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Extra Information Pertaining To
     Mesothelioma Claims
                                   Mesothelioma is usually a tumor or cancer which usually develops into the pleura or the extended
                                   lining of the lungs; or peritoneum or the lining of the abdomen. Once you've clinically determined to
                                   have this disease, you have to make mesothelioma claims as you will surely have to support the treatment.

                                   It was not identified until 1960 and is nearly always due to contact with asbestos. There is a long latency period
                                   between when the exposure to asbestos happened and when symptoms develop. This is why the majority of the
                                   mesothelioma cases were in their critical stage. At its shortest, the symptoms maybe visible in 12-15 years, and
                                   commonly about 30 years, although certain instances of 60-70 years have been reported before the symptoms
                                   appear. The amount of exposure to asbestos required mesothelioma to develop isn't known, but medical studies
                                   have not ruled out that very low degrees of direct exposure might also cause mesothelioma disease. It can result
                                   from exposure to blue, brown or white asbestos. Even though white stands out as the least dangerous form, in
                                   many cases it has been determined that it will also cause the ailment.

                                   Diagnosis of mesothelioma is extremely difficult and distressing on the part of the patients and their
                                   loved ones. Mesothelioma claims is often filed against their past employer can help them support the treatment.
                                    There are also numerous welfare benefits and two payments from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)
                                   which are highly relevant to the victims. In fact, anyone with mesothelioma is entitled to at least one welfare
                                   benefit and a lump sum payment. Mesothelioma claims has to be made as quickly as possible, as delay may
                                   reduce the amount a victim is eligible for.

                                   You'll find benefits for people with care and mobility needs. They are not paid specifically for
                                   asbestos related diseases, but also all the victims of mesothelioma qualify for one or other benefit.
                                    Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is paid to the people who are under 65 years of age and
                                   Attendance Allowance (AA) to people who are 65 years old and over. In respect of both benefits,
                                   the mesothelioma claims of applicants with this disease are expedited. Application form for their mesothelioma
                                   claims has to be completed by the claimant's GP or consultant, confirming the diagnosis of the said condition.

                                   There are two components of DLA: the Care and Mobility that has only one application is made for each parts.
                                    Victims of mesothelioma disease automatically entitled to the Care Component in the highest of the three rates
                                   payable. The application for that Mobility Component is looked at according to the qualifying conditions which
                                   usually apply to the part of the benefit.

                                   An award of the AA or DLA does not affect an individual's right to make mesothelioma claims against their
                                   particular company.

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