help qualify for some 18+

There are also micro task sites that pay small change for a few minutes work, the original was created by Amazon
to 'automate' tasks a computer couldn't do, like pick the better of 2 pictures they named after the 18th
century Mechanical Turk chess playing machine that had a man hidden inside, shortTask and microworkers have
similar micro tasks, some individual jobs are a bit shady, but you get to choose which tasks to perform.

George asks…

How and where do advertise my clickbank product to make money?
I understand how to get the hoplinks what I do not understand is what to do after that. How do I drive traffic to
make sales what is the best way to do so without a Squidoo or an article in an Ezine what other options are
there? Thanks for answering my question.
admin answers:

Hi Dee,

How ya doing?

Hey, I really want to give you an answer, but your question needs to be more specific. No, I'm not trying to be
funny either. I'd like to give you a great answer instead of post random stuff like everyone else here.
Is this really your product and you want to market it or is it just a Clickbank product that you want to promote?

You mentioned not wanting to do Squidoo or EzineArticles. Is this because you are looking for other free
alternatives or are you looking for paid traffic. If that's the case, then I suggest Pay Per Click advertising. If you
want other free traffic then you can always try ads in Craigslist or

Maybe you need a place that can teach you what you need to know. I've had success with Clickbank only after
someone taught me to ins and outs. Until then, I was pretty frustrated with getting traffic to my products as well.

Good luck
Susan asks…

How can one make good money with Clickbank? I'm having very few sales;
how to improve this?
1. What techniques/methods should one use to make good sales?
2. Which products bring best sales?

admin answers:

I am not sure if you are a member of World Profit Organization, but their millionaire bootcamp walks you through
ways to promote your ClickBank account. It is definatly worth checking out.

They also give free advertising credits and 50,000 free website hits just for watching a video that can be used for
promoting any website!
Sharon asks…

best way to achieve financial freedom usa?
i\'m trying to make some money online but can\'t really make those "systems" work:S
i bought some clickbank products but can't profit from them.
do you have any courses that you can share?
what steps need to be undertaken to get financial freedom?
                                   admin answers:

                                   If you think you are going to earn money just like this without learning anything then trust me you won'.'t
                                   I read emails and get paid to do it. Sometimes my kids help me. You get paid about 0.03 per email and that's
                                   where all the dreamers (most everyone) drop off!!
                                   But now I earn about $5 a day spending very little time, maybe 10 minutes a day or about an hour a week. I am
                                   not going to write up a course here for you but I am only here to say yu can make some money, get into it and

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