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									                                          PTA MEETING MINUTES

                                     Minutes of a meeting held on
                                   Tuesday 18th July 2006 at 8.00 pm
                                         Liz McCann’s house

1) Present:     Yvette James (Jt Chair)        Dawn Barlow
                Liz McCann (Jt Chair)          Karen Bingle
                Rick Heys                      Debbie Webster

2) Apologies:   Cathie Gibbon                  Linda Campbell
                Gwen Gooding                   Jayne Farrant

3)              Minutes of last meeting                                                                Action

                The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and seconded as being a true and
                accurate record of events.

4)              Matters Arising

                    JF has given a cheque to school for £500 for maths equipment.
                    LMcC found out that toast is provided at Taxal School using ordinary domestic
                     toasters (see later discussion).

5)              Treasurer’s Report

                Bank account looking healthy at the moment – approximately £5,578 in the bank, profit
                since the AGM of £1,643:
                 April Car Boot – £546
                 May Car Boot - £308                                                                 JF/JE
                 Uniform Shop - £44
                 Cake Stall - £146
                 Wine & Chocolate - £50
                 Summer Fair - £1,400
                 Bastille Day - £56

                Expenditure this term:
                 Maths Equipment – £500
                 Goods & Services - £327 (e.g. Easter eggs, sports days, swimming gala, AGM,
                   new games & table cloths)

                Cake Stall is averaging £25 each time which is less than usual. A discussion ensued
                about this and it was decided that if possible, cake stall should revert to fortnightly so
                that dates are easier to track and it will be posted on school calendar. It was also KB
                agreed to try to provide toast on alternate weeks, possibly under the verandah by the
                exit from the hall. Cake baking rota to be updated and DB offered to organise toast on DB
                the first Friday back after the holiday (8th September) – value loaves, healthiest option
                spread, 10p per slice. Surplus butter can be stored in the staff room.
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     Summer Fair was a great success and thanks go to Liz McCann and Cait Mangnall for
     the advertising, Dawn Barlow and Cathie Gibbon for the raffle prize baskets and
     everyone involved on the day or behind the scenes! Fair Trade jewellery is still being
     sold so money to come in from that and CG is owed c. £100 for the medals for the
     Summer Fair (sum already deducted from Summer Fair profit figure).

6)   Headteacher’s Report

        Swimming Pool – quotation received for laminate doors - £1,200-£1,300. Also, the
         pool was vandalised at the weekend and the police were involved.
        Model Railway Display – went well and enjoyed by those who attended. Thanks to
         the PTA for providing refreshments.
        Easter Bonnet Parade – best-ever subscribed, well done to all who took part.
        Class Grants – money gratefully received by all staff and spent as follows:
                    o RECEPTION: role play resources
                    o Y1: big books & poetry books
                    o Y2: white boards & pens, art materials, stencils
                    o Y3W & Y3F: printer inks, some money still to be spent
                    o Y4Ha & Y4He: technology equipment, some money still to be spent
                    o Y5: mind games/maths games
                    o Y6G & Y6L: fiction reading books
                    o HChapman/MHeys: store room & POLi
                    o ER: sand & play equipment
                    o UFA: Nature Club/Chess Club & planning to build a pond
        Library Refurbishment – next year the major emphasis is going to be on the
         complete refurbishment of the library at an approximate cost of £30k. The majority of
         the money will be provided by the school, but the PTA agreed to make this its major
         priority for fund-raising next year and attempt to raise £10k. The plans involve re-
         doing the heating system and extending the space available as well as re-stocking.
        Y6 Leavers’ Party – still to take place – report after event next term.

7)   Recent Events

        Wine & Chocolate evening – a successful and enjoyable evening was had by all!
        Car Boot sales – again, a success with £854 being made by the two held.
        Summer Fair – great event, and the inside & out format worked well. The fire crew
         have said they would come back again next year if we wanted them to do so.
        Rose Queen – good turn out of children and huge thanks to Louise & Andrew Kirk
         for the use of their car for the dragon! We won 1st prize for the organisation
         collecting the most money and 2nd prize for the fancy dress!
        Sports Days – both took place on designated days and thanks to those who helped.
        Railway Exhibition – thanks to those who provided refreshments.
        Eric Titterton evening – CG, Mrs Brooke & Miss Berresford attended and collected
         a cheque for £30.
        Bastille Day – once more, a great success – thanks to the chefs, bakers and
         whoever provided the fantastic weather!
        End of Year Concert – marvellous presentation of the children’s talents and thanks
         to those providing all the refreshments.
        Leavers’ Party – taking place this week. PTA providing chicken/burgers/fries etc.

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8)    Forthcoming Events

         Craft Fair – Sunday 15th October – LMcC will ring round list of stallholders – will try LMcC
          to start process during the summer holidays.
         Autumn Disco – still the issue of a replacement DJ. Ruth Dickman has said she will
          ask her brother again, but everyone asked to be on the lookout for possible DJs.
         Car Boot Sale – agreed on Sunday 24th September, first of our library fund-raiser
          events. A ‘car parker’ is required – YJ to speak to Ian.                                YJ

9)    Any Other Business

         Mrs Brooke has made a request for a donation of £100 to go to the British Heart JF
          Foundation as a ‘thank you’ for the 100 skipping ropes given to the school.
         Thanks go to Amy Forster for her ‘open house’ day and the donation of £20 made to
         Web site is now well and truly up and running and needs to be updated regularly by
          staff/PTA and parents and children encouraged to view it/use it as often as possible.
         New parents attended an evening at school at which LMcC talked to them about the
          work of the PTA. New parents will be encouraged to get involved once the new term
         A request was made for ‘swimming baskets’ for children to put clothes in etc, which
          was agreed a good idea in principle but maybe something hanging on the pegs
          would be more effective. Idea to be considered.
         It was agreed to purchase plastic cups for PTA use – everyone to keep a lookout for
          bargains throughout the summer!
         Uniform shop now has no-one to run it and all uniform is in the cupboard. It was
          agreed it would be good to continue with it – volunteers required to carry it on. Also, LMcC
          DW agreed to speak to Annie Diamond about unclaimed lost property being donated
          to uniform shop. DW and LMcC to organise a shop as a one-off in September.              LMcC/DW

      The meeting officially closed at approximately 9.45 pm.

9a)   After the meeting, various topics were discussed and the following considered (to be
      discussed in more detail at next meeting):

         Competition to design a (simple) logo for the Library Appeal
         2007 Calendar – have a picture per page (instead of children’s faces) + front cover –
          one page per class + ER and staff (?) – competition to be organised asap.
         Competition to design a tea towel
         Christmas Card competition
         Purchase of toasters if toast seems to be a success
         WOWS – possibly April/May when generally quiet, Saturday pm/early evening,
          possible Easter Egg hunt around Whaley?

10)   Date of Next Meeting

      Thursday 14th September 2006 8.00 pm, venue to be confirmed.

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